Friday, August 29, 2014


I finished the big cabinetry project I've been working on the past few weeks. whew!

I faux finished kitchen cabinets and island, the kitchen desk, the living room built in's, a built in cabinetry piece in the living room, and a bathroom cabinet. 

Here's some of the project:

 photo 958FE7F1-FA7E-4C84-AAC9-D9B74B1D4E60_zpsbs8n0sij.jpg

 photo A31DA075-DA3E-41B5-97C7-5C8455CAD6D1_zps95iqurlk.jpg

We did a more traditional heavy antiquing on the exterior cabinets, and then the island was a special faux finish that was heavily distressed and aged looking with green. 

 photo C9E50987-6BC5-4AF6-8EED-9274F86638C6_zps7bu3naxx.jpg

Here's a lightened picture of the island, though it doesn't do it justice:

 photo 21689BC2-F550-401E-9C80-616A8F2F91F3_zpswwaiwz8z.jpg

and a photo of the bathroom vanity I painted:

 photo DC5E40BD-EA4C-476E-B323-80D47D5B9DB5_zps2jmvhpdp.jpg

and the built in cabinet in the living room. The client is very into French country/heavy distress/etc. 

 photo 8DD854C8-1074-4A39-B724-1303E1951524_zps46gmma6l.jpg
fun stuff!

I love doing these types of heavy faux finishes. In this case, it was a combo of "make this piece look like this picture" and then also sort of making up my own finishes that match their descriptions.

Happy Friday, have a fun weekend everyone!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Life Lately

 photo 8E28AD22-6B31-4C4A-B00C-98A393AFF906_zpsrlp5icav.jpg

This is what my bedroom currently looks like, and I really like it. It happened casually, basically with stuff I already had. I threw tons of pillows on the couch, and the rest just kind of happened. It's casual, bohemian, calm and serene. I like! I took down the curtain pole this weekend - I was trying to decide if I wanted to keep curtains, but decided against them. Those windows are so pretty, and I decided it felt warm enough without curtains. 

 photo FBB3853A-993A-4DFD-8A5D-3F4FF54F033A_zpsraacg6tl.jpg
This is a painting that is in the works at the studio. It's 48 by 48 - big. Only at the beginning stages, but I like it so far. 

this is a photo from the job site I'm currently working on. I have been doing faux finishes on all the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen island, the kitchen desk, the living room built in's, bathroom cabinet and another built in cabinet in the living room.

 photo DC5E40BD-EA4C-476E-B323-80D47D5B9DB5_zps2jmvhpdp.jpg

This is in the bathroom. The house is being built now. This was a piece that was made specifically for me to paint. 

The hardware was installed last week, so I took a photo.

 photo 21689BC2-F550-401E-9C80-616A8F2F91F3_zpswwaiwz8z.jpg
This is the kitchen cabinets and the island that I'm distressing. It's really worn looking and old looking. It was fun to paint. I'm finishing the kitchen cabinets today, which are getting an antiqued look.

here's my sewing machine... that I've yet to sew anything on.

 photo CD48A0F1-34F0-4CEA-963A-015BC9DC716A_zpsffhytb72.jpg


I need to get some thread and read the directions. But glad to have it!

 photo 4975C918-38EA-4DC3-A4F8-830BB7B5EB93_zpszeitep10.jpg

I went to Ballard over on the west side yesterday, to see if I could find a rug there. No rug luck, but they did have lots of other things I loved! I found this little stool that I think my mom should use in her new living room design. I think two should go in front of the fireplace. Ballard is having a great great sale right now. It's 20% off all sale items, and the sale section is huge right now. I also found quite a few great things in the regularly priced section, of course. Including some pillow cases for my master that I am contemplating on. Do you guys thing King sized beds should have three Euro size pillows or are two ok? This is my conundrum.

lastly here is a snack I had yesterday that was pretty enough to snap a picture of.

 photo A0A13E55-DD53-4B57-ADEF-FC23BD0C17CA_zpszuor40tz.jpg

have a great Monday.

Friday, August 22, 2014

TGIF // new rug?

Thank goodness it's Friday. For real. I'm exhausted, and I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking about work. Argh. Glad it's the weekend! It's been a really busy week for me, and I'm happy to spend some time at home this weekend, hopefully working on some good home projects. I have come to a realization about something in my living room that's off - my rug is too small. It's a weird size - I bought it at Ross for cheap. It's like 7 by 8.6 or something. Anyway, it's a perfectly fine rug, it's just too small for my living room. I've been thinking and coming up with plans for the living room to finish it up (for now - it's never been completely finished since we moved in last June and I'd like to complete it by the end of the year.), and I think buying a 9 by 12 rug will do the job. I have been searching around my usual online spots for simple home items (overstock, amazon, ballard, home decorators), and come up with a few options. 

