Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Faux Grasscloth Walls

Last week, I did some faux grasscloth for a room that local interior designer Dorothy Burke, from Dorothy Burke Interiors, designed. It's an office, and it's coming along beautifully. It was funny, because she recommended me for the faux grasscloth, but it turned out that I had actually done some work for her client a few years ago. Small world! 

Anyway, this is a home office, that needed more storage/two desks and general prettiness added. Both our client and her husband work from home, and will both be working from this office, so there are two desks, but it doesn't seem too "officy", you know? I can't wait to see the room finished!

Anyway... Dorothy designed these amazing bookshelves that were installed last week, and I added a faux grasscloth to the backs. The perk of having a faux grasscloth is that real grasscloth can be a real PAIN to remove in the future, not to mention way pricier. And, when you're working with something like bookshelves, it actually can add a little too much dimension (since it's thick, and will jut out a little bit from the wall). I think the faux grasscloth is very convincing, though!

first, I painted all the backs in this light yellow color that you see in the boxes to the right. Faux grasscloth is definitely a technique that takes time and practice. I recommend hiring a professional for this, and not DIY-ing it.

 photo EC2178B8-2D9B-4CA4-8B0C-6F697481DA5B_zpsqbdxrqkj.jpg

Anyway, I mixed colors with glaze that resemble grasscloth, and stried it across, horizontally. I used a grasscloth tool (Resembles a comb) to create the lines, then sort of smooth them out with a soft brush. 

 photo 5EA2CCA9-6DF3-49CC-8C1E-25E70788AAF5_zpshive3yo0.jpg

detail shot, before I added the last layer:
 photo C4B4CA71-2CBB-4EA7-ADCB-700E21A56B36_zpszg4ixuzp.jpg

After I did the strie technique along with the grasscloth tool, I went in and sporadically added brown streaks to give it more dimension and really give that grasscloth look. Here's my end result:

 photo 46DEC3DC-7B90-42CE-A146-69986691CC25_zpsnpbroqgq.jpg

 photo A58803EC-97C9-4C6F-9A6E-3C0993573434_zps1phs23xe.jpg
(the walls are being painted white, and the ceiling is going to be blue, as you can see from the samples that are up!)

Don't you love those custom Greek key built in's??!

 photo A58803EC-97C9-4C6F-9A6E-3C0993573434_zps1phs23xe.jpg

 photo 9EA0A284-EF9F-4B7E-B98C-E3EC0384F3EF_zpspqcyioh8.jpg

 photo D6D24C29-A056-482D-89E5-B270A62B5B66_zpsttiu9lp2.jpg

 photo 5639A159-8BF0-4450-91B5-FC4CB11136F1_zpszwawbbgy.jpg

And, just because I can't help it, here is an awesome photo that Dorothy posted on her Instagram account, showing the progress that they made already! Blue ceiling, white walls, awesome flame stitch custom drapes, and acrylic rods. So cool!

 photo ac32c55b-2762-463a-83af-e7632fbf3080_zps8653a78f.png

I can't wait to see this room finished. Great work, Dorothy!


  1. Yes! Faux grasscloth is the way to go. A friend of mine spent HOURS removing the real stuff when she bought her house (it was peach... ugh), so this is a much more practical option. Great work!

    1. yikes! yeah, its probably the worst wallpaper for removal.

  2. Looks absolutely amazing! Great job!

  3. Cant wait to see the finished project. Lloks great.

    1. thanks! i will try and remember to post a photo...

  4. Your painting skills never cease to amaze me. It looks great. Alison

  5. I knew you were talented, but this blows my mind! Awesome work!

  6. This looks like it was really tricky (backbending work) to do - inside of the built ins - but the outcome is awesome. Destiny