Friday, May 9, 2014

Kitchen Shelves

Hi! Happy Friday. I'm so glad it's the weekend. 

I got the chance to build some shelves this week, in our kitchen. Well, "build" is probably not the right term, because all I really did was assemble them. But the hanging part took forever, so we'll call it "build". :) 

I used corbels from Home Depot, which I saw John and Sherry use here, and loved (actually their shelves were the inspiration for how I wanted mine to look). I decided to make it easy, and but the IKEA Lack shelves for my shelf topper.

 photo E0883B87-2AFE-44E4-A6D8-0124426640C2_zpskagvb47d.jpg

 They had similar ones at Home Depot, but they were double the price, so I scooted over to IKEA and bought them there. The shelves were only $15 each, but the corbels were $10 each. Still not bad for some nice open shelving. I laid them out on the floor to see how they'd look...

 photo 93C78E54-1CC8-4BAA-AEC3-72B5A2E2B0BA_zpsxb3dzhmn.jpg
Max demonstrates sizing. 

They didn't have the white shelves in stock, so I just got the birch colored ones, since they were lighter (I planned to paint then the color of our kitchen cabinets anyway).

After that, I did some tape placement to get an idea of where I wanted them to be hung...

 photo 9FADF1F8-05CC-40E7-A61D-C7FADB003014_zpslje7q3d1.jpg

I ended up moving the top one up about 6 inches in the long run.

Anyway, after that I just hung the corbels and the shelves. I also used heavy duty carpenter's glue to adhere the shelves to the brackets.

getting them level was the hardest part!

 photo BA29C228-C470-4F88-B65D-6CF89C52B75D_zpsprhunugn.jpg

pre-painting! Woo!

To paint them I used my old tried and true painting-IKEA-furniture method... I used Zinsser's shellac based primer -- then my leftover cabinet paint. Worked great. I actually painted the corbels and the shelves before I hung them, because I knew it would be a challenge to paint them ON the wall, vs off.

 photo 79FE4423-6631-44E8-A8E7-AA607B067070_zpstjivgehg.jpg

yeah! high fiving myself.

 photo D79407D6-ECD5-48C5-85F8-61F0ADF7CCDC_zpsj5xnznco.jpg

woop! I love them. I love having some open storage in the kitchen. I ended up moving that wicker stand out of the dining area (too small), so I put everything from in there on the shelves. 

also, sorry for crappy quality photos - I still haven't downloaded the software for my nice camera yet onto this new computer, so all my photos look bad without editing anyway!! 

 photo A89AD7B6-2C05-4604-AE52-04ABB9227563_zpsovfqp2kx.jpg

 photo BCB9D1E8-EAC4-48FE-B549-72E53890F858_zpsgckszigx.jpg

 photo 69C87796-2CDC-4D49-B185-B25DB66F117C_zps7mlcvqm4.jpg

I love how they soften the space. What do you think?!


  1. Love these shelves....classic and contemporary at the same time. Kudos!

    1. thanks! that's what i thought, too. trying to add a little more classic to this house...

  2. Love how they came out and I was actually just doing some research on open kitchen shelving for my own home this morning. Trying to decide on buying versus building...

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  3. Looks great, good job! Have a great weekend. Alison

  4. Very cute. I like how you brought the color of your stools up onto your shelves.

  5. They look great Kristen! Love the styling:)

    1. thanks, sherry! you know it'll be changing on the reg. :)

  6. So awesome Kristen! I love the way that they turned out. Can you give me some advice for painting shelves and not having that "tacky" feeling after? I recently primed and painted some shelves but after a month, they are still tacky. The items that I place on the shelf stick to it and leave an impression in the paint. Any advice from you would be a huge help. Thanks in advance!!!