Sunday, August 16, 2009


i realize i've just been posting photos of things that i like lately - sorry for that, friends. i can't find my camera cord. argh! i have lots of photos of recent projects to share, but can't find the ol' trusty usb cord, so until then, you get inspiration photos (plus, when i drink my coffee every morning, i've pretty much been either rifling through old 'domino' magazines or searching for inspiration home decor-related things, anyway). 

first things first, look at this cute table from knack studios. everything she does is so inspirational to me! i love her work. this piece reminds me of that issue of martha stewart magazine that came out a few months ago, featuring the contrasting color wood graining technique. this is what i'm talkin' about people! using faux painting techniques for good, not evil! haha. anyway, so cute!

there are sooo many cute etsy shops out there with great vintage goods, and i've been looking at a lot of them lately. i have a hard time buying 'vintage' goods from shops on etsy or elsewhere (when they can be found at thrift stores by your's truly for way less!), but junk culture's prices are definitely decent, and seeing everything with that crisp white background makes me love it more! sometimes it's nice to just indulge in "easy thrifting" (aka buying off the internet :), and this is one store i'd definitely go to for just that! check out these cute finds:

i'm totally into the blue of this apple shaped dish. i need a "fruit bowl" for my counter, and this one is in the final line-up:
absolutely LOVE the wood mixed with that sharp, bright, shiny yellow. plus, isn't the idea of fondue totally groooooovy? i love that it's not big and awkward and bulky like a lot of fondue sets. i am trying to push myself to be a better hostess/partythrower (ok, push myself to do this at ALL), and i think this would help me do just that:
this is probably my favorite thing on the junk culture etsy shop site. the pattern of the trees with the birds going from the top left of the plate to the bottom right is really beautiful (what is that about creating a path for the eye to follow in your work? georgia state art history professors should be proud....heh) i would probably mount this on the wall, rather than use it:
this clock is just too cute, and i love the font of the numbers:

ok, there you go. things i want! you better not snap 'em up. :)

*   *   *

hopefully i will be back soon with actual photos of stuff i've been up to lately!


  1. I love knack...definately inspirational!

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