Sunday, November 15, 2009

home tour

This is the house my husband and I just bought and moved into, in June 2013. It definitely still has decorating to be done, but I thought I'd post some pictures of what I've done so far!

come on in!

we'll start in the kitchen.

this is our dining area, across from the main kitchen cabinet area:

 photo IMG_1991_zpsac9fd5f2.jpg

 photo IMG_1992_zps2ad4b545.jpg

 photo IMG_1993_zpsae99d3e5.jpg

 I did the painting. The long table beneath the painting was handmade by a friend, and the dining table was from Scott's Antique Market. The modern chairs were from Overstock, and the end chairs from Marshall's. Light fixture from west elm. I made the curtains.

across from the dining area (it's one big room) is the kitchen.

 photo IMG_1994_zpsa61ff1a6.jpg

I painted the cabinets white because I always have loved white kitchen cabinets, and I built and installed the shelves to the right, on the wall, over the peninsula.

 photo IMG_1996_zps51177cbe.jpg

 photo IMG_1997_zps9ea711f5.jpg

 photo IMG_1998_zpse6347c38.jpg
(I love my faucet from Pfister)

 photo IMG_1999_zps2249b0b9.jpg

 photo IMG_2001_zps314b3568.jpg

next, is the living room.

 photo IMG_2003_zps18f3ffcd.jpg

My dad and I built the pipe and wood shelves.

 photo IMG_2004_zps890e6cb3.jpg

The big sofa is from west elm, and the small one with the midcentury legs is from Ross (of all places!)

 photo IMG_2006_zps7c221498.jpg

I found that rug at Paris On Ponce, here in Atlanta. I love it! The clear coffee table is from CB2.

 photo IMG_2007_zps5ec45b8f.jpg

The coffee table is too small for this space, but I have yet to find one that I like enough to replace it. So, it stays until a new idea hits. :)

 photo IMG_2009_zpsaf248d57.jpg

 photo IMG_2010_zpse464ae7b.jpg

 photo IMG_2011_zps4ebb2452.jpg

(excuse the visible cords. something I haven't dealt with yet!)

 photo IMG_2012_zps8f0ce373.jpg

 photo IMG_2014_zps75d20eac.jpg
This little white chair is from IKEA. It used to live at my studio, and I brought it here, but will eventually replace it with something else, when I find the right thing.

 photo IMG_2015_zps8bb4b483.jpg

 photo IMG_2030_zpsbbd9a1ae.jpg

behind the sofa, this is the view:

 photo IMG_2018_zps9029b5e1.jpg

 photo IMG_2017_zps52e94020.jpg

and one of those tall doors is a powder bathroom, which I have dubbed the pineapple bathroom... because... I drew pineapples all over one wall :)

 photo IMG_2020_zpsc3440092.jpg

 photo IMG_2021_zps37ab039a.jpg

 photo IMG_2024_zps447fb959.jpg

in the mirror, you see my pineapple wall. I painted it this minty color, then drew pineapples all over with a paint pen :)

 photo IMG_2025_zpsde1308c8.jpg

 photo IMG_2029_zps5c470370.jpg

I made the faux roman shade for the bathroom:
 photo IMG_2028_zpse4ad2092.jpg

Upstairs, we have two guest bedrooms and a master bedroom. I am in the middle of changing things up in the master, so I'll post photos of it when I am done.

Here's the guest bedroom that is finished.

 photo IMG_2031_zpse51a33ec.jpg

 photo IMG_2034_zpsb9ae207c.jpg

 photo IMG_2037_zps352633fd.jpg

the guest bathroom:

 photo IMG_2041_zpscb86880c.jpg

 photo IMG_2042_zpsf10ea8c5.jpg

and the master bathroom:

 photo IMG_2046_zpsc0b5f6d8.jpg

 photo IMG_2048_zps3318935e.jpg


Here is my old house - the condo that I lived in from 2009-2013.

