Monday, October 26, 2009

bedroom fix-up!

last friday, we finally closed on our condo! (seriously - 3 months of living here, negotiations, etc etc.)

sooo, yesterday, i took it upon myself to totally fix up our bedroom - something i had been putting off until we closed, just incase something happened and we didn't stay here. the deal actually almost fell through more than once. after having 3 months of living here and thinking about what i could do, i was chomping at the bit to DO something! i had planned to paint our bedroom the popular charcoal color "down pipe" by farrow & ball, but about an hour before i went to get the paint, i decided it was a little to cold and modern for me, and i decided to pull from a color that somehow made its way into our family room - chocolate brown

here is the "before" pic (it's gross, i know):

after! i painted the walls chocolate brown, and i painted this faux-bamboo headboard onto the wall. (it's not done, actually, i still have to do some brown linework between the criss-cross patterns to make it look overlapped, but i didn't have time last night!) i had planned, initially, to hang the starburst clock above the headboard, but when i got in there, the ceilings just weren't high enough, and i wouldn't have been able to make the headboard as tall as i wanted. (i will post a little tutorial on the headboard once it's finished)

one of the few items i purchased for the room was this extra-long white rod for the window. i did the ol' hang-it-longer-than-the-window-to-make-a-statement trick. 
i really love all the pops of white against the dark walls.. i think the brown/yellow/white combo is lovely, if i do say so myself :) i think it's got a sort of 70's-palm-springs-jonathan-adler vibe, with the faux bamboo headboard, and all!

the starburst clock makes its official debut. i think i am actually going to pull in a small white bookcase that we have in here, to go below the clock, later on. i also like this dark color on the wall because it helps disguise our monster ugly tv (to the right, in this photo)

here are some photos i framed and hung on the left side of the wall. i framed some leftover art paper i had, to bring in some more yellow, and i plan to replace the cat picture with something else in the brown/yellow/white color family. the "prefontaine" poster is jordan's and it's something he always had on his walls. he's a big runner, so he loves prefontaine, and i wanted to have SOMETHING in the room that represents him :)
i also sprayed my vintage laundry hamper white, and recovered the top of it in this yellow fabric that i already had.
i also quickly sewed these pillows to go on the bed with the fabric. i will probably get prettier pillows to go here (i think i'm actually going to get some jonathan adler pillows for my house for christmas!), but these work for now. i hand-sewed them without a sewing machine, so they are not the best craftsmanship, but they work for now. i already had all the bedding, so i was workin' with what i had :)

so everything's not totally done - but this is just what i got done yesterday, and i am happy with it! i would love to get a really graphic and awesome rug for the floor, so if anyone sees one in a happy yellow/white pattern, let me know!


  1. that really looks AMAZING! wow! I just love it!

  2. You're amazing! You did all of that in one day. I lose interest and a one day project turns into a two week project every time. It's insane.

  3. I am in love with this clock! If you make another one, I will totally buy it from you. I love all things sunburst as long as they are artsy, not cheesy, which is everything you do. So awesome!

  4. Guuurrrl! I found your blog through 3 men and a lady and WOW! Yes I love the clock, but your bedroom is what has me hooked! I hope to see more of your room since I recently painted my bedroom chocolate brown. Please come by my blog when you have a chance and participate in my giveaway and check out what I'm doing to my room. Love it when I find other Atlanta bloggers! I may need you for a project for my boys bedroom or playroom! I'm becoming a follower!

    have a great night!

  5. I love it all!! Do a web and youtube search on rag rugs and make your own!! They are really easy. I am just starting to make one for my granbaby's nursery.

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