Friday, April 18, 2014

This & That

Hi! Happy Friday...

Just a few snaps of life lately. 

 photo 57668437-5E62-441D-BDF8-42A700D69906_zpsma6rnvhe.jpg

this is an unedited, kind of boring photo I took of some work I did this week. Stay tuned for more pics from this project. :)

I painted these inside some built in bookshelves.

 photo F6ED2950-C5C2-422F-B604-D9333E4D0E94_zps0difj8rg.jpg

this is a picture I took at the studio. there is no less than 15 pieces of furniture being painted there. Actually, more than that. And, I noticed how much blue stuff is in there right now, and took a pic. These two pieces aren't even for the same client!

 photo 716F2E87-3C53-4F4C-B10A-83FDA6B79384_zps6lrkim1v.jpg

I took this after mixing the perfect blue for those flowers in the mural above, the other day. I love mixing colors, and generally have gotten pretty good at it, I thnk :)

 photo 309B0AE9-3B58-4061-A23C-5B01EED99149_zpsrheodgjp.jpg
and completely off topic, here is my tomato/herb container gardens I planted last week. Funny - they're already a lot bigger than this photo. I got some cages for the tomatoes yesterday because they were starting to go every which way!

I'm excited to watch them grow this summer, and hopefully reap some of my harvest :)

 photo 9FA3827C-ED78-4479-9496-C4A60E3B6C8A_zpse2k3oaj0.jpg
speaking of my plants, look at this cute little 60's planter I got at Scotts. I was planning to paint it, but I actually liked it all rusty, next to the new CB2 planters. I bought that turquoise pot at Home Depot, and I think it's perfect on top.

jordan and i have been enjoying a happy hour/cheese plate outside a good bit this spring (when it's not raining or really cold, argh!), and Max of course likes to join. He is the ultimate cheese and cracker sniper:

 photo AFD61C21-C764-4838-98B1-A46D1D1557C7_zpsto8xbrnk.jpg

last but not least, is this picture i took in my kitchen. i got that mint green canister at an antique store a few months ago, and i love it! it stays out:

 photo FD9F81EF-C624-4C1A-B99F-A3FE532A5BEF_zpsg1jxeher.jpg

the end. happy friday, and happy easter! have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Artwork I Made For Our Bedroom

Initially, I had planned to put black and white photos in the frames above our bed. I still might. I couldn't find photos that I thought made sense to go there. Apparently our wedding album is lost, and Im not sure where the disc is to print photos out! Its around here somewhere. And all the other photos on my phone just seemed like weird ones to hang on a wall. haha.

So! I did what I always do - made some quick art. I really like the citron and coral colors in our bedroom. They were both accidents. Actually, the entire color scheme was not planned, but I'm very happy with how it unraveled. Really, the only color that I picked for this room was the peach walls, and then everything else has just made its way in there because I found it and liked it. It's been a fun process. 

It's still not done, but getting close! You'll see the headboard has also come in. I like it! I will post again about it one day with more detailed and up close photos.

Anyway... Here is the artwork, over the bed. The frames are from Michael's.

 photo F51A1970-4867-4575-AF10-F21537BD4169_zpso7a5h51e.jpg

I got lucky and found the frames at Goodwill, but I have bought the exact same ones at Michael's before, so I know they're from there.

 photo 5E27DC8E-6106-4C5F-9CB2-AA4D7DE518DC_zpsmtnntoj7.jpg
morning light! it's so pretty in there. 

here they were at the house, before i cut them down to the size i wanted them to be:

 photo 4064A250-1AB5-4E2E-B9EF-BAE1FB335C6C_zpst2bkzwma.jpg

and at the studio, working on them!

 photo BE059EEA-8739-4076-BE77-21131E6231F2_zpsguknlvu8.jpg

I realized none of my photos show the entire group hanging on the wall... whoops! too late - gotta head to work.

have a great thursday.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Polka Dot Ceiling Playroom

I had a client contact me about painting the playroom for her grandkids at her house. She was very open to basically anything, and wanted help with the whole project. AKA, I helped her pick out all of the paint colors (I don't ever talk about it here, but I do paint color consultations for exterior and interior walls as well as painting work), for the mural and for the walls/closet, and am also helping with some design work for the room. We will be replacing that ceiling fan with a cool light fixture, and I am also painting all of the furniture that goes in this room. It will be transformed with bright colors (The colors used in the mural on the ceiling).

