Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thrift Store Frame Revamp

I did a little DIY craft last week, with some vintage bamboo frames I found at Goodwill for around $2.50 each. I liked the frames, and the fact that there were two of them. But, the art and the frame colors were pretty ugly!

 photo 19F5F6BF-F959-4113-87C3-128B02C4D0EB_zpsabzcfqep.jpg

I disassembled the frames and was left with the outsides. I cleaned them up, and then spray painted them gold...

 photo 5CC6A7EC-8204-4176-9F38-4821A3C1044F_zpsyn72swhd.jpg

 photo 32530173-2FF0-4BBD-9928-7D48A7143204_zpslvoeverv.jpg

After I spray painted the frames gold, I came  back in to make my art. I have loved these heart paintings I saw by Rachel Castle, and decided to use them as the artwork inside of the frames. 

I saved the old mats from the ugly art work to use as a guideline for my paper, then did the hearts the old school way - I took a piece of computer paper, folded it in half, cut the heart out, then traced them onto the artists paper I used. 

I decided to use highlighters as my tracing method, because they wouldn't show up when I was done. I used hot neon pink and peach paint that I already had..

 photo 56B3C644-14E1-453B-B533-0258AEFBF415_zps0wmkpl3z.jpg

just plopped some paint onto the paper, and filled it in. easy peasy. 

 photo 88B381CD-27A3-4441-8752-B80969F63CE0_zpsvkyp9dud.jpg

 photo 62E6BC1B-FDB3-4077-8CC0-7522864E7243_zpsxmqkape4.jpg

I took the glass out and cleaned it, too:

 photo FDAF3FB8-737E-457B-9CB4-28277931B18D_zpsdvfyiksc.jpg

I put everything back in the frames (I was able to use the old staples that the framer used by just bending them up, to take everything out, and then back down, when it was all back in again.):

 photo 8974D280-9F32-41F1-A321-9FE802FF9F86_zps5tq4cpd5.jpg
(This was posted to my Instagram, @kristenfountaindavis)

and here they are hanging:

 photo IMG_1809_zps66204095.jpg

 photo IMG_1814_zps38fbe147.jpg

 photo IMG_1815_zpse1748653.jpg

 photo IMG_1822_zpsa5809822.jpg

I really love them!

Just for fun, I took a couple of pics of the new settee. I put one of my lumbar pillows on it, and it looks like it was made for it...

 photo IMG_1824_zpsb8082075.jpg

 photo IMG_1827_zps41b6d3d4.jpg


  1. Love the hearts & how you have one hanging upside down! And that pillow looks awesome on the settee!

    Have a great week!
    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    1. thanks! yeah, i thought the upside down-ness added a little 'edge'...

  2. Those are so fun! I hope you plan to keep them all year and not just V Day!

  3. What I would give to find frames like that! They would look great too in black, white, red... ok any color really but I love the gold!!

  4. They look great! love that you hung one upside down. Again I love your thrifyness. You don't just go out and buy art. You buy old and make it look you with talent mixed in. The gold ties in good with the canister lids in the kitchen. It's fun watching you make this place your own... Alison

  5. LOVE those bamboo frames and how you re-made them!!

  6. Love the simplicity of this project! You rocked it!

  7. Very cute. You think of the coolest stuff. I swear.

  8. Gorgeous! Love the gold bamboo frames.
    I'm pretty sure this (amazing Australian artist) Rachel Castle print is what inspired you.

  9. That room looks like a very happy place to hang out! I He"art"s are my favorite kind of art!

  10. What brand and color of gold spray paint do you use?

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