Here's the living room. 

 photo IMG_2006_zps7c221498.jpg

I really like jute or sisal rugs. They always fit my ever-changing tastes, because they're plain and match anything. I found this one at Ballard for $550 for a 9 by 12:

I like the one with the tan border. I don't love bordered rugs like this, BUT young Max the dog likes to chew on rugs and I don't think he'll be able to attack the edges of this one (the other knotted ones, he can tear apart, though he has kind of chilled out on this behavior with time). Plus, it's a defined edge, which is nice, and I like how light it is in color. The one in our bedroom is light like this and its so pretty. I thought about moving that one down stairs, but it's just really pretty up there. So this is a nice option. The only thing is that in the pics online, some of the photos show a version with a much darker contrast on the tan edge, so I can't tell which is correct. I think this pic is the correct version, but not positive. Going to have to investigate that before I order.

I was set on a jute rug until I came across these cute patterned options. Plus, they look super comfy! So this is why I need your help. 

I think this one is really cute! It's that Beni Ourain look and super comfy on the feet. Hmmm. It's from Overstock and it's $671 (weird price and I hate how they go up every time I go back and click on them). I thnk it would actually be pretty good at hiding stains (better than a solid), but would I get tired of it faster? I love the look of a light rug like this with white walls in our guest bedroom:

 photo F49503CC-8DB4-428E-B67B-3D459B5EB5D8_zpsdl2numma.jpg

And then I also found this one on overstock for around the same price as the others, though it's saying it's sold out now:

I guess in reviewing it's not my favorite - I like the other beni ourain one better. 

so, your thoughts? 

My idea is to order a new rug and that leather coffee table:

then deal with the side chairs issue. Still deciding on what to do about that, but I'll probably find a couple of thrift store chairs and have a slip cover made. Once I have a bigger rug and coffee table, I think i'll have room for two chairs in there. If not, I'll just do one big side chair. We'll see what I find! it's time to make something happen. 

have a great weekend! i'm excited to play with my new sewing machine.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This & That

Remember when I did this kitchen match job? Well, my clients had some more cabinets put into the same kitchen, and I matched them, too. Always nice to go back and do more work for clients that like your previous work! They were so nice. They bought the house with this faux finish on the cabinets, and I had matched some work for them (they had a banquette built in, and some more shelves rearranged, so the new part needed a faux finish to match the old faux finish that was previously in the kitchen). This middle section was just display shelves when they bought the house, but they decided to make it into cabinets/drawers for more storage.

This is what it looked like when they had them installed and before I painted:
 photo 9E136C1A-B511-465B-8EF9-CA9ABB2AC90C_zpsaguizpbp.jpg

And, after:

 photo 78EC64FE-4158-40EF-8C00-D2E020B5F5B5_zps98l5uz7d.jpg

 photo 1E137F26-F5C8-4D0F-8E46-CAD352CFE450_zpsztb9c8k8.jpg

 I love these jobs - it's a fun little challenge for me. 

In other design related news, things are going nicely at my mom's (I had mentioned we are redecorating her living room). She had this blue table before:

 photo 525250BB-1C87-4578-A54D-0CB557198D3A_zps2f6r1nag.jpg

and I suggested she get some brass up in that space! :) I thought a little sparkle would be pretty, and suggested we find something with clean lines. Her lines were all pretty heavy in there. Comfy (but pretty) chairs and sofa, and she needed some shine. So, I found this pretty table at west elm. 

 photo A3FE8E7E-266E-40B9-8FEB-3335B0F9C032_zpsbxmlihpr.jpg

Sorry the photo is really blown out - it was one she sent me that I edited to make it brighter. Anyway, it does exactly what I thought it should do!

in other non work related news, I went on a girl's trip to Charleston this weekend. Look how beautiful our room's bathroom was:

 photo B243F853-8D8E-482C-82B0-1D7C26178846_zpsekbieogf.jpg


I loved it. Gorgeous, right?! It was at the Belmond hotel. They're in the middle of a renovation, and our room was beautiful. 

We had a great trip. Some how, I didn't take many pictures. We were only there for part of Friday and Saturday, then came home Sunday, so it was a little too short of a trip, but we did get some great food and drinks, and some nice rooftop pool and beach time. Charleston is a beautiful city! We walked around a little on Sunday and we found Moon and Lola which is a cute little boutique with accessories and home decor items. Check out their cool chandelier:

 photo 4D05914E-5C3A-4E64-99D0-189D89EB7689_zpsdm54xzbx.jpg

Very neat! The whole store was bright white with pops of color, so you know I liked that. I posted this photo on my instagram account (@kristenfdavisdesigns). speaking of instagram, I saw these pillows recently posted:

 photo E226814E-2704-417C-9262-C9C988EE0AA1_zpskoend7ss.png

I thought they were so cute, and would make a great DIY. I bought a sewing machine last week (I'm really REALLY excited to sew stuff - but I have yet to take it out of the box since it came in the mail. Going to try and experiment with it this weekend), so I'm thinking that could be a pillow DIY for me. I figure pillows won't be too hard to make, and if I can build all this other stuff, I can probably do some sewing! I was online looking at all these cute kantha pillows made out of kantha blankets and thought... duh... get a sewing machine, and make your own stinking pillows! (Why are some pillows so expensive!?) So that's what Im going to do. I hope I have good luck with my sewing machine! 

OK, that's it for now - off to paint some cabinets (in the middle of a huge cabinet job right now - hence a little radio silence on my end! Makes for very long work days).