Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the perfect white...

we're still sitting amongst boxes in the new condo. i have been too busy to paint, and until i do that, i can't bring myself to try to make things look nice - it's just not going to happen. i went to ikea TWICE yesterday (once to find what i want, but then stare at a few options only to leave, go home, look at options again online and go BACK to ikea, only for the shelves to not fit into my car. ARGH! i think i may just order what i want online instead.) to get some shelving to store media items in, but didn't come home with anything.

anyway, i have been coming up with lots of ideas for using our small space to our best advantage here, and one of the things i'm most looking forward to is painting the rooms cool, very light colors. i think i'm going to go with a mostly white palette (i've been talking about that for months), with maybe a room or 2 painted a very soft dove grey. anyway, mostly white walls (right now they're painted a buttery yellow that i am SICK of -- even the ceilings are painted yellow!). here are some rooms with white walls for my inspiration. do you guys have any brand color suggestions? i know white is a weird color to pick out, so i want to make sure i see it on walls before i just go to the store and grab a paint chip. ideas?


  1. can't wait to see what you do with your new space!!!

    caroline Z.pro

  2. We used Olympic's low voc paint in delicate white. There are some photos on our blog of the interior of our home and you can see if that color is what you are looking for. Good luck!

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