Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our Painted Master Bathroom Ikea Cabinet

 Thanks for all the feedback on my last post - I'm glad to know you guys have my back. I figured you would! I wanted to show you photos of our master bathroom cabinets, which I painted this past weekend. This whole project literally took me like 30 minutes, from start to finish. 

This is the cabinet that we have:

 photo 6453CF86-F60A-43CB-8DC7-CB16B2332408-2395-00000228865452C5_zps67142065.jpg

It's a floating cabinet from Ikea. I didn't really dislike it that much, that's why I left it alone for a while. But, of course I have to change everything, and came home from work Friday, ready to paint something. I'd been considering it back and forth, and decided to go for it.

I used this awesome primer from Zinsser to prime it with. It somehow amazingly sticks to that crazy Ikea laminate with no problems. I have had success using regular oil based Kilz on Ikea stuff too, but I think that this might be better. Plus, it dries insanely fast, which is good for me. It sticks really quickly though, so you have to clean any drips or spots up really quickly. Anyway, I primed it, then I painted it in Stonington gray, from Benjamin Moore, which I already had on hand and also used in our guest bathroom. 

It's satin finish, which is what I always recommend on cabinetry.

 photo IMG_1714_zpsad873db5.jpg

I like it much better now. 

 photo IMG_1729_zps2409a8df.jpg

I'm considering adding these pulls from

But they're a little pricey, so I'm thinking on it for a bit. I only need 8, so it's not too bad. And yes I know I'm mixing metals in a room if I do this, but I think this room could use some warmth. I also think it'd be nice to break up all the flat panel with some pulls. I considered buying the standard moderny ones from Lowe's and spraying them brass colored, too, but I just don't know about the staying power of that. Plus, I like that these are a little different, ya know? Decisions, decisions.

 photo IMG_1728_zps814244a8.jpg

I'm loving the new color, though. I had originally planned to do them the same color as our interior doors (which is a dark charcoaly-navyish color), but nixed it for light gray at the last minute. Mainly because I already had the Stonington gray on hand. But, I'm happier with the decision.

 photo IMG_1725_zps6ac09875.jpg

I also want to add simple trim around the mirror, kind of like the trim around the windows. Just to de-modernize a bit. I'm thinking I need a new saw for my birthday ;)

 photo IMG_1723_zps1e0550cf.jpg

 photo IMG_1722_zps9139d86e.jpg

These photos are edited a little weird, sorry! I'm getting used to the new computer, and haven't downloaded editing software yet.

 photo IMG_1719_zps2f351b16.jpg

 photo IMG_1716_zps34b8e0b3.jpg

Now I just need my roman shades! 


  1. Wow, what a difference! Looks great. Love the red rug too.

  2. LOVE it! The light color is perfect for the room and you have is styled wonderfully!

    P.S. You have the best rugs!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    1. aw, thanks! I'm always hunting for new ones. I just found another good one last week that I'm sharing soon!

  3. What an improvement! Much better. Alison

  4. Turned out great! I think the pulls you are considering would be perfect. Don't you think mixing metals will make the space that more interesting? You already have some brass in your accessories. That will help it look more intentional.

    1. yes! That's why I added the brass accents in there-- to see how it "felt". I love how they warm up the space... OK, now I'm going to be ordering the pulls sooner than I Thought... :)

  5. Looks great. Would a driftwood frame be too much for the mirror? You could also layer mirror over the existing mirror; I love that look ( Or something like this:

    1. I do love driftwood frames, but we have so many wood accents in this house, I think I might go with some sort of just painted trim. Thank you so much for the ideas, though! I have had a driftwood bathroom mirror saved in my pinterest forever, and love it.

  6. I love the idea of adding the brass pulls! Mixed metals can look great.

    1. thanks! I think so, too. Especially with the mixed styles in our house. :)

  7. The room looks great!!! I love all your choices...and that rug!! Love!

    1. thanks so much! i was lucky finding that rug. it was only $35!

  8. Love it! There is another little brass animal just waiting to make itself at home with you:)

  9. This is awesome! I love it! Just curious, when you refinish cabinetry, how do you typically treat the inside of the cupboards?

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