Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Wow, it's been a while. Two months, almost. I wanted to check in and show you guys some progress on some recent projects that are finally starting to take shape. I am currently working on a few interior decorating projects, a few new-build design projects and one TV show. Life is busy and good. 

Last we left off, I was talking about this built in bench that I had made for a client. 

We got the cushion in, and how it's all finished. I love how it came out.

 photo C50015B7-28C7-4873-880A-02435C302D3B_zps56xngbf3.jpg

 photo B772AE5D-5BAB-4806-B896-B315F1B190E7_zpshj2i1l2x.jpg

It matches the fabric in the front living room, which is just across the house. I will share some photos of the furniture too, which is all coming in and looking great. I'm really happy with how this living/dining/kitchen is looking. My clients have great taste, which makes me look good :) 

Like I mentioned before, I'm working on a few new builds too. 

We had this cute bungalow that we are renovating (from the studs) painted white with black accents and I love it and want to move in.

Here is the before picture to jog your memory:

 photo 20702B07-AE3C-4B70-9ECA-751F777F4307_zpshgfesiiq.jpg

And here is a little peek of what it looks like now (not finished, obviously)

 photo 1A4D3A26-EA2E-47BD-9F77-06BD56C51343_zpsjdbgm6sq.jpg

The ceiling will be stained, as well as the front door. I love the white paint on all of the moldings and brick. It tones down all the texture, and modernizes it. The old moldings are still there, but not as prevalent as before. I'm really into black and white right now, and as you can see, I did the sashes/trim black, along with the vent detail on the top of the gable. The black paint on that was only supposed to be on the horizontal vent pieces, not the outer trim - that will be fixed later. We also selected black drains, which almost acts like a frame for the house. I selected cute black modern farmhouse lights for either side of the front door. 

On the interior, things are coming along really beautifully too. Like I said - I want this house.

Here's a peek at office:

 photo FA794199-DF5B-4A97-A92C-62009272D403_zps5ote29ee.jpg

do those doors look familiar? I have the same ones in my house, also in a dark, almost black. The board and batten wall is a favorite, and is echoed in a couple of other places in the house.

The guest bathroom:

 photo 55564A1E-D447-421E-9492-D0557E40E40F_zpsof7vyh9d.jpg

And the master bathroom:

 photo 4180862E-85ED-442D-8393-52A8ABBF2A8D_zpsm0ufmm3f.jpg

I kinda go nuts over that black penny tile. 

The plumbing fixtures are brushed brass throughout the house...ahhhh. This makes me happy. 

I can't wait to share the final photos of this house, as its one of my favorites of all time, and I've had a carte blanche on every finish selection (So naturally I love it, haha). 

As for a couple of the other new-builds I've been working on, here's one of my favorite photos of the prairie modern that is set to close in a couple of weeks:

 photo 24852EE1-79CA-4951-A4A2-82140714282D_zpsn4i6yre5.jpg

That's a reclaimed wood accent wall that is in the living room, next to the kitchen. I love the color we chose for the kitchen cabinets. So unique. I can't wait to see the light fixtures go into this house - they are some stunners. Specifically a really cool sputnik chandelier that's hanging in the foyer. Will share when they install!

The other modern house I'm working on is a true modern, and here are a couple of photos from it:

 photo A43682D5-B040-4CAE-A9CD-BD51E47B795A_zpswpmwscav.jpg

applying the stain to the hardwoods yesterday. 

As you can see, this house has a little bit of a black and white theme too (this might be my calling card of 2015?), with the black doors and white walls. The kitchen cabinets are black, too, with white vertically stacked subway tile, and killer wooden open shelving. 

There are a couple of bathrooms I'm really excited to see come together, as well. 

Here's the tile in the master:

 photo E961C771-5F05-4FDD-AF0F-951B93B3E359_zpsbgwesq3p.jpg

I love it.

We have a beautiful handmade wooden cabinet being installed that will be the perfect warmth needed to accompany all the black. Sexy!!

There's a guest powder bath downstairs that is also going to be moody and a little dark (dark cement gray walls, really raw beautiful countertop, black vessel sink and some killer lights), too.

My friend Mark has made these really cool pendants that will hang in the corner over the sink. This bathroom is going to be so cool.

Check out the lights (before they are darkened to black - so this is just the raw steel)

 photo 607F4D36-B32F-4499-A131-2BFCE34CE1DC_zps02mzdbbi.jpg

 photo 38C5F948-1A3A-4632-A2D8-E07E1B9D051C_zpswdvvdrca.jpg

There are two, and one hangs about 10" lower than the other one. And like I said, they'll be completely black when they're finished. I can't wait to see them installed. 

Besides design work, I have also done a little bit of painting. 

I did this American flag painting for my designers that design condo buildings. I busted 3 big paintings out in one weekend. It was kind of fun to get back into my painting clothes and sling some paint.

 photo B5E269D0-13E5-4AD6-8564-085865C56911_zpsqhwdmz73.jpg

 photo E989D174-2C6D-48EA-9018-DB0D6FD55CD5_zpsihv2xw1a.jpg

 photo B60FD62A-EE15-4CC4-83F2-B6D5169BEF09_zpsxpgfifvp.jpg
and, an abstract.

Jennifer (Designer) sent me a pic of them framed and installed. 

 photo 4CC67E2D-EA19-4B22-9462-310BF939203C_zpsgqhvnfyt.jpg

 photo 33DFDDAB-D113-4106-9D62-544F0C43034A_zpsrem1qzqf.jpg

And, on the non-work-side of things, I did this map for my brother's wedding in Virginia a couple of weeks ago:

 photo 7369F864-9288-4ADE-8E21-A83C60216A66_zpsvcrik8my.jpg

It was fun. 

And also: update on my tree...

 photo 0D3D89A3-1557-47E0-BBC8-E093F09CD2D8_zps76bdnn71.jpg

it's dead.