Monday, January 26, 2015

Little Girl's Room

Last week, I painted some flowers and fairies in a little girl's bedroom. I painted Airplanes and a dog in her brother's room, but somehow made out with no photos of them. (I did his nursery four years ago, and did basically the same thing in their new house!)

Anyway, just thought I would share the photos from her room. It was getting dark outside when I finished, so the photos were kind of dark.

 photo 028CFB3C-B433-4B9B-8C6E-B67A9061798C_zpsfld8azr4.jpg

it was a "window" over her bed with flowers all around. There is also a butterfly in the middle, and two purple birds. the girl loves pink and purple :)

 photo D5384BA8-5281-4C68-A870-5A28492D9B91_zpsvti42elk.jpg

The whole family was there, and the kids' reactions were some of the best ever. They were so cute, and loved their bedrooms so much. It made me feel great.

I also painted three fairies (I only have pics of these two) around her vanity mirror.

 photo 1A716F6D-2A2F-42B4-ABA0-FDBF48076711_zps3bq3cxve.jpg

I love painting these fairies. They remind me of the ones I painted for another client a little while back that looked like this:

 photo 2012-06-07010438.jpg

 photo 2012-06-07010424.jpg

 photo 2012-06-07010414.jpg

I would love to do some illustrating work sometime. Maybe I'll do a fairy series and sell them on Etsy? Hm. Something to think about!

Anyway, that's it for now. Everyone have a wonderful Monday.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


We have officially begun work on Elbow Room (I'm working on the design aspects and some art/paint projects for the show this season), but am headed out to do some painting (two kids rooms... fun!) today. I just thought I'd share some photos from the house lately... a little of what I have been up to. 

Sitting in my living room yesterday, doing some work on the computer, I snapped this. I stole that magnolia branch from my backyard, and am enjoying the green in the living room.

 photo 391FF3DB-DA5B-42D2-AF42-C5912453D057_zpstxchy7v8.jpg

I did a little thrift shopping this weekend. I had a great time, and found a few things. 

 photo 0D9D795A-758B-4867-B1BF-1D6DCCAC3ADD_zpsivdrsmp0.jpg

including MJ! It was a framed album. I was really hoping that the actual vinyl was in there, but it was not.  I plan to frame the album cover too, but not in the ugly frame that was at the thrift store. I am a big Michael Jackson fan, so I think this will make some fun art for my house.

And I mean, come on. Thriller album. YES.

I spent some time last week restoring almost 100-year-old wallpaper for Melanie Turner, a local Atlanta designer. She has as gorgeous old house that she is renovating, and this wallpaper had been ripped off the wall in some areas. She wanted to keep the wallpaper, but these spots were such an eye sore. So sad! I went in and matched the wallpaper color as best I could, then hand painted it back to match the pattern on the wall. It is not perfect, but it is pretty close!

First area:
 photo 2C1AE7E0-C350-4F56-93B2-FAD646C3EDBD_zpsg6z7imtw.jpg

Other area:

 photo E8A72FB4-0328-4B8C-8A77-8F781A8FF028_zps8w8uxknl.jpg

and speaking of painting, things got weird last week when I painted some Magnolia tree leaves from my backyard:

 photo 15F21616-BC8F-4F42-AA40-38D0D61BF9B4_zpsupe7belu.jpg

and here is a photo I took in our dining area, after I did a little moving things around: 

 photo B0963673-4C87-4052-89CB-93540EDDF6F1_zpsjuzwrzva.jpg

I brought that basket over from the studio. Oops :) I just like it so much, and haven't been at the studio that much, so I brought it home with me and put a plant in it. Much better. I really need to find something different to go on that wall, besides my sofa table. Hmm. 

I also brought that star mirror home from the studio. It was just sitting there forever, and I thought it might be cute over the table. It's taking me forever to get these rooms in this house right! Argh. It's still a little small for that big wall (Tall ceilings), but I will figure it out.

lastly, I framed one of my mini paintings from last week. I didn't think it would sell fast (I'm so terrible at predicting paintings sales. It's weird), but it did, and now I have to take it out of the frame. Maybe I'll put ol MJ in there instead.

 photo 9D7DAEC3-9C07-4DB5-A448-6F7BDD634EC9_zpsryexta3g.jpg

OK, that's it for now. Have a great day.

Monday, January 19, 2015

DIY Bench Seat

I bought this little bench at Ross a few months ago. It was like $50 or something, and a little dinged up, so I got 20% off of that. It came with wicker baskets, but Max promptly chewed them up, so I replaced them with these metal ones. We keep his dirty-feet-towel in the baskets, and the bench is right by the back door. He also likes to sit on top of us and greet us when we get home. And by greet us, I mean freak out and scratch the window until we walk in the door. ;)

it looked like this before:

 photo F358DA37-9746-45A7-BE38-458ABDC3CA85_zps9fdooluk.jpg

I got the metal bins at TJ Maxx. I wanted a bench cushion on the bench all along, just to make it a little more custom looking. I got a quote to have a pillow seat made for it, but it was $90 plus the cost of the fabric, so it would've probably been a ~$130 project. A little much. So, I decided to make a cushion for it, myself

I bought this foam at Joann's for around $16.

 photo 679C76E9-5279-4D11-85CB-D34FB617FDA0_zpsiva0pd3b.jpg

I cut it down to the size of my bench seat. I also had a piece of composite wood cut down for me at Lowe's to the size I wanted it to be (a little smaller than the top of the bench seat)

 photo B7C223AB-3EAD-40A0-A969-7119A07FC0CF_zps28wnchoh.jpg

 photo 93155AB7-5BD9-4337-AAFD-4AF00B6ACA29_zps2d7bzpeu.jpg

And, I bought some fabric at Lewis and Sheron.

All I did was cut the foam down to the size of my board, and then quickly hot glue the foam to the board. After that, I lined up my fabric where I wanted it to be placed on top of the cushion and staple-gun it down to the other side.

the corners looked like this:

 photo 2922C3BC-3E54-4542-A858-4A1999CD79E2_zpstfxxxcv0.jpg

I used Velcro to attach the board to the actual bench seat. I was concerned it wouldn't work, but it actually worked great. I haven't done it yet, but I do recommend spraying Scotchguard on the fabric. I need to do that to mine before those muddy paws destroy it!

Here's how it turned out:

 photo F9D30820-61EB-4D5E-92F8-5F7D47EDB47B_zpsf8lzlzzn.jpg

 photo E7BED87E-5A08-465B-807F-056DD696CDE4_zpsgzqn470g.jpg

 photo 2A1E5C15-D4B5-4E56-9F14-C1D4F762D33F_zpsy6h2a0lm.jpg

and here's young Max enjoying it:

 photo CAB46D42-74B1-4ED6-813B-A5CB830C577F_zpsvloart7n.jpg


Thursday, January 15, 2015

More Paintings For Sale

I'm just in a painting mood. 

A couple more paintings, for your pleasure. Email me at, if you are interested in purchasing! Shipping will be calculated based on where you live, but no more than $5. All the sides of the canvas ones are painted with fun surprises too. :)

8x8" on canvas


"horseshoe" on mat board (would need framing or something)


"watermelon seeds"
on gallery canvas

this one already sold (via my Instagram, which is @kristenfdavisdesigns if you want to follow along and find things quicker than posted here), but I just wanted to show you guys. Its a little baby painting - only 6 by 6 on mat board.  

Also, please see the post below for 2 more paintings that are still available!