Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"vintage" fireplace

here are the final 'after' shots of caroline's fireplace. i took her traditional fireplace and made it look like an old wooden fireplace with yellow paint chipping off. she and her husband did some new tilework and painted the walls a cool blue. isn't it cute!


"vintage" fridges

we are going to have to make the boring purchase of a refrigerator soon. if i had an extra $3000 lying around, i'd get one of these awesome guys (maybe one day i will save up...)

in either white

or pink! actually, i prefer the pink. there is a pale robin's egg blue color that i love, too. actually, i'd probably take one in any color :)

here are some kitchens featuring the refrigerators. they are all from the manufacturer's website.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

baby painting

hey i painted a baby. :)

her name is claire. isn't she sweet? and dont you like her chubby little arms? hehe...

Monday, July 27, 2009

middle of the storm, some might say.

genius over here decided to strip a piece of furniture of its paint before we move out of our house (in THREE days). 

today, in between packing and finishing up a few canvas paintings and doing some estimates, i decided to go get some paint stripper. for some reason, i thought that the paint technology world had moved forward a little bit, and that the nightmarish stories you hear of stripping furniture were maybe in the past? not so, my friends, not so. at first i thought maybe this project was doomed, but i am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. right now, however, i still have my work cut out for me. 

here is the piece after i applied the paint stripper. of course, i decided to fore-go the "green" option, thinking that the ol' tried and true gross stuff would do the job quicker...if it did, i am not seeing the results. anyway, here is my bubbly blue paint peeling off... (which i painted right after we moved in here...doh!)
gross (and kind of cool)
i was really amused at my warty paint peeling. i was stupidly thinking it'd come off easily...
then, i began the gross process of scraping it. all i can say is ew. ew ew ew. it was gross. it's mainly gross because what the heck are you supposed to put this 'goo' into? that was the worst part. also, i got some stripper on my skin, and about 30 seconds after it touched, i was beginning to feel the burn. eek! i locked the cat in the back room, worried that he'd stick his little pink nose in it. here is some of the gross residue:
it came off the drawers fairly easily. flat surfaces are (obviously) much easier...
this is when i was thinking to myself, "well, i guess it could just have that 'anthropologie' look, all worn and old and gross..."
and this is pretty much where i left off. i ran out of sanding pads for my sander, and it got dark outside, so i couldn't see anymore. i think i will be able to just sand the rest off, though, and use  a stain that i bought (and didn't think i was going to be able to use, so that's a bonus) last week on it. 

here i am, distressed. anybody else ever tried stripping furniture? i think it'd be a little more fun if i weren't in a time crunch...

beautiful beautiful inspiration para mi

packing is no fun, but coming up with new color schemes and fresh ideas is always the best. 

i'm thinking i'm going to go the all-white walls route, finally. all of these photos are taken from sfgirlbybay's photostream on flickr. a few months ago, i saw her house featured in a "better homes & gardens" magazine, and w
as just blown away. i had seen her blog before, but never seen the beautiful photos of her home. the crisp whites and funky, girly, vintage looks are right up my alley. plus, i love the incorporation of lots of wood and metal. and speaking of, this weekend i embarked on my first wood staining projects (those small nightstands and dresser i got a while back). today, i will pack and strip the paint off of my TV stand. stay tuned for pics (probably not until we move on friday!).

this frame is lovely. don't you love the thick matting?

i am always a fan of the grouping above the sofa. she said she constantly changes the placement of the artwork above her sofa, which i can appreciate :)
i, too, have a thing for vintage containers of all kinds. i got rid of a lot of stuff this weekend, but i am thinking i will be using lots of kitchen containers i can't part with for art supply storage in the new condo.
i know from her spread in BH&G that she ended up covering this weird brown tile with a laminate sticky paper of some kind. but don't you love the vintage coffee cups hanging on the little white tree? i need a tree like that for my excessive vintage coffee cup collection. they're just too hard to pass up at the thrift store when they're all so cute!

white on white on white on white

Sunday, July 26, 2009

for sale!

we are moving, and with that, doing a lot of downsizing. we have this table and chairs set, plus bar (sold together or separately) for sale! we would love to sell it before we move, so if you are interested, check out the craigslist ad: here

also, taking ALL offers, so offer away!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

more recent work...

