Monday, March 8, 2010

apartment therapy feature!

much to my surprise, a friend twittered to me that i was featured on apartment therapy today. very cool! 


(notice that my google browser says "how to do a screen capture on a macbook". i forget how to do it EVERY time. google reliance owns me.)


  1. Congrats- but what I want to know is what is that green duck thing with the away sign?

  2. adium! it's a chat program that combines all your chat things. ie: ichat, gchat, facebook chat (if you so desire, even though that sounds hellish to me), etc. i like the green duck.

  3. Hi! i found you through the apartment therapy post. Awesome stuff!! I also live in Atlanta, and LOVE to re-finish furniture as well. i've been wanting to meet some people in the design/art field in the area. I recently started a blog, so I'm new to this stuff. Anyway, I'm glad i found your blog!
    Wow, sorry to leave such a long message.

  4. hey, heather! that's awesome! :) i will check out your blog! thanks for reading!

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