Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Guest Room

This weekend, I randomly decided to tackle our guest bedroom. It has been looking not-so-cute for several months now, with just hand-me-down stuff from other rooms hanging out in there. I decided to FINALLY hang some blinds in there (we have had temporary shades on the windows since we moved in last June), and I guess that got me in the mood to fix up the rest of the space. This is what it looked like before:

 photo C9C89B16-F330-4DE3-97ED-70433ABF6028_zpsv6zwaqef.jpg

I realized I had a decent amount of cute things that weren't being used, so just used things I already had in the house for this space. I only bought the blinds and the new bedskirt. 

I hung the headboard that I made for our old bed at the condo. It took me FOREVER to hang it by myself! But I did it, booyah. Anyway, I hung it a little too high, so I put the bed on risers. Which, in turn, meant I needed an extra long bedskirt. I prefer beds up high, though, so it was okay. I ordered this bedskirt on Overstock, and it came in like, no joke, 48 hours. I love amazon and overstock. 

I made the bed in some white sheets we already had, and used pillows and bedding that I already had, too. 

 photo 797D8CB5-3920-4D35-A5D9-63437CA25659_zpspdmmxsao.jpg
(this was before I did some tweaking)

 photo 03967E01-0772-428D-BE02-2545E69EDDA0_zpseoccgnkq.jpg

I love the lighter bamboo shades. Thats' what I wanted for other rooms in this house, but I couldn't find them. Then I read on Little Green Notebook that she found these paler blonde ones at Lowe's recently, and so I went to get them there. The shades say that they can only be cut down to 18", minimum (and I needed 15" for our really skinny windows). However, I took the blind out of the package and analyzed it, and realized that it was doable, mechanically, if I could get the guy at Lowe's to cut it down that low. He was really reluctant, and it took some pestering, but eventually he agreed to do it, and it worked perfectly fine. Truth be told, if he had not agreed to do it with their machine, I was just going to saw it down myself, duh. :) I was having such a hard time figuring out what to put on these windows, and finally realized this might be doable. Anyway, I'm really happy with them.

 photo A0F8E68B-7671-4018-A548-A1BD7102959C_zpsd2lqerxk.jpg

thank you, Max, for modeling.

 photo F49503CC-8DB4-428E-B67B-3D459B5EB5D8_zpsdl2numma.jpg

i moved the recent thrift store wicker cabinet find to this room, too. It fits perfectly! It was feeling too short in the dining area, with the tall ceilings, but with these shorter angled ceilings in the guest bedroom, it's the perfect height. And those bottom shelves are empty if guests need to put stuff in them. 

 photo 63B48501-6214-4D3F-B38D-92ECF0F21E0E_zpswm0otohk.jpg

I also put the mint green mid century modern dresser in here, and my anthropologie runner on top to cover where it needs a fresh coat of paint. :)

I have had that white shaggy rug for forever. I decided to DIY a Beni Ourain style  on it, just for kicks. If things went south, I could always just throw it away. It's a weird size for this room (AKA not the right size), but like I said, I'm working with what I have. I got out a Sharpie and went to town with drawing lines. I like when Beni Ourain rugs are not evenly spaced, so I ended up going more freehand with these lines, so it was really easy. Just drew 'em on.

First, I started off taping, then realized that wasn't really necessary.

 photo 39B7CEFE-7AB5-4BBE-B92A-3159F299ED85_zpsznzlhnmj.jpg

 photo 27849687-19CD-4751-AC7B-F44947B930EF_zpskqf0dkcy.jpg

 photo AD249A22-833E-4F69-9095-4A5C43FE8C44_zps9wveonpv.jpg

I got the idea to Sharpie it on from this blog. I was going to use my fabric dye, and I'm glad I didn't have to! I was really happy with how it turned out.

 photo 5D3AA174-3A0E-4E34-8BD3-F2737DFAFC70_zpsjv3g2td9.jpg

 photo 60335B08-6EB7-468B-8C37-06584CB4D0AB_zps0p0iz93l.jpg

That bamboo mirror was a thrift store find from the past few months or so. It was actually just a gold bamboo frame I got for like $2. I had a mirror cut for it and inserted it. There's a glass and mirror place really close to my house, which is handy.

 photo DF02A57D-6FDC-460F-B152-7A6A422C3831_zpsml7gupth.jpg

I also found this cute bamboo magazine holder last week at a thrift store.

 photo CD26A0D7-432E-493A-AC6F-BDFA06B42C3A_zps6dldzk47.jpg

 photo D7FDB455-6F9F-4C13-9AE1-2BA1431C465B_zpsiyw6kedy.jpg

 photo A454FB88-BE1C-42CB-98DE-19648BF047AB_zpsmv6tvopc.jpg

what do you guys think?


  1. Really cute, inventive too with your DIY Beni Ourain project! The only thing missing for me is one of your famous paintings! Thanks for sharing, Kristen.

  2. Love the understated eclecticness of this room!

    1. thanks! yes, i think it's my favorite room now :)

  3. Looks great, but I miss Mika modeling. The blinds look great and make a big difference. Any window dressing makes a big difference, and makes the space feel more homey. More Mika please...Alison

    1. I know! Max follows me around all evening and day long, just like all dogs. Mika stays out of his range, if possible :)

    2. Poor Mika :( Alison

  4. Love it! I'm so into the black window casings and doors. And that gold bamboo mirror - gah!

    1. thank you! I know, I love my black doors and window casings. really happy with that choice!

  5. Looks nice, glad you got the guy to cut them......... hate when they say they can't!

    1. I know - it was ridiculous. I had to take it OUT of the package and show him that it was, in fact, easy to do. I don't know where his sense of creativity and adventure was :)

  6. Love what you did with this room! I'm about to tackle my guest bedroom as well and planned to hang my headboard. How did you hang yours? I am trying to decide between getting brackets or using some heavy picture hooks. Any advice? Thanks!

    1. I have the heavy D-rings on the back of it. it's just hard if you only have one person. with two people, it's not AS bad! good luck :)

  7. Max definitely likes if. I think I found tha same magazine holder at a garage sale. Room looks great.

    1. thanks! yes he does :) he sits in there all the time

  8. LOVE it! so so good- i want to come stay! :)

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  10. ahhh! see! you're a genius! thanks for sharing! I had a newborn around this time and i think I was quite behind on my blog reading haha

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