Friday, July 12, 2013

How To Make Pom Poms

it's Friday! Yay.

I promised the other day that I would post my how-to for my cute little Target $1 make up bag re-do. 

I found these cute patterned bags at Target in the dollar bins and snatched them up. A good pattern and color combo seduces me every time.

Anyway, I had been seeing pom poms everywhere recently, and loved the idea of doing the pom poms in different colors. When I found a bag of wool yarn at a thrift store for $2, I bought them and knew I would make pom poms with them. This all happened in the same day, so I thought maybe it was serendipity :)

 photo 94671e4c-125a-4600-903e-0f728bcb69a1_zpsd49d9e72.jpg

Here is how you make the pom pom:

take a long piece of yarn (about a yard) and wrap it around two fingers:

 photo 744f18c5-be6d-4e1a-97b1-6869cfe693fb_zps28ea49b8.jpg

Do it with about 6 piece of yarn, total. More, if you want it to be really full.... Mine could've been a little fuller.

Anyway, slide it off your fingers carefully, and tie another piece of yarn around the center, and create a tight knot. 

After that, clip the ends of both little loops:

 photo 7079abaf-e8ab-487a-8e50-4d9f82deb5c6_zps1e160a46.jpg

fluff it out a bit, then trim your pom pom with scissors to make all the ends the same length

 photo e4a53e31-62e8-4478-8d04-fc9ee8ac95b4_zps2add9113.jpg

Attach to your little bag with a needle and thread!

and voila!

 photo 6813f6a2-2806-4256-99ad-5e4239983cd6_zps91e403e3.jpg

I loved the rust, peach, mint and chartreause combo... like I said... I can't resist good color combinations :)

have a great weekend, and happy pom pom making!