Here is  what the room looked like before:

 photo 832AD58E-D748-4F32-A3FD-7934D89D648A_zpsjijvatep.jpg

 photo D41B4E9B-DC43-4C99-8113-5321FEAEBD68_zpsjw4ee8mh.jpg'

The walls were brown stripes, and I suggested majorly lightening it up in there! You can see some of the furniture we're painting in this photo. It's a kids table/chairs, a bookshelf, a desk/seat, and a jewelry case (She has lots of granddaughters!) I had her paint the walls Sherwin Williams' "Swimming", which is a light turquoise, and the inside of the closet is "Daredevil" by SW, also. The trim and doors were getting a new fresh coat of white paint after I came in, and the ceiling had a fresh coat of ceiling white before I painted the mural! I was inspired by the cute vintage wooden characters she had hanging on the wall, that you can see over the crib in that photo above. For some reason, my immediate thought was to do a ceiling mural in there, versus a wall mural. I guess I knew that the walls would have those cute wooden figures on them again (obviously, since we were inspired by them), and then we also needed room for the furniture to remain, since the room also services as a nursery/playroom/gameroom. 

Anyway, onto the pics!

 photo ECE53585-24E6-4F05-BAAF-872F56DDBB48_zpskvvcfy8q.jpg

 photo 60FA160B-3E4D-4DD9-9F07-7B2443D4A3CB_zpsblrpxpcq.jpg

I painted dots of all sizes, using a homemade compass. :)

 photo 4A829A29-7DD7-4233-A908-73B629C03071_zpsbrxkqccp.jpg

The yellow on the ceiling is SW "Daffodil" and the peach/coral is "Jovial" also by SW.

like I said, we had the inside of the closet painted tomato red, and the doors removed. it will be an arts and crafts closet for the kids. I am coming back to help make it cuter and functional, with cute baskets, boxes, etc.

 photo 58FDD35D-0FBF-4CAB-839E-206FC1021AD9_zpsvghzfj54.jpg

 photo 60FA160B-3E4D-4DD9-9F07-7B2443D4A3CB_zpsblrpxpcq.jpg

The ceiling fan will be replaced. I'm thinking maybe something like this:

or this:

both from IKEA. We don't need it to be the main source of light, since there are lots of can lights in here, so it'll mostly be decorative.

 photo C5FC4774-9964-4091-AC68-E1C2386C9568_zpsbijiysgh.jpg

I also painted the darker turquoise color on the metal slats on the door, just for fun. Remember, the doors and trim were being painted a brighter white after I left!

 photo E9E8760A-3EB0-48FE-9A99-A9ABA636A801_zpsm9hxr55b.jpg

 photo 5F7A3EC9-C097-41C8-9C11-21E91376D859_zpszqhcpys7.jpg

 photo 0461F396-FB8B-431D-ABF8-FEE0F4E9B413_zps2obdytvi.jpg

 photo 3E0F00D7-959C-4408-985F-1716952D07EC_zpshtgcabpa.jpg

that's it for now. I will be back with more pictures of this room when we make some more progress!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Done For Now!

done! Well, with the projects that I had in mind. Of course, now I feel like I have a hundred more things I could do outside! 

Here's the before, again:

 photo 4BECC79E-1267-4544-80E4-EF4298327201_zpsnvombm5k.jpg

and, after:

 photo 8E22CC07-6409-43CD-B771-0C34F564505D_zpsvcjyqdlb.jpg

so much better, right?! 

I did pine straw instead of mulch, because after calling around to a few mulch delivery places, it just seemed like it was going to be impossible to get a dump truck down the narrow private drive behind our house. I could just see them coming all the way here, me paying $400 for a bunch of mulch, and then it have to be dumped really far away from our back yard! That would be a major pain. So, I just loaded my car up with pine straw and spread it instead. I'm really happy with the outcome. It looks 100% better. I am itching to get some landscaping in, but I don't think it's going to happen this planting season. I'd like to have a good game plan going in, and not sure of that. I do want to get a little birdbath to sit next to this two skinny trees, though. There have been so many birds chillin in the backyard the past few days since we did all that work out there. Must've dug up some good worms for them. :)

Like I said yesterday, I did the weed and feed on the lawn, hoping it gets back to what it looked like last summer. 

I also added some concrete pavers on the side of the house, to the path to our trashcans! Exciting, I know. We get a lot of water there, and it stays mushy. So, the pavers are going to be really nice.

 photo B19B0BF8-4018-4B0C-87D7-C074B3445872_zps44jy7rmu.jpg

I used my string/stake technique to make them very straight.

I decided to plant some tomatoes and herbs, too. I bought two of these types of galvanized metal containers:

and put them along the back wall of the fence, in a spot that gets a lot of sunshine. 

I plan to create something kind of like this:

(from here)

those were clearly very successful! Cross your fingers for my little plants. I bought three types of tomatoes, some peppers, mint, cilantro and basil. Exciting! I love working in the yard. 

Alright, off to plant them! I drilled the holes in the containers last night, and added my drainage rocks and soil ,but haven't planted them yet.