I always love when people include tours of their homes on their blogs, so I thought I'd include mine on here, just for fun. I'm also including descriptions with information about where I purchased things, what I made, etc. If you'd like to see some more professionally photographed photos of my home, please check out Brian Patrick Flynn's article for HGTV located here.


living room:

before it all began: (scary. this is is about a day after we moved in - didn't look like this for long, but it makes an excellent "before" pic, don't you think?)


our living room has gone through many looks, stages, and phases, but here is where we are now.

 photo 54df79f2-2676-4ad3-a41a-ae32d01ca2d2_zps3be9a24e.jpg

 photo 97b1c0c4-ca6b-44ff-a414-e5cf09dc265a_zps2c7348df.jpg
(the view, looking into the living room from the kitchen)

 photo 9e79ce86-ecce-4bed-8629-7dd5b4593503_zps537f5b6c.jpg

the walls are painted "white dove" by benjamin moore. the sofa was a $25 dollar thrift store find, which i kept in its original state (upholstery-wise) for a few years, and then had it reupholstered in white cotton fabric. i love it! i adore the lines of it, plus our home is quite small for now, so it fits just perfectly. the acrylic coffee table is from cb2. the paintings over the sofa, i painted, then i framed them in some frames i bought at michael's. the side tables are from world market, and the clear seed glass lamps/shades are from target. i bought the large jute rug from someone off craigslist, and the small mint/white chevron rug from urban outfitters. the little chair to the left in this photo was from a vintage shop called "scarlett loves rhettro" here in atlanta, and i had the cushions reupholstered and spraypainted the frame a bright reddish-orange! i love it now. the little side table sitting next to it is from urban outfitters, and it's a nice little spot to sit a drink or the remote controls.

 photo 9e79ce86-ecce-4bed-8629-7dd5b4593503_zps537f5b6c.jpg

the table that is to the right of the sitting area is a piece that i put together from a base i found at a thrift store, and a circular top i found at another store. i faux painted the top of it to look like white cararra marble. the two chairs i bought from overstock, and spraypainted black. the light fixture hanging over the table was from lowe's. 

this is the opposite side of the room, if you are sitting on the sofa:

 photo 99873a46-e4a8-4645-ad7d-bb31bd8c3f8a_zps2a1295b6.jpg
the shelves were installed by me and my dad. you can read more about that here. i painted our back door's bevels black - i love the graphic pop. i also made the little skirt that hangs on the shelf below our tv - it hides unsightly cords and whatnot.

 photo bb99583a-3e34-45b6-80aa-c4b15bddea32_zpsd761b98e.jpg

 photo 19d45f7b-d4df-49f3-8d38-91a5d7fb8103_zpsbf78b062.jpg
this is the little landing at the bottom of our stairs, and also where i store extra decorative items i'm not using! i painted this vintage credenza mint green, and also did the painting that hangs above it. i like to think of it as an ocean scene. (it's in watercolor/acrylics) i also have a big bowl of giant bubblegum balls sitting on top, for some playfulness. :)


i painted the walls a hand-mixed color that is charcoal-ish-navy-ish, and also made a curtain and painted the little target shelf in a yellow and white chevron pattern.
here is the chevron tutorial.
above the little shelf is a photo from our wedding (of my brother and my husband) that i blew up to an 8 by 10, and framed in a white target frame. i love the contrast on the dark wall!

the "curtain" i made..

this was a little ikea hack that i manipulated. our bathroom is so small, and we don't have counterspace. i needed something to keep toothbrushes in, so i bought this cupholder from ikea. it was initially a brushed nickel, but that didn't match the other hardware in our bathroom, so i primed and painted the cupholder the same color as the wall in our bathroom. now it blends in juuuust fine. if only i could find a non-neon toothbrush? ;)


here is the progress on my bedroom update/makeover. it's always kind of a work in progress (which is why i haven't done a sidebar button for my bedroom yet), but i figured that i should have a button for it anyway, since i've done a lot of work in there!

here is the "before" shot. the room is REALLY small (probably about 10' by 10', so there is pretty much only room for a bed and a small dresser, but it's really all you need in a bedroom anyway! i keep things really symmetrical in my bedroom.

this photo was taken the day before i decided to paint it and whip it into shape. we had been living in the space (renting), and finally closed on it, so i felt it was time to make it pretty!
i love the window in this room, which lets in a lot of light in the mornings.

i've already done, then re-done my bedroom twice since we moved in, about a year ago (august '09). this is my room in its current state:

 photo e76f3a8c-0d68-47d4-a31f-42c675d58be5_zps31ef1126.jpg
The bedding is from pottery barn, but the sheets (blue and orange ones) are from target. the black and white pillows are from ikea. i made the headboard and the bench seat cover, as well as the curtains. I also added orange fabric to my dustruffle because it wasn't long enough when i raised my bed! i like it better with the orange on there, anyway.

