Monday, September 29, 2014

Birds + Trees Nursery Mural

hi! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I did!

Last week, I felt like I completed two weeks worth of work into one. It was super-busy. I worked at three different clients' houses, and also at the studio one day on some artwork. 

One of the houses I painted at was this kids room (currently a nursery but converting to "big girl room" status soon ;)). 

We did pretty trees with birds in them. My client had a really beautiful, sophisticated house, and she didn't want the trees to look too child-like or whimsical. She wanted it to be an elegant mural. 

We took inspiration from  Heather's mural I did a few months ago:

 photo eb2d5dc2-7e03-4e3d-9dd0-18fbcc8638bd_zpse6c10969.png

It was getting dark in the room by the time I was leaving, so my photos are kind of hard to see. This mural was also supposed to be a lighter and airier, and less contrast than Heather's... so that also doesn't help with pictures!

 photo IMG_2095_zps39a34c49.jpg

 photo IMG_2101_zps29209e3d.jpg

I did the birds in a really soft gray-lavender, and the tree trunks are a grayish brown. I did highlights in silver (instead of gold like Heather's) to match the soft, cool palette. 

 photo IMG_2100_zps09dc56b0.jpg

 photo IMG_2099_zps6945924b.jpg

I did one tree in between the windows - your vantage point when you first walk into the room.

 photo IMG_2097_zps3a23981a.jpg

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Star + Dot Stenciled Ceiling


I finished my star and dot stenciled ceiling, and I thought I would share some photos of it with you guys. 

 photo IMG_2088_zps8f8b1d3f.jpg

ahhh! It was a fairly large room, and a very detailed stencil. 

Like I mentioned before, I was mimicking a Sister Parish wallpaper. 

 photo 34B766FB-A560-45D3-B48A-1694749490C9_zpsdqn2jown.jpg

But, we did it in silver stars with blue dots. 

 photo 58F5ACAD-422C-407B-BB48-3ADCB272741F_zps1lasdlya.jpg

and in a larger scale. (I cut the star stencil and the dots stencils by hand)

 photo IMG_2093_zps1e88063d.jpg

 photo IMG_2092_zps42aeab87.jpg

 photo IMG_2091_zps7059c089.jpg

 photo IMG_2089_zpsa692f6a5.jpg

Then, last night, she sent me this sweet text, which made my whole week (until I literally got another very similar text from yesterday's client and I was just over the moon.):

 photo c1abd0bb-a6b1-4223-baec-57d185a125e3_zps90b8cc42.png

I can't wait to see how this room turns out. It's being designed by the amazing Jane Goetz, and I love her vision! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Checking In!


I'm going to (hopefully) finish up a fun kids room ceiling today. Ive been working on another star stenciled ceiling for a really cute kids room design. Here's the pattern I'm mimicking:

 photo 34B766FB-A560-45D3-B48A-1694749490C9_zpsdqn2jown.jpg

It's Sister Parish. The designer wanted silver stars and blue dots, so I am doing a custom stencil with custom colors for her. Let's just say my neck isn't too happy this morning.


I'm really happy with the results so far. (and yes, that green piece of furniture belongs in the room. The bed and the dresser were sprayed that fun kelly green - I loved seeing it when I walked in there.)

Check it out:

Here is me figuring out the scale for my stencil. The designer wanted the scale a little larger than the actual wallpaper is.

 photo CA29A847-E8F8-4060-BB39-E344092125EA_zps97wyj3na.jpg

I made my stencil (This time, I cut out five stars, instead of one. Duh. It has made my life much easier and the project go by faster.)

 photo 58F5ACAD-422C-407B-BB48-3ADCB272741F_zps1lasdlya.jpg

 photo F1553F50-4109-41CB-8DB6-399A4D1DE94E_zpsvqy9jkn0.jpg

wee! (ignore the crooked ones in the back, they will be fixed. Learning curve, people.)

as you might remember the last time I did a star ceiling, this was what my stencil looked like:

 photo 2DAC59A2-C463-4EDE-8223-AAD5489BB317-7129-0000067544E1CD7D_zpseae0ad11.jpg

so - I'm learning to work smarter not harder. ;) 

 photo ED90061F-4F8E-4518-9FF5-492CB04075E1_zpsnkqh6m5d.jpg

this was the photo I posted on my instagram account:

 photo ED90061F-4F8E-4518-9FF5-492CB04075E1_zpsnkqh6m5d.jpg
(@kristenfdavisdesigns if you want to follow me. I post really regularly, and do little peeps into my projects as i'm doing them)

 photo 4BB3F9B4-B2A9-4D22-A786-C66738618314_zpsznr9ppxf.jpg

so now, I will go back and add the dots, like the wallpaper. I cut them out for my stencil yesterday. I think it's going to be awesome! Say a prayer for my neck. ;)

Don't forget to follow along on instagram if you care to see some photos throughout the day of this project...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Spruce Up

I know I shared what our back deck looks like last summer, and what the plants I planted in the spring looked like, but I wanted to give an updated look. I try and keep things fresh - like when plants start to look overgrown, or die, I replace them. And, I wanted to spruce up the cement candle holders I bought at TJ Maxx this summer with a fresh coat of paint. They were starting to peel and look gross, so I just got out some Plaid craft paint and re-painted the dipped parts of them.

 photo 1FE4B3DA-721C-4020-A75C-B0DC94F59584_zpsf4txoli6.jpg


 photo 092A451F-B203-4D1F-ACCA-45B628F60075_zpshn915f6d.jpg

Check out how much better everything looks now:

 photo IMG_2080_zps262d26b5.jpg

I sort of decorated the back porch like I was having a little party (even though I wasn't). 

 photo IMG_2069_zps1aed1965.jpg

 photo IMG_2070_zpsce43ae22.jpg

 photo IMG_2071_zps46eaf3cb.jpg

 photo IMG_2072_zps662701de.jpg

 I brought this cute little basket tray out, and put my plants on top of it, just to make it feel a little more special. The candlesticks (from west elm last year) were also from indoors, but I think in a party setting would be great for outdoor use.

I also brought some cute napkins out (from MArshalls) and bowls (Also west elm).

 photo IMG_2073_zpsd0b793c4.jpg

 photo IMG_2086_zps3f189253.jpg

on the opposite side of the deck, are our two orange ikea chairs. 

 photo IMG_2077_zps99c60b4c.jpg

I brought out a Mexican blanket from inside for some color, along with that glass jug. 

 photo IMG_2079_zps1fe4ca58.jpg

 photo IMG_2084_zps26617053.jpg

I also replaced all my deadish or overgrown succulents from the spring. The Creeping Jenny is the same from the spring. Overgrown, but I just give her a haircut every now and then. :)

 photo IMG_2078_zps2f8f9732.jpg

fun. hope you enjoyed my little outdoor tour!