Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Light & Airy Design

Lately, my design work has involved a lot of light, white and airy. Not sure why, it just has.

I'm working on a modern new-build, and we are selecting all plumbing, electrical, tile, flooring and cabinetry (and later, furniture). We've selected all the plumbing and plumbing fixtures, and are almost done selecting electrical. The cabinetry is going to be really special. I am most excited about it, because I personally spent a lot of time toiling over the design and the look. I told my client, that in a modern home, I feel like the finishes and designs of cabinetry (and all surfaces) is really important, because in general everything is very simple. So, the pieces that do exist in the space have to speak volumes, to make up for the lack of.. well, anything. Does that make sense? 

We're doing some really cool cabinet designs, and I really can't wait to see them come to life. If all goes according to plan, we will be using some special woods and really nice light fixtures to create MOOD. I can't wait! 

 photo EEDE0CD9-9F75-45EA-ADAB-6ACB9995C149_zpsv8jtpvze.jpg

I spent a little time the other day picking out tile. I went a few places and took this photo at Floor & Decor. This small tile was not one that I selected for this house in particular, but I do love it. (though the uneven grout lines drive me nuts in this area, haha)

They actually have lots of fun "vintage" looking tile that I think will be really usable in a couple of other houses I'll be designing soon. I'll need tile for a new show I'm working on, along with another renovation that I'm working on. 

This is a house that I am helping select finishes for. We are in the middle of selecting exterior colors and I am PUMPED about it. It's going to be so much fun, and so my style - I will want to live here, too. How cute is the brick and dental molding at the top? 

Remember the photos of the bench and the table that I showed you guys the other day? For one of my decor clients?

Here was my initial sketch: 

Well, we had the bench installed and the table delivered, and I am loving how this place is coming along.

Here is our bench before it got sprayed white and installed:

 photo 034DD9C4-B97C-473B-965F-EBFBBEAE9F47_zpsw1yerrzv.jpg

and here it is now:

I love it! We had it custom made. It's about 8' long, and we designed it so that shoes can go in the middle. We had to have the air filter incorporated into the design, hence the shoe shelf in the middle. 

We did deep drawers on either side, so that my clients can walk in the door, throw shoes, bags, dog leash, etc into the drawers. We are currently having a bench cushion made to go on top, and I can't wait to see it installed, too. It's a pattern, and the fabric is absolutely perfect in this space. As you can see above at the top of the photo, we did custom white roman shades in these windows (so that we would have flexibility elsewhere) so it will be fun to see some pattern in the room. 

We also had the custom dining table delivered, and it's beautiful. The thing that I was most worried about with this table was the stain color. The color of the doors and window sashes are a sort of greenish/grayish/putty color, and the walls are a pale pale sea blue-green. They're both really beautiful colors, but very distinct, and I didn't want the stain color to be too blue of a gray. It needed to teeter more on the green side of things. Mike at Woodology is so good about working with me on things like this, and he created a few samples for us to choose from. We got lucky the first time, and one of his stain colors was dead-on. It looks beautiful in the space and we are so pleased!

we also recently got these cute metal chairs. I think the end chairs will be upholstered Parson's chairs but we are working on that now. We also have a large seagrass rug coming in.

see how unique the stain is? I love it. Bonus is that since this table is already distressed, it can't really be messed up by kids or animals or rowdy adults ;)

alright, back to work! Spending a lot of time at the computer these days, so it's nice to get off track for a few minutes every now and then but I need to return. I'll leave you with this nice picture of my shark tooth collection from our St Augustine vacation this summer...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Life Lately

Wow, it's been a while. As usual, life and work has been busy, and I found no time for blogging. I worked as a designer on another show this summer (this time for DIY Network), and I think that was the start of my non-blogging period. 

Anyway, I have been doing a lot of design work this summer (primarily design and less painting), and enjoying it. This has been a big transitional year for me, work-wise, and I am enjoying it a lot. 

I thought I'd share some photos of my designey life, as of late.

My clientele right now is pretty diverse, but most of them are city people, that live close to me. I enjoy that they want to create homes focused on art, modern living and unique design! Right up my alley. I have quite a few new-build projects happening (meaning, I'm selecting finishes and designing cabinetry, etc), as well as a few decorating gigs.

For one of the decorating projects, we are have a few big pieces delivered/installed today, that I am so excited about!

We had this table made by Woodology. Mike and Colin have built several things for me in the past, and are great guys and so easy and professional to work with. 

They constructed this gorgeous farm table for my clients:

 photo 697FFF35-4953-4336-B518-4B4341D0623C_zpsazjzc2so.jpg

the stain finish was a custom stain Mike mixed -- I love it. My clients' home currently has pale, pale sea-blue walls and a grayish/greenish putty colored trim that it will be beautiful with. 

 photo AD34499C-E449-4CF5-8217-CDF52CFD1FBA_zps5midmjsv.jpg

We have some metal chairs that are ready to sit at the table, and I think we will do some sort of patterned upholstered chairs at the ends of the table. I'm so excited to see this all come together. 

We also commissioned a custom built in bench (built by Casey at Beautiful Renovations) for under the window at the back door. This will serve as a place to throw shoes into, along with other things like a dog leash, balls, etc. 

This is before it had been painted ( I can't wait to see it painted white!)

 photo 034DD9C4-B97C-473B-965F-EBFBBEAE9F47_zpsw1yerrzv.jpg

It will also have a cushion that sits on top, made of this fabric:

For the island, we have these really fun stools on order:

I am happy to see all these elements coming together!

Back at home, over this past weekend, I did a little home maintenance work. I repainted all of our trim in our downstairs (well, just the tops of the trim, where they've been kicked, chewed on, etc) and touched up the walls. It looks soooo much better now!

I also moved my newest fiddle leaf fig into a larger container, as suggested by some friends. I'm trying to keep this third one alive. Cross your fingers! Have any of you had good luck? The one that I have upstairs has been happy for a couple of years now,but my downstairs ones apparently don't like me. 

apparently this one was root-bound, though, and had no more room to go. So, I freed her up with a larger (MUCH larger) pot.


 photo FAF7D496-6A13-4A60-8C25-0C459FD978CE_zpslijhbueb.jpg


 photo 74EA6A84-7806-4132-A9D2-9E3964CC9E22_zpsfkkr7g2w.jpg

grow, plant grow. Or, just don't die.

I found the cutest little papered soaps at TJ Maxx recently:

 photo AAB23B31-DB0D-4098-A38D-B96EC1CE9F22_zpsuj6wf6aw.jpg

and am enjoying the arrangement on my downstairs kitchen shelves, as of late:

 photo 5A92BCF0-EDAF-4997-BB8C-63096F779C7C_zpsfmgksfao.jpg

simple and clean.

And, I did squeeze in a painting last week. This was a big watercolor of a bowlers hat:

 photo DD83A9A3-D604-4A12-A156-79D086A44860_zpswowefwms.jpg

it was about 36" wide, so pretty big. They wanted the specific colors, and also instructed not to have too many defined edges - more bleeded and drippy. I was happy with how it came out! It is going to live in a spec condo. 

Alright, off to do some work. Thanks for sticking with me, even during my periods of non-blogging!