I hate the ceiling fan, but it's a necessary evil in my opinion.

 photo a59ed0ce-dc70-4ffc-bd9c-3ffbf5767b45_zps1140ad6c.jpg

the side tables were a vintage find (i got them at an old neighbors yardsale. they were only $15 for both of them, plus the credenza that is at my landing, downstairs!), that i painted white and wallpapered the insides with grasscloth. i also added vintage pulls, and glass on top. the side lamps were from a thrift store, and i spraypainted them black. i added shades from home depot, and voila! pretty swing arm lamps. i also did the big black and white artwork to the left of the bed.

 photo 7b1bf733-89f7-448e-8483-1ce9e6d3f241_zps546e5638.jpg

second bedroom/office:

we created the shelves by disassembling an ikea bookshelf, and hanging the remaining shelves with L-brackets.


i made this curtain with a thomas paul fabric scrap i got for only $1! i hung it up with a tension rod from target, and some ikea curtain clips. i've had that great desk chair for years (got it at a thrift store in college), and jordan has also had the desk forever. rug is from ikea.

i painted this old filing cabinet white, and on top sits our printer and a lamp i already had, that is from home depot. unfortunately, the only lampshade i had is a little small for this lamp. i'll be replacing it as soon as i find a good one!

the shelves we "made"


anyway, here is my kitchen before: wooden cabinetry, yellow walls, stone backsplash and black granite countertops. some people would love just wasn't my style!

here is the view from our "family room" area:


this is a photo i took when we first moved in! looking pretty bad, but i love the window:

aaaand after: i painted the cabinets and backsplash (yes, i just painted directly over the stone!) white, and added some modern handles from IKEA. i also added pale grey baskets above the cabinets for storage, and hung an old wooden frame above the sink. i attached a sleek lampshade to the previous fixture for a more modern look, as well.

 photo 6da19079-f356-427a-a2e0-85b39c287455_zps4b50f318.jpg

 photo fa96fddc-6937-45f1-a282-6f86ab25df77_zps0ae5147e.jpg

we don't have a whole lot of storage space, so we use this stainless steel shelf from target as storage for "pretty" things, like plates, cups, and glasses. the baskets on the top shelf are from target, and the ones on the bottom are from bed, bath and beyond.

 photo 3987c923-cd52-412d-bfe0-dc781e02a61e_zpsfec97de4.jpg

I use a vintage kelly green ice bucket with a lucite handle (a thrift store find) for my utensils holder:
 photo d631e0d8-1567-4938-9cd5-1d7430491aca_zps91c3ec65.jpg

 photo 20082909-49a3-4eae-b680-09ff7715932b_zpsf47214e4.jpg


  1. love it! congrats on closing...finally!! :) i'll be putting up interior pics of the house soon (just so you can see "befores", but it's going to be quite the work in progress. nothing too drastic, but we've got some stuff to do!! and i'm no decorator, so it's going to take me some time to place everything :)

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  2. You house is SO cute! I loved the tour!! I almost asked where the pillows were from & then scrolled back and saw. I'll have to check out that etsy shop- the pillows are darling! xo.

  3. thanks molly! you too :) can't wait to see

    thislovelycity: thanks! nenavon has a great etsy shop...and if you do happen to get pillows from her, i'd suggest just getting a filler at a fabrics store rather than pillow inserts..its cheaper, and actually i think it works better because it fills out the entire pillow. just a suggestion! :)

  4. That sofa is really from the thrift store? I want one just like it!!

  5. Great thrift store finds! I have seen that lamp in HD and love it, and I love that store on N. Highland, too. I like how you pulled everything together!

  6. You might want to turn the horseshoe the other way so all of your luck won't run out :)

  7. hey just wanted to say... love your design sense.
    xo brian

  8. thank you! and i ADORE your jewelry :)

  9. I loved seeing the pics of your bedroom! We are about to turn our back bedroom (10x12) into our master, and I'm a little nervous at the lack of space. This gives me hope! :)

  10. your home is delightfully delicious! It's so fun! I love the container of cheeseballs. It's fun to put informal things in semi-fancy containers :)

  11. I may be missing it above but can you source your living room wall paint color? I have been searching for a "perfect" gray paint for two months and am slowly going insane.

    Your house is adorable, and of course has great paint color choices.

  12. The kitchen looks soooo much better with the white cabinets. Makes the space feel larger. Love your kitchen canisters.

