Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Recently Painted Kitchen Cabinets

I blogged a little bit about this kitchen over at the Mycolor Inspired by Pantone Paints blog that I write, but I also wanted to write about it here, as it was a huge job I just finished, and I was really happy with the outcome. I thought you guys might want to see my client's fun color choices, too. 

Here is the "Before" shot of the kitchen: 

 photo 76b202f4-467b-4382-9a18-60ad3b28dbc7_zpsf9c820de.jpg

Lots of builder-brown cabinetry. I know a lot of people like wooden cabinets, but my client had lived with them for years, and was ready for a change. The rest of her house is neutrals and pretty textural elements (along with some fun, bright pops of color), so painting the cabinets made sense. She had "pinned" several kitchens that were grays and creams, and had stated that she wanted the outside cabinets to feel like they sort of faded into the background. I think we accomplished just that, with our color choice! The island got a little more dramatic with a gray-blue-green color (distressed, too). 

 photo 95e117e2-2472-4347-ad37-852c937dd98a_zps19b307c8.jpg

Isn't it a nice change?

My favorite part is in the butler's pantry, where we did a pop of tangerine inside the shelves. She has a "thing" for orange, so when I suggested painting the inside orange, she jumped at the idea! We both loved it. 

You can see it, peeking around the corner in the kitchen...
 photo IMG_1153_zps4d11a64f.jpg

and here it is up close:
 photo IMG_1151_zps9f7f5d2b.jpg

 photo IMG_1152_zpseda6890e.jpg

fun stuff!

A lot of times, before I paint someone's kitchen cabinets, they will ask me about how smooth will they be, considering most of the time I used a roller and brush. I took this photo to show the smooth-factor:
 photo IMG_1144_zpscc0fb2f4.jpg

see the sheen and smoothness on the outside doors? I use a furniture roller, so that I don't have brushmarks. 

 photo fb1ad94d-2ddd-41fa-aa48-f264e0ecb2eb_zpsb8c48c8c.jpg


  1. FANTABULOUS.............

  2. SMOOTH & BEAUTIFUL! What is a furniture roller? What brand do you use? Do you use a furniture roller for the molding on top as well? I'm trying to paint my cabinets without lines, but no luck with the primer yet. Any ideas would be fabulous!

  3. Looks so good. The cabinets really do fade into the background.

  4. Wow- that looks great! Love that pop of blue on the island. I am DYING to paint the cabinets in our house- they're white as well, but so is everything else in our old kitchen. I want something fun & light!

  5. I saw your comment on 6th St. Just because we don't comment...doesn't mean we don't know it's alot of work. We are here reading and appreciate your posts and hard work. The blog gives you great exposure which is more important than our comments. :)Alison

  6. aw, thanks alison! i know comments take a while to leave, but theyr eally do make you feel better when you have spent forever typing out a long blog, ya know?! i am bad about leaving them on other blogs, too, but they make you feel way better!

    hayley- DO IT!

  7. Very nice outcome! Fabulous work!

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  9. WOW, that turned out awesome. Love the kitchen AFTER.
    Coming over from Kirsten's.

  10. Stunning! It looks like a totally different space. I love the colors you chose and the paint job is amazing! She must be so excited about the outcome. Happy to be a new follower. :)

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  15. Wow! Great work. Can you clarify the color of the cabinets on the wall? In most pictures, it looks white, but in a couple of pictures it has a tan/yellow/taupe appearance.

  16. Can you share the exact name and formula of paint you used? Thanks

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