Thursday, April 29, 2010

rings on your fingers

i used to make a lot of jewelry, and sell it in my etsy shop, but since i became really busy with painting, i kind of put jewelry on the back burner (though, i still do go through stints of making it), and just began painting more and more. anyway, one of the local stores that sells my stuff, salon red, is about to get a little more jewelry a la kfd designs today...

if you are in atlanta, and need your hairs cut or some prettyin' up, you should go by! they have two locations, one in candler park and one in decatur, plus a kids' store (where some of my kids' furniture is for sale). everyone should gooooo to their kids store - it is SO precious.

look how cute it is! (photos were from google images)

here are some snapshots of the rings i was labeling this morning..i thought they looked particularly nice in the morning light.




happy thursday! it's almost the weekend, folks.