Sunday, November 25, 2018

Christmas Decor 2018

hey, guys!

Long time no post.

I don't know what came over me, but I felt inspired to post a "tour of homes" for my Christmas holiday decor this year. I haven't posted many photos of my little fixer upper here in Atlanta (I still need to write about all of the renovations that have happened), but this year my decor feels especially cozy, so I figured I might as well. I won't lie - it took me a while to dust off my photo skills (mainly having to download new software for the program that I transfer photos from, find cords, edit, etc) because I never use my nice camera anymore. It's crazy how easy it is to use our iPhones to capture everything now, and even edit them in a split second. Honestly, I prefer it, and I'm not really sure dragging out my Canon really made that much of a difference, but here we go.

This is the view peering in from my dining room. I did real garland (from Lowe's - everyone keeps asking!) around the arch and a mistletoe ball hangs from the top of the arch. I tied a black and white ribbon around the base of the ball.

 The tree! She's colorful. I can't help it. I always think maybe I'll do a more simple, neutral tree, but I never do. I am a color lover.

My mantel. The stockings and stocking holders are from west elm, and I just did a very simple (obviously faux - I got tired of hanging real garland at this point, haha. I generally do real here.)

I LOVE my vintage (mixed with new) houses and bottle trees. I have been collecting vintage Christmas decor for years. I tied the black and white plaid ribbon on the ends here, too. 

I may add gold balls to the garland, we'll see.

These mini vintage reindeer are one of my favorite possessions I've ever owned! You may remember them from my studio windows about 5 years ago? They're so cute.

View from the living room. I am now kicking myself for not clearing off my coat rack a little more for the photo, but oh well. 

View from living room into the dining area. I filled my dough bowl with ornaments (I have SO many vintage glass ornaments) and then did 2 simple modern black taper candles on either end.

bar/record area. Excuse the cords - a necessary evil here!

The kitchen. The only Christmas decor here is the Santa (and ho ho ho board - I'm really bad at keeping that thing up to date, and kind of lazy with it, haha) and the garland over the kitchen sink. I did get out my old red rug and lay it out for the winter since it covers more ground, and I am really loving it!

I added lights onto the garland this year, and bows on either end. It's so cheery!

 View from dining area to the back door (the area to the right is my office). 

Bedroom! I can't remember if I blogged about it, but I painted that design on the headboard wall in the bedroom. I added a little white tree, a "merry christmas" garland onto the window, and some glittery tinsel garland to the antlers of my white elk. This part may be too cheesy - I haven't decided. haha. Knowing myself, I probably will leave it.

he's festive.

 This rose gold metal garland is from Target a few years ago.

This little white tree is SO OLD. I probably have had it about ten years, for real. Holding on for dear life, but still cute as can be.

and hey look, it's me (and my dirty mirror)! haha. Very cool face I am making. This is the hallway, which I also hand painted.

I hope you enjoyed the "tour"... merry christmas everyone!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Atlanta Magazine HOME Spring 2018

Hi everyone!

 I just wanted to pop in and show you guys that one of my projects has been published in  Atlanta Magazine's HOME Spring 2018 edition.


My clients, Andy and Mitch, have a beautiful, cool, hip modern-with-traditional-elements kitchen that I am so proud of. We worked really hard to create a unique and special kitchen, and I feel like this captures it perfectly. This kitchen was a new-build, but we did lots of custom and "off the shelf" items mixed together, to get a fresh look that I think is pretty unique to the Atlanta design scene. 

Anyway, it's always so much fun to see your work in print and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Thanks to Lisa Mowry for the great write up! I will blog about this kitchen soon, because I have a lot to say about the design process and I just realized I haven't written about it!

Happy weekend, everyone.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Restful Master Bedroom

Hi! I just wrapped up a master bedroom install yesterday, and even though I don't have professional photos of it, I couldn't wait to share some that I took with my iPhone.  

These clients are so easy and sweet to work with. We have decorated their living room and kitchen, as well as guest room. When they contacted me to do their master bedroom last year, I was so excited. They are very well-travelled, and enjoy pieces with a story that remind them of their travels. That was almost the only directive that they had - restful, adult, stylish and perhaps bring in a few pieces that represent them as a couple. 

Their house was new when they bought it a few years ago, and the walls were Benjamin Moore's "Sea Salt." It's a beautiful color that they weren't opposed to keeping, but of course I wanted to mix it up a bit!

Here's the before shot:

blanket hanging down for dramatic effect. :)

As you can see, there are sconces on the side walls. We'd done Roman shades when they first moved in, with the knowledge that they needed to be neutral and fit with a future decor scheme. You can kind of see above that the bed was existing. I believe it was made by my client's grandfather, so it was a special piece they wanted to keep. As you'll see, we added a new headboard. 

They also had this dresser that was a family piece with meaning (and it's always nice to just reuse what you already have!):

And here are some "after" shots!

As you can see, we kept the bed base, but added new brass hardware and a pretty upholstered headboard. We have new nightstands and lamps, as well as bedding and art. I wanted the bed to be pretty but comfortable-- not stuffy. We did a jute rug with a layered antique oriental rug on top (probably 90% of my clients will tell you I make this suggestion for their rooms, but it is always A) so gorgeous, and B) pretty cost effective as well as stain friendly!)

very simple bedside accessories

I don't like a lot of items on nightstands, and they both had a stack of books that need to be able to hang out somewhere. This is real life!

Opposite the bed is this gorgeous dresser and antique botanical chart that we had framed. I found this piece on Etsy, and we had it framed in a sort of shadow box look. It's HUGE. I love the juxtaposition of the modern frame and white mat mixed with the antique botanical. Somehow I managed to NOT get a pic of this yesterday as the final "after" shot, but it has two beautiful lamps on either side of it now.

See the lamp, below? There are 2. Also, hi, there is me. They needed a dressing mirror, and this pretty white framed one in the corner was perfect. 

In the same way I don't like a lot of clutter on nightstands, I don't like a lot of clutter on dressers. I did a simple bit of greenery, a frame and a candle. A nice bronze mirrored tray holds it all. The rest of the dresser can be left to hold things that dressers hold!

As I mentioned before, the roman shades were custom made (They're a few shades lighter than the wall color) and we added store-bought curtains to them to soften the windows. 

The Indian kantha throw was a wonderful textural element we found and added to the simple hotel style bedding (again - I'm a broken record with the hotel style bedding, I love it).

The woven basket mounted over the bed was a piece I found from Africa. I LOVE IT. It's lightweight and brings so much interest to the room. 

bedside accessories. I love this little salmon dish that picks up the color in the rug

On the right, you can see the dresser we repurposed, completely made over! I really love the new hardware we added and we painted it a shade that is a few shades lighter than the walls. Isn't it nice?

a great family photo was framed with a simple store-bought frame and mat

I added a fern and some cooking books, and there you have it. Kidding! Cook books will eventually be replaced with other books (I gave them a mission to find some cool art books to go there). Also, this is when I go ahead and tell you that ferns are the new succulents -- you heard it here first. ;)

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing this project! It was so fun to work on, and I feel like it truly represents my design aesthetic: approachable; modern-meets-traditional; with some global touches throughout.