Thursday, July 8, 2010

mikas favorite pastime.


he actually kept climbing inside of the little table (and just hanging out in there) every time i removed the drawers ... i often joke that one of his favorite hobbies is sniffing furniture that i bring home. i mean, let's face it - it's not like indoor cats have a lot of variety in life, so my furniture-hauling-home is a real treat for a bored housecat.

have a great weekend, my pals.


  1. that is so cute. I LOVE orange tabbys. they are the best (i'm not biased or anything)

  2. omg, too funny...I was scrolling down your page and totally mistook the drawer liner as kitty-litter and mis-read the last caption as... well, you can guess!
    gorgeous work you do, I will be coming back for more inspiration :)