here are some recent projects i've done...i love these because it's using "faux" painting for something that is not's classy, and it's chic! 

the homeowner for both of these projects wanted to update her MDF cabinets to a "stain" that would match her new hardware and, in the case of this first bathroom, match the furniture piece that is shown, next to the toilet. 

here is the "before" (boring, run-of-the-mill cabinetry...)
this is the furniture piece she had bought for the bathroom before..she wanted a stain for the cabinets that would match this cabinet (isn't it pretty? and don't you love the cream and white horizontal stripes in there?)
here it is after: much better! i use a stain product made for faux painting, that goes onto MDF a lot better than a regular stain would. hard to explain, but it does! 

and here is the other bathroom, "before":

and, after!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

chalkboard kitchen wall

i know most of the things i post are redundant, and mostly from design*sponge, but most of the things i post that are just photos of rooms i like, are for my personal reference! sorry if it's boring to you guys.


CHALKBOARD KITCHEN! i love it oh so much!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

furniture fix up

did i show you guys this on my blog? i can't remember! anyway, this is a project i completed a while back for a client. she bought the table at a flea market, and we came up with a plan to tooootally revamp it. all i used was paint and a piece of decorative paper. cute, eh?

keep in mind, i love doing stuff like this, and my prices are very reasonable! i spruced up this table for around $60. :) email me at

after! so cute.

"rubber" furniture

i'm back!

anyway, the other day, i was watching the "real housewives of new jersey" reunion show ( i know, i know, leave me alone), and was really diggin' the white louis IV-style white furniture on the set. i, for the life of me, couldn't find the brand name to show you guys a proper example of what it was, but it inspired me to DIY-it. i have seen a lot of designers play with this all-too-classic style of furniture (i guess because it is so traditional that lots of furniture designers feel the need to put their spin on it? i don't know), and this "rubberized" look is also a popular one. 

i had this old footstool sitting around, and decided to go to town on it! it didn't necessarily turn out exactly as i would like, but it definitely put a modern spin on a classic, and i think it'll be a cool white addition to my home. plus, the sheen on the paint i used makes it ultra-shiny, which adds a lot to the originally traditional piece. 

here is the table that was catching my eye. it's an all white piece, and the way that the paint (or whatever the substance it's made of is!) is applied, sort of lends to a look that reads like it was made from a mold, or something. 
so here is the piece that decided to attack when i was 'inspired'. i have had it a really long time...the turquoise blue blobs on it are from painting it in college to match something else i had. the staples sticking out of the side of it are from when i recently recovered the blue part in a white linen. 
i dumped primer on it! i wanted the white oil-based topcoat i used to really stick, and to get that 'molded' look, i thought it would be best to have THICK coats of paint on there, so i just dumped some primer on, then a layer of white oil-based paint after that dried. believe it or not, it actually didn't take that long to dry. about 24 hours for each layer. the hardest part is keeping from lumps and bumps!
here is my final outcome. pretty modern-looking right? i think it'll be cool paired with something really organic, like this old, wooden, worn-down chair that i have. unfortunately, it's really hard to keep from lots of drips! when you smooth them out, your paint brush sort of leaves marks, which isn't so desirable when you want it to be really smooth.

also, a couple of little lives were lost in the process. when i paint on my back porch, there are always gnats flying into the paint! i try to save them, but it's pretty impossible once their little legs are stuck in the paint :( sad.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i love ny (I DO!)

going to nyc this weekend, my friends. (well, starting tomorrow) be back monday!

p.s. i don't ask much of you people, but if you have any suggestions of places i might visit, do tell!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

pink lamp

i love this pink lamp. i guess it's punchy like a pink desk, huh? ooo, maybe i'll paint my desk pink before i move...that sounds like a fun idea..

Monday, July 13, 2009

my favorite etsy shop

my favorite etsy shop that i have eeever found is fruitfly pie.

the owner makes all these awesome ceramic pieces from molds that she makes from vintage pieces. i love them because they are clearly straight vintage, but she uses clean modern colors - and lots of white.

here are the pieces i want:

ceramic deer figurine
mexican piggy bank (how cute are his little feetsies?)

ceramic owl lantern (super cute when lit, as well)

ceramic owl
cupcake trinket box (!!!)
seriously, i want ALL of these items. all of them. they are so "me". i can't decide which ones to get!