Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Guest Bathroom Finished

As you guys know, I was making over our guest bathroom for the BLACK + DECKER Big Finish challenge. I wanted to finally follow up with my "after" pictures. I got the cararra marble countertop installed and I LOVE IT! It came in just in time for the holidays, so it was perfect timing. All in all, it probably took about two weeks from start to finish. 

 photo IMG_2242_zpsbb97c051.jpg

I bought the rug at Urban Outfitters, the shower curtain from Target and made the art. The first shower curtain I bought at UO wasn't my favorite because it was too dark. I found this one (which is only carried online at target.com) and really love it. I love this shade of blue! This bathroom makes me happy.

here is a shot of the new countertop. Jordan says he can't tell a difference (ha) but I LOVE the new change:

 photo IMG_2253_zpsa14f035d.jpg

these pics are a little dark, sorry. I had to take them early in the morning, and the light wasn't the best.

 photo IMG_2251_zps924e434d.jpg

I made the artwork in about 10 seconds. I bought that frame and mat from IKEA (Did you know they sell white mats now for their frames? They're so much better looking that the mats that come with the frames!) I took the paper that the frame came with, flipped it over, and did a random abstract design in India ink on it and then re-framed it. Ha! I didn't think it would be a long term solution, but I had nothing else black and white around the house to frame and decided to do that. Now I love it and am going to leave it. 

 photo IMG_2250_zps538f73d6.jpg

 photo IMG_2249_zps7a4e0d80.jpg
over all, I switched out the light fixture, the countertop, painted the cabinet and replaced hardware, and added accessories. incase you haven't seen, here is the before pic:

I definitely de-modernized it quite a bit, which is definitely what I wanted. 

 photo IMG_2245_zps95375413.jpg

 photo IMG_2244_zps217d3d99.jpg

 photo IMG_2252_zpse9eab62f.jpg
(ignore me in PJs taking pics of my bathroom early in the morning)

The only thing I had said I would do that I don't think I am going to do now, is add trim around the mirror. The electrical outlet is right in the way, and now I think I like everything as-is. What do you guys think?

Overall I love the bathroom. I think the new countertop was totally worth it. I go in there just to stare at it on a regular basis. Ha. 


  1. If it makes you happy then it was worth it. The mirror looks fine as is. :) Alison

  2. Looks beautiful!! Where did you purchase the carerra marble countertop from? In the market myself and local. thanks so much!

    1. thanks! i got it at premier surfaces. it was a remnant and they were great!

  3. Gorgeous bathroom. I love the marble counter. Stunning.

  4. I would never have guessed you DIYed that artwork! love it

  5. Those marble countertops are what should of been in there all along! Looks great!

    1. thanks! i think so too. as soon as i saw them in, i was like yes! this is exactly what it's supposed to look like!

  6. WOW - you such such a fab job, Kristen!!

  7. thank you raina! ps glad to see you back to blogging.

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