Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wavy Wall

I painted this gourd-y, wavy- pattern on a client's wall last week... I love the subtlety of a high gloss painted pattern on top of a flatter finish.


This wallcolor is pretty beautiful...don't know the name of it, sorry!

It was done in a "piano room"...isn't the decor pretty?


I love how the pattern becomes more and less noticeable as the daylight hits it, and as you walk around the room. It doesn't "scream" at you - it's just light and subtle


this is one of my custom patterns - if you are interested in having me do work in your home, please email me at kristen.fountain@gmail.com



  1. wow! i love everything about and in that room. Fancy schmancy!


  2. Beautiful room for beautiful music. Love the wall.

  3. I love this room and the work that you did on the walls.

  4. i want a piano room so i can have this!!

  5. I'd so buy a stencil of that shape

  6. linked to you off pinterest. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your room. gorgeous.

  7. Hey Kristen. I am across your picture on pinterest and I just wanted to show your blog some love. I live on the outskirts of Atlanta and I graduated from GSU in 2006 (Psychology). Small world. Now following.

  8. Hello! Found your blog thru a link on pinterest. I love your blog. Your work is so creative. And your gloss on Matt is so simple but so awesome. I've no idea how you did it but it looks so impactful. Fab!

  9. This is simply gorgeous, love the effect and how subtle it is! Janell

  10. Did you have a stencil or did you do it free hand? If it is a stencil, will you be selling that stencil? Thanks! Love your work!

  11. Ok dear. Question. What is the name of the metallic gloss you used for the stencil?

  12. Please do tell us where you can get that stencil from!

  13. Yes! The stencil! PLEASE! It's gorgeous!!

  14. Its GORGEOUS. Is it stencil or hand free

  15. Do you sell this stencil? Would love to do it in my master bedroom; I have done something similar with stripes and diamonds but love the wave

  16. Love this room and the subtle finish is so elegant. Love this stencil! Is this stencil for sale?

  17. Please do tell us where you can get that stencil from!

  18. I too would like to know if this particular stencil is for sale? And what colors you used? Thanks :)

  19. Simply gorgeous. ....well done! !!

  20. I would love to know where you can get that stencil too!! :-) beautiful!

  21. Can you please tell me the name of the stencil and where you found it at? I want this for my bedroom. Thanks!

  22. You can go on Bonanza. Com and find similar
    morroccan wall stencils

  23. Wow, people have been asking about the stencil and type of paint you used since 2012 and still no response from you.
    Wow, What's up with that?

  24. STENCILLLLLLL!!!!????


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