Monday, March 3, 2014

Peach Cooler

I did it! I painted our bedroom walls in Benjamin Moore's "Peach Cooler", and I love them. 

 photo 78DF1F52-7F42-490E-BC8D-C88461FFF3C3_zpsu3iqguug.jpg

The morning light in our bedroom is always gorgeous, and I was hoping that it would be pretty in the mornings. I am very happy to say that it is. Obviously, now I am very inspired to get the room decorated (and take care of that atrocious cord situation with the TV). 

 photo 7CE6EC17-8EDF-41B0-9B05-9CC00D5370AD_zpsnj1fujrv.jpg

I think the light bouncing off of it is so nice, and it's so warm and glowy. It's different at different times of the day, but I really like it throughout. I like that the trim stands out now, and I think its pretty with the black doors. 

 photo D68CD189-A7BF-4AF6-8B71-02689AEBF1AD_zpsrttqgpux.jpg
this is the only corner where I think that it sometimes looks like it should be a Bahamian hotel room, but I still like it. Hah! It gets a little intense in that one corner, but I think it is different, so I still love it. :) I haven't seen anyone else painting a room peach, so hopefully I won't bore of it quickly! If so, it's a quick change. It only took me a few hours to do this. I only had to do one coat. phew!

reaching the high-up parts wasn't hard at all, either.

 photo BAF1AE29-25EF-4520-ACC5-88C7C4D886AE_zpsxcpokmu4.jpg

oh yeah! I got this cool paper mache impala head at Homegoods the other day. I think it makes the room right now:

 photo 223387AE-0653-4892-9EAB-97AC7A0DF3E9_zpso1gnhdn1.jpg

its the perfect thing for that spot. I painted my walls in their "matte" finish in the "Regal Select" paint, because flat/matte is pretty for softness, but the Matte is washable/cleanable, and the flat is not. Flat paint is the enemy! 

Anyway. I am very happy with my walls.

Now I can't WAIT to decorate. I have so many ideas. I bought this bedspread over the weekend. You know I like options, and I thought that a little contrasty color might be in order for the room. I love the rust/black combo on this spread, and I think (HOPE) the color will be cool with the peach walls. It's really unique, so I had to get it. Plus it was on sale! And it was the last one available. Saved by the bell, phew. It was from Kip and Co. I found their stuff on Pinterest, and I think their peach matchstick quilt cover was actually subconscious inspiration for painting my bedroom. ( I saw it a long time ago, and loved it)

 eee! Cant wait for it to get here.


  1. Oh my goodness...this color is stunning! I can't wait to see the new comforter in the room now!

  2. Replies
    1. aw thanks sarah! i really love it, too.

  3. Love the peach and can't wait to see it with the new duvet!

    1. thanks!! Me either! I hope it doesn't take too long - it's coming from australia.

  4. I admire the fact that you are so brave to try new color. Looks great!

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