Sunday, August 23, 2009

coffee mug home

once again, my friends, i have turned to my all-time favorite tool: spraypaint (is that a tool?)

i had been searching for a cute little coffee mug holder like sfgirlbybay had in her kitchen in the "DIY magazine" spread, and found an ugly forest green and wood one at a thrift store the other day for $2. there were some really cute options on etsy like this one in LadyFran's shop, but i couldn't resist the $2 option, and since i already had white spraypaint on hand at home, it was a win-win. sorry i didn't take a before pic, but just picture a 1995-mountain-home-style coffee mug holder. yeah. 

and here is the after! really pops with my cute little mugs, no? (and yes, that is a sneak peak of my newly painted chalkboard wall in the background!)


  1. I am looking for a coffee mug "tree" for the office. Ours are all stacked up and the clutter is making me crazy.

    I like...and your kitchen looks snazzy. Remind me-- did you purchase this gem? If not, how do you convince your landlord to let you paint and stuff?

  2. well..go to some thrift stores! now i am seeing them everywhere..a little spraypaint makes them a whole lot cuter :)

    and yes, we are purchasing the little gemmy gem. i've been painting as much as possible, but there is still more work to be done. boo

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