  13. Your home is really lovely! You have really amazing taste and sense of style! Can I come over for tea? lol!

  14. My husband and I are huge Chelsea fans, so I got excited when I saw the photo with the game on TV!

    How did you paint your backsplash -- any special prep work or kind of paint?

    Love your house, thanks for the DIY inspiration!

  15. Your home is really beautiful! What an inspiration! May I ask - what color (specifically) do you have on the walls in your living room? I'm thinking about a gray-walled bedroom with some yellow, sky blue, white, chocolate brown accents. Many thanks!

  16. rachel - the color is "dolphin fin" by behr...

  17. i love you style and how you mix everything together and it just works! can i be ur new best friend? i love everything on your blog, i am a budding decorative painter, so i am so inspired by all of your work! i wish you lived near me or i near you, so i could watch you work and learn! but i live in california! oh well, i just admire you and your blog from afar! ~decorating diva

  18. What a wonderful place you have here! Great job!! I love the headboard ,, super creative and unusual!
    Your cat is precious as well.

    Great blog.

  19. I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! I just stumbled upon your blog and you inspiered many creative changes in my little home! I design clothes and feel as passionate about my creations as you do about your work! It is a great feeling when you step back and look at somthing that you did with your own hands.

    Greeting from VT!!

  20. I can't remember how I came across your blog, but I've been following it for a couple months now, and I really love seeing your constantly evolving spaces. VERY inspiring, and also nice to know that it's OK if I never feel quite done with a room. I love re-arranging, adding pieces here and there, editing tired spaces, and especially re-using/re-purposing items in an unconventional manner. Your creativity has been especially helpful when I'm stuck with something in particular that I just don't know what to do with or if I have a space that's too busy and needs editing. Your designs/work are just lovely to look at, and I always look forward to seeing the next piece of eye candy.

    Cheers from Boulder Creek, CA...

  21. Your place is SO cute and I love all of your "thrifting" pieces!

  22. Where on earth cna you find chalkboard paint? that is awesome, i love yout blog!

  23. Oh Wow! Just discovered your blog and I'm totally in love with your design sensibility! It's lovely and graphic and cozy and modern all at the same time! Totally fantastic and such an inspiration since I've been planning to splash a whole bunch of grey around our house for a while now!

  24. Just found your blog - the tissue paper flowers caught my eye. Very pretty, and I can't wait to try them out myself. After browsing further, I can't believe how inspiring you are! I am so ready to finish our house after seeing yours. I absolutely love the bedroom, and wondered if I could ask you exactly what color the walls were - the grey and red. I told my husband he needs to leave for a couple days, and will surprise him when he gets back. I love it - hope he does too! You've got amazing style - how blessed you are to be working with such talent!

  25. You are so creative and I adore seeing before and afters!! Your home is wonderful!!

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    Art by Karena

  26. what a fun home tour! your style is fabulous!! :) i love your simplicity and use of color.....thanks for sharing!

  27. I LOVE your home!! Wow--it looks so fantastic. I am wondering where you got the fabric for the yellow and white pillow on your sofa. I would love to pick up a few yards if possible. Thanks!

  28. I just found your blog from LGN's post and I love it! I love to see all the before and afters, love your art too! Great job!

  29. thank you guys!

    heidi - the pillow on the sofa is from jonathan adler. the pillow on the grey chair is from nena von's etsy shop!

  30. I just found your blog and absolutely LOVE your design style! Your mix of graphic prints and colors, with a mix of whimsy is fabulous. I am actually going to copy your Arrow table idea for my own dressing table!

  31. Love your home! Thanks for sharing. I also live in Atlanta, where do you go for furniture reupholstery? I've been looking for so long but most of them are upscale/pricey places. Thanks!

  32. I'm moving in! Is that okay? I have a husband and two kids too...hope that's not a problem. Yeah, I'm going to need you to figure out an official color of the bathroom...'navy charcoal' won't fly at home depot.

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  34. Just found your blog and love it !

    I noticed you have an awesome chalkboard in your kitchen and guess what I recently came across and purchased............

    Chalk Ink Markers ! For someone like you with lots of painting finesse, you'll just want one in every color ! Check em out

    It will make your kitchen all that more beautiful.

    Cheers from Boston Massachusetts


  35. I just found your blog and love it! Your house is much bolder than what I would do but I love looking at it! I look forward to coming back to your blog!

  36. so inspired by your house and work! i'm a decorative painter in ohio and love to see a rad gal with such talent.

