Wednesday, April 17, 2013


As I mentioned yesterday, we are moving soon, and along with a new house comes the opportunity for outdoor livin'. We'll be out of the condo, where we really don't have an outdoor hangout area, into a house where we can spend time outside, in a yard. So exciting! I don't have the greenest thumb, but I'm excited to have more plants to spend time working on. Hopefully with more light in my house, and porches, I'll have better luck. 

Much like the rest of the blog design world, I love succulents. As you know, I have my fake succulents in my house, but I plan to have real ones outside on my porch this summer. Here are some photos from Pinterest that I have pinned and am loving lately. 

 photo 3236ce49721e75d56d6b24e829319041_zpsf9782c76.jpg

another cute planter:
 photo 191e59c7d8024d05b66c94ce9fa8afc0_zps40401f73.jpg

I love the natural feel of this outdoor area:
 photo c8fc7f043cb232776b8a9129571349de_zps9fe6ea35.jpg

I love the look of succulents inside concrete planters. 

 photo 32e4f2b07be09874aed154bfcd6c5b95_zpsae9da396.jpg

Did you see where Jenny is planning to make some concrete planters? I think it's a great idea. I'm thinking if I can conquer resin work, I might could conquer concrete. Could be fun! 

If not, this is a good idea:

 photo dc74630a977407d06249a07096e940e1_zpsf108a463.jpg
I wonder if it would leak? Anyone tried it? Concrete planters can be pricey, and those pavers are only about $3 each or so! Could be worth it to try, huh. 

I really can't wait to get back to doing more home projects. I feel like I've done so little decorating and DIY-ing for my own house lately. It's sad! 


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  2. Second picture is awesome. Plant is really very cute. Its stool, which plant is placed is very beautiful. Over all your whole post is nice.

  3. What sort of caulking/glue are you using in the stone paver planters?

  4. What sort of caulking/glue are you using in the stone paver planters?

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