Friday, February 1, 2013

Mycolor Blog Post & A Few Happy Things


It's Friday. It was a short week for me, but a busy one. So many errands to run, projects to finish up, and paintings to ship. I'll be doing a little work this weekend, and trying to finish this wine cork table that I have been building resin layers on:

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I did the second coat yesterday. It's more than halfway covered now, so I think it'll take about 4 layers. Geez! Gonna be thick. Cool, though.

After I did the resin pour, I had a little leftover in that batch, so I poured it on an old tiny painting...
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Here's a little something at my house that is making me happy... my owl vase, filled with little orange grocery store roses:

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I have him on the top shelf in our living room, and whenever I look up he makes me smile!

Another thing that makes me happy, is my fake succulent plantings. Hah. I know they're tacky, but Mika doesn't eat them, (one reason my roses are so high up is that Mika eats all living plants that are at height he can get to) and they live forever

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also making me happy are these two home made candle holders, leftover from my brother's wedding...

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and this purple candleholder I recently got at Urban Outfitters:
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anyway, that's all for now. I also wanted to let you guys know that I blogged at the Mycolor blog today, and interviewed Dayka Robinson and Bryan Alan Kirkland from the Cathedral Antiques Inspiration House. Please head over there to check out what they have to say about paint, Pantone and design, and to see a few tidbits from their rooms!


  1. Your house is so cozy..I'm jealous! And I love the idea of fake succulents..I feel like some of the real ones even look fake! :)

  2. Love your fake plants - Are they from any particular craft store? My house doesn't get much light in general and I have a notorious black thumb!

  3. I love that you take time to share the 'little' things. Fresh flowers do the trick for me too!

  4. angie - they were from hobby lobby. they had a huge selection!

  5. I have that same owl vase and love it but always struggle to find flowers that sit nicely in it, roses will be next on the list!

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