Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Quatrefoil Border Stencil

 Remember wallpaper borders? Back in the day? My brother had a pretty sweet sports-themed border in his room, and my other brother had a nice teddy bear border in his nursery. Awesome. 

I did an updated border, of sorts, recently, in a nursery. This one was a lot more stylish than the borders of yore. The designer I was working with, Jennifer Powers of Simply Staged, told me exactly what she wanted, and I created her vision! 

Here are some photos as I was getting started:

 photo D828F4CC-D86A-4F61-8F0A-00EF84E7EA13_zpsxot64p4w.jpg
Making the stencil. My hands are disgusting. Non stop painting is not kind to them.

I make my patterns by folding paper into 4's, then drawing the pattern on and cutting it out, then tracing it onto mylar. It takes a little while!

 photo 13BCD818-EB07-4628-9259-E16126F16AA7_zpsltocfwmk.jpg

and, the finished product (I also did the darker gray lines on the tops and bottoms of the border)

 photo 6E149BB3-FDB8-4441-A216-88BD812564C3_zpsjwo1wior.jpg

 photo 97836567-7582-480E-9570-9F3E7FD67C98_zpszlk10fwj.jpg

 photo AB6177D9-1774-49E1-8148-3AB9CA758BE5_zpsz9iaulev.jpg

 photo B9CA7543-044F-48E6-A3E3-07BCFC878C72_zpsjx4qu1ai.jpg


  1. Wow, what a difference it made in that room. Great job! Alison

    1. thanks! yes, it definitely spiced it up a lot!

  2. Ok so that's nothing like the borders we had growing up! Very chic and simple. Love that it's contained by the double stripes.

    1. hahaa, true! yeah, i thought the stripes were a good idea. thanks!

  3. Now that's a border I could live with. Who knew a border could be cool again?

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