Tuesday, July 20, 2010


oh hey, last week i got to meet jonathan adler. true story.

he came to atlanta to give a talk at the gift market, and one of my sweet clients got me a pass. the talk was about "staying trendy and true to you," and of course he was the best person to give that talk! it was really inspirational and funny at the same time, and we all know jonathan adler is the king of staying true to his style, while being mega-successful at the same time. it's something all artists and designers struggle with, and it was refreshing to hear someone to tell you NOT to sell out! :)

i was really hesitant to post this photo because a) i look disgusting, and b) i look like i am 2 feet taller and larger than him, which i am not. weird angle. also, a lady tried to sneak into our photo on the right side, so i had to crop her out. weirdo! oh well!



  1. Ok, 1) I'm so jealous. 2) Before I read what you wrote your #1 I was just thinking how adorable you were. You're like the tiniest little thing. 3)You look taller than him, but not in a weird way. You just look like you're standing next to a jockey. sorry Jonathan : /

    Lucky girl... all around!

  2. What fun! You kind of look like Katie Holmes in that pic. Cute!

  3. how could you say you look disgusting? that disturbs me. obviously, you're very pretty, please don't be a self-hater! ok i'm off my soapbox ... love your designs!

  4. yay for you!!!! i know you are PUMPED!
    you look gorgeous, as always, you crazy girl. :)

  5. Jealous, jealous. Lucky girl. :) And yes, you are gorgeous. Same as liz, I was thinking how cute you are before you even said that.

  6. haaha, thank you guys for the complements :) i guess we all have those days where we feel gross, right?

  7. you certainly look fbulous to me....and what a cool experience!

    you'll have to tell me how you liked the market...can't wait to hear:)


  8. ooo I met Jonathan too,, hes super nice isn't he.
    You look wonderful in the photo what are you talking about!!


    Check out My photo with Jonathan,, I ended up squishing my face in a weird way,, it's one of these situations where I didn't want to ask to retake the photo because i looked weird lol :)
    So trust me ,, you look amazing in your photo! :)


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