Friday, January 1, 2010

a new year and some old years in review.

happy new year.

i am posting some photos of rooms from the past few years of my life...i have lived in 3 different houses since 2007...

here is my wee little pad i lived in alone for a while. it's obviously very messy in this photo, but i can't find a picture where it is normal-looking (i really only have two pictures from this home, anyway). i liked the way it looked this day, because even though it was messy, all the colors coordinated. my palette for this room was yellow, grey, pale pink, and white. i covered that middle wall with a yellow patterned fabric, and i loved that vintage mirrored lamp base i found! i still have that mirror, and it is now a chalkboard. at this time, i was 23-24 years old, and working for a faux painting company, learning tricks of the trade.

here was my christmas decor that year. i still have the shelf, and i now use it as storage for all my art supplies, books, and tools.
here is my next home. we lived here parts of 2008 and 2009. at this time, i was working part-time for myself as an interior decorative painting and part time as a nanny to supplement my income as i started my business. anyway, this is probably my favorite residence; this house was sweet and charming - built in the 1920's. this room is screaming pattern and color...something i still love. i still own a lot of the items in this room, but unfortunately the cheap urban outfitters rug didn't last long! i guess there is a reason they are only $70! it was a great pattern though. i ended up selling this couch to my cousin, since it just wasn't my style, and trading it in for the small vintage one. this thing was comfy, though!
my wall o' return postcards from our wedding in that same house (this was in our bedroom):

aaaaand, here is my house now. i just became obsessed with white things, and i think i am leaning towards a cleaner look with more modern and contemporary pieces mixed in. i still love traditional items as well, and always find myself drawn to certain southern ideologies when decorating. (or, what i consider southern ideologies - monograms, distinct balance in a room, things like that)

cheers! here's to many more years... who knows what's in store...i'm sure my taste and opinions will have changed even by the time i publish this!


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