  37. Gorgeous tour! Makes me want to take a brush, dipped in charchoal paint, to one of my ALL white walls. I love the white gallery look I'm working to create, but your bold, dark walls are calling to me . . .

  38. Oh wow your home is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  39. Your house is beautiful! I thought your kitchen was cute before, but with all of your changes, it's absolutely gorgeous! You have such an eye for thrifting, too!

  40. First, I love your place, the living room is def inspiring my living room redo! Second, how do you feel about the sturdiness of your lucite coffee table form cb2? I'm thinking of buying the taller one for a desk and setting my sewing machine on it, but I'm not sure if it can handle the vibrations of the sewing machine. Anywho, I'm excited to see how your place evolves :)

  41. Wow, I absolutely love your place, you have such great fave would have to be the living room with the beautiful painting and white sofa.. although I love it all!

  42. jaclyn - somehow i just saw this! so sorry. anyway, it seems very sturdy for a coffee table...I thiiiink it'd be ok for a sewing table, too...i've seen the console one at the cb2 store, and it seems pretty sturdy too. the lucite is really thick, so it should be fine. the only thing that might not be great is the fact that they do scratch pretty easily...

  43. Love the color you chose for the living room walls. I wanted something similar for my workspace but it came out more navy than black :/

  44. Hi, Kristen - Just stumbled onto your blog and I love, love, LOVE your living room!!! Pulled my hubby out of bed to show him. :) Actually your design sense throughout your home is pretty damn fabulous... Thanks so much for sharing! And thank you for telling us where/how to find so many of the cool things like the lucite coffee table and the Target mirrored side tables.

    Looking forward to more!


  45. Wow! Things at your place are looking pretty amazing! Awesome makeovers!
    You have an incredible eye for COLOR, it is really something! I am dying over the way you put your living room together with the color and accessories, awesome!

    I saw your blog many months ago and cannot believe how much you've done since that time. This time I have to follow you! I just don't want to miss all the goodies! lol

    I do have 2 questions,in the very first before pic (of the living room) what type of lamp is that on the right side, and where did you get it? { silver floor lamp that's curved? }
    Secondly, where'd you get the gray baskets? Are they an Ikea find?


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    Have an excellent weekend!

  50. You did a fantastic job, I love that you dared to put your "before" pictures up, I think the police would come put up a Condemned sign;/

  51. I am SO SO thrilled to have come across your blog as I was shopping the Joss&Main site. I especially LOVE that you gave details on where you shopped for stuff (thrift stores and reasonably priced stores). Your house is BEAUTIFUL and everything looks expensive and designer. I'm going to continue to follow your blog and take design inspirations from it as I re-do my apt in Manhattan. Thank you Kristen!

  52. You home is absolutely lovely!! So glad i stumbled across it. I am drooling over your living room! The stark contrast with the navy and white is wonderful, and the artwork above the couch is AMAZING!!! Bravo!


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    Deahne, Warragamba NSW AUS.

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  57. Hi Kristen! I came over from 6th Street Design School and love love love your house! You sure did pack a lot of style in there.
    Your bedroom color palette reminds me of ours. Check it out:

  58. You have quite a touch! So fun to see.

  59. I truly LOVE your style (your master bedroom & living room especially)! I love that it's unique and doesn't look like anything else out there in blogland. You are very talented!

  60. First time visitor here. I love seeing how your home has evolved. I am newly married into homeownership and just started blogging about my adventures. I feel most things look sorely underdecorated and am collecting items as the budget allows. Your progress is inspiring.

  61. I never thought about layering rugs. Looks great. I also love the pipe shelves. I have a large blank wall in my living room with nothing on it but the tv. Looking for ideas on what to put on the wall next to the tv.

  62. Oh, I love it. We have similar tastes of simplicity and just being you. A house to live in and enjoy... I wish I could show you my house too. We had to start over in later life re health issues. It is fun and mostly used furniture that I refashion. Thanks for sharing. We moved to the SW from the great white north and it is hard to figure it all out; but I am getting there. Jane S

  63. I've always been a huge fan of your style...I'm back over here for the millionth time...but this time I'm looking for your paint colors. Do you have a list of colors you've used in your current house? I need the very palest gray, with no blue, green or red undertones!!!

  64. Hi could you please tell me the name of the white kitchen counter product, thank you,

  65. How would you describe your style? I love it, but don't know what to call it. Thanks

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