Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blend Painting

I have mentioned that the past few weeks I have been working on 12 different canvas paintings for Studio M interiors. (Have been working with Jennifer Baggett and she's great!) These paintings will be hanging in the new 755 North apartments/townhomes.  Some of the paintings will be in a model unit, and some of them will be in the office area. 

I did this one really large one for the model unit. It's something like 36" by 60" inches - so it's really big. I brought it home to take photos of it (bad light at the studio), and thought I'd share them here!

This painting will actually hang horizontally, not vertically, but I didn't have a great place to hang it horizontally in my house to take photos.

 photo IMG_1953_zps68c75a25.jpg

 photo IMG_1954_zps651fc2c5.jpg

some detail shots. I played around with different types of paint, and the way they reacted to each other. I also manipulated them with water and other tools. It was really fun.

 photo IMG_1955_zpsd8f0364b.jpg

I think some of the areas look like quartz or rock formations.

 photo IMG_1956_zpscec631b2.jpg

 photo IMG_1959_zps004cc37c.jpg

 photo IMG_1958_zpsbdf2b3e3.jpg

I can't wait to see these hanging at the complex! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This & That

I'm off to do some work for a school office, but before I leave, I thought I'd share a few photos of life, as of late.

I found this cute rug at Homegoods recently, on clearance for only $10. It's probably 3.5 feet long or so... I was thinking of sewing it into a bolster pillow. Really, I could probably sew it as-is, and do no cutting, use it as a pillow, then when I get tired of it being used as a pillow, take the stitches out and use it as a rug again. We'll see. Still thinking on where I want it to go.

 photo E8010FD7-348D-4CF1-B529-617B1415252B_zpsl87u9kvl.jpg

it looks cute in my bedroom! I'm debating painting my walls back to white again. And you know what usually happens when I start thinking about something for more than five minutes.... it happens.

 photo B8A94D73-87A9-4772-92B8-EA22B9C02AAC_zps9knfdfel.jpg

in other news and other rooms in my house, I hung this teeny tiny embroidery piece that I found at a thrift store. 

 photo EDDBE3C9-D527-4EED-B291-13326E9539D1_zps5vv3tcml.jpg

it's in the powder bathroom, and you can see if in this photo:

 photo IMG_2021_zps37ab039a.jpg

it's probably only 2 inches by 2 inches. cute! it adds such whimsy.

I took some photos of a favorite spot that Jordan and I used it eat at all the time. We used to live in Grant Park (we still live really closeby now, though) and ate at Dakota Blue on a weekly basis.

They recently did a renovation and it's so cute:

 photo C1060BC5-D36B-4F25-A9CC-E76E598545E7_zpsgq3wlnos.jpg

love it.

 photo DF9952C9-8237-4828-B6DC-FF2A0E080D3A_zpszzhvvmlm.jpg

love the light fixtures and the black/wood.

back to my house..

 photo 390E04B2-BD20-4758-8F25-5DB1D610F586_zpsipbvf8cm.jpg

my "caroline" painting is hanging out in my bedroom now. I love this little vignette! 
(painting is for sale, still)

have a great wednesday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Updated Home Tour / New Lights

I updated the "home tour" section on my blog. Click here to check out some newer photos of the space. I didn't take pictures of my bedroom, because it's getting a revamp and is in an in-between phase right now. Yes, I kind of want to paint it back to white. haha. Whoops!


Friday, the electrician came and installed my Triple7Recycled lights. I really love them!

 photo IMG_2020_zpsc3440092.jpg

 photo IMG_2021_zps37ab039a.jpg

 photo IMG_2024_zps447fb959.jpg

I bought those larger glass vintage looking bulbs for them, for a little extra shine. They look pretty when they're on, too, and especially at night.

 photo IMG_2029_zps5c470370.jpg

here's the hand-drawn pineapple wall, just for kicks!

 photo IMG_2025_zpsde1308c8.jpg

and here's the faux roman shade I made.

 photo IMG_2028_zpse4ad2092.jpg

faux, meaning it doesn't actually work. There's really no need for it to.

I love them!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Paintings For Sale

I have two paintings for sale!

 photo E97548B0-1F77-44BA-9B6D-EC554D3B36DA_zpsxmj7qqm4.jpg
"blue fishbowl"
20x20" gallery canvases, and the sides are painted, too. 

colors are teal, corals, pinks, whites, a touch of gold, and some camel

 photo 44936275-4712-4D81-A8DE-398D70C05238_zpsg1mtxjeq.jpg

 photo 6E2460FB-E895-42B3-97E2-34CEE849E15A_zpshgro4peu.jpg

$350 (plus shipping, which depends on where you live)

next is this one:

 photo 51E6C5A7-7F6A-47B4-B8E9-A7268F05E6BF_zpseifx0uao.jpg

also 20x20"  and $350 plus shipping (shipping cost depends on where you live)

colors are tomatoey/orange red, mint, purples, lilacs, teal, white

 photo A6F373C5-281A-4237-A7C4-C03427E22299_zpsd5p4sw7g.jpg

 photo 671136CA-B8EF-4DD8-B023-FC3003D297F8_zpsokp8jojz.jpg

both are very vibrant and fun. 

email me at kristen.fountain@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing!