Monday, February 18, 2013

Graywashing DIY


I posted this on the Mycolor blog, but I also wanted to share here, because I think it's a handy tutorial, and you guys will like the video that I made to accompany it. 

What you’ll need: A sanding block (Around 120 grit), wet rag, MyColor™ inspired by Pantone’s “Goat” (only one quart is needed), and some glaze. (I am not picky about brands!)

I started off with two tables that looked like this:
 photo photo-1-e1361031590513-768x1024_zps0ef3fcb0.jpg

First, sand them well, to remove the varnish. You are not trying to get to the raw wood, just remove the shine and varnish layer that makes it slick.
I use a mix of about 50:50, paint:glaze. I usually just put it in a tupperware container, and use a thick (5″) chip brush, which is the cheapie kind with thick bristles.
  photo photo-2-e1361031904668-768x1024_zpsc7c5cbea.jpg

I brush it on, then rub it back with a damp rag to make it smooth. This technique is pretty smooth looking, but still allows the wood to show through, so it’s not a solid paint job. With this table, since the blonde wood is not a popular color to show through the wood, I didn’t want it to REALLY show, just give the idea that there is wood underneath.

Here is a video, showing how I apply the paint:

 photo photo-3-1024x768-1_zpsa8f245b2.jpg

 photo photo-5-e1361032233837-768x1024_zps168f54d0.jpg

After you brush the paint on, you wiiiiipe back. This makes it smooth, and not streaky. I ended up doing two coats on these tables, for good measure. The result is a pretty wash, which majorly updated the tables! See? here’s the before and after shots:

 photo 203d1ee2-56cf-4ed0-b0b5-38f7f16c35cf_zps98a9cd07.jpg

The “Goat” color is a really great gray with lots of brown and maybe even a touch of green in it. Mycolor truly makes many wonderful grays that I love! I sealed the tables with a wax finisher for maximum protection.

 photo 5e5be226-14c2-4cee-9a86-f3983db3ff70_zpsd3ec57e9.jpg

 photo IMG_1076-1024x682_zpsd39f1593.jpg

 photo IMG_1080-682x1024_zpsd21d27b6.jpg


  1. What a great makeover!! Love it!

  2. These turned out great! It really updates them!

  3. It changes the whole look of the room, and it's such a nice change! Destiny

  4. Oh my goodness, you'd never guess the before!

  5. Looks great, as always in your updates. You make it look easy. By the way, how do you explain why blond wood colours are not popular these days? Simple question of trend?

  6. Tables look great!
    I was just wondering how this technique would work with a metallic paint? I've been wanting to paint 'side of the road' buffet with a similar finish but with some shine.

  7. What kind of glaze did you use? I've never used glaze before so I wasn't sure if there were different colors or not. Thanks! Love it!

  8. Beautiful look! What is the color on the walls?

  9. THANK YOU! No, really - thank you. I have looked all over the net for a tutorial this simple, specific and easy.

  10. Beautiful! Would you recommend the same technique on a brick fireplace? Do you still need to sand the brick?

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  13. Hi, do you think this would work for oak kitchen cabinets? Or any suggestions to make something like this work?