Friday, May 29, 2015

Life Lately

Hey y'all!

I'm headed over to ADAC to finish up my vignette for the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival's Rathbuns' Watchlist event tomorrow. It's going to be so much fun! It's been fun transforming my space... I can't wait to share pics! I have painted the back walls in the craziest pattern...

 photo A83F29D4-BEEA-4DE3-9C52-0341FAC2DB8C_zpsboy3hksj.jpg

hot dog and mustard pattern. Haha. It's not super-noticeable unless you look closely. My chef is preparing a "franks n beans" dish, so I went with it (the sauce is some kind of mustard sauce). So far, it's a hit. Now to finish off the rest of the space! I am very close, but just need a couple more key pieces, and to hang the art. Tomorrow, we eat and drink. I can't wait!

here are a couple of other photos from the event I snapped this week:

 photo 154812B4-B446-4E3B-B71E-CECBA03B5C31_zpsuvdc9bba.jpg
laying out some artwork that I will be taking over today. I probably won't use much of it, but I need options :) 

 photo 3971B3D2-938A-4404-9B59-E16377471056_zpsjzq7ntxg.jpg

these pretty little pots will be on my shelves...I love them and would like some for my own house :) 

 photo BA4F7C16-B1D3-4515-841A-46726E222DC4_zpscw5dszo7.jpg
Lastly, I'm using this painting by Lindsey Cowles in my space as well. I LOVE it. I'm sure you're not surprised. I borrowed it from Bradley

Besides working on this (which has taken most of my week this week), I have been doing a thousand other things too. Painting, designing, etc. I wake up, get coffee and get on my computer to start working, wait til 9 so I can start calling people, make calls, then go work, then come home, eat dinner while working, play on my phone or watch tv for an hour or so, and then go to sleep. Haha. But it's ok! I love staying busy, and love doing what I do. So I won't apologize for not blogging, even though I do feel guilty!

I also don't know if I've mentioned it here, but I will be starting another TV show next week. It's going to be called Super Great Rooms, and Chip Wade is the host again (like Elbow Room). It should be fun! We have already begun planning, and I think it's going to be such a fun design exercise (and maybe some painting thrown in there too!) It's only 6 weeks this time, so not as crazy. 

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Flower Mural

I just completed this mural on a HUGE wall, and wanted to share it with you. The wall is 16.5' long, and 14' tall at its highest peak. 

This will be a craft room for my client. They've painted all of the other walls bright pink, and there's one wall with an orange stripe down the side. Really fun!

in progress:

 photo D1078BB8-0CAA-47F9-9E81-56B922B0DA59_zpslzvwzffj.jpg

I basically sketched out all of the flowers, and then hand-painted them in. After that, I did all the dots and stems just freehanded. 

There is also this TV wall that I did.

 photo C69C3A70-C7B4-4775-8457-1FF01B374F0F_zpse2yjvqd4.jpg

 photo 5EC21FC5-707B-4F0B-AA54-E2F57CCD4997_zpsagewqfja.jpg

 photo FCA1E92B-89FC-4DBE-BF35-33F048402F98_zps012mkztd.jpg

dots going up...

and finished!

 photo E9F8022A-5E2D-41DC-998D-5592053D9B48_zpsjewmb4qy.jpg

 photo F2160C3B-383D-4232-9B25-A2337ABBE256_zpsyeqlmsw2.jpg

 photo 85849CFD-EE1D-4F7F-ACC5-00BC57FEF478_zpsys9hntbw.jpg

 photo F8D2FEFF-8886-492C-87D0-31ABF0E8F51E_zpsi6yqx8g6.jpg

what do you think? This was a fun one!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ADAC + Rathbuns' WatchList Participant

I am excited to share that ADAC has invited me to participate in their "Rathbuns' Watchlist" event for the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival this year. There are 12 up and coming chefs from the Southeast, paired with 12 up and coming designers from the Southeast. Each of us designers will decorate our spaces (kind of like booths - two L-Shaped walls in a museum like event space at ADAC) for the chefs who will serve a dish in them. There will be music/drinks/food samples and the promise of a good time ;)

Apparently tickets sell out quickly, so if you want to come, go ahead and scoop some up. 

I am working on the plan for my design. I will be using pieces from vendors at ADAC, as well as creating a special piece. I intend to do some painting, of course. 

Here is my moodboard:

eclectic mix of styles - just like I like it :) There is a special way I will be bringing up the theme of "food" in my design... I can't wait to execute it and show y'all. Any guesses!?!

Alright, off to work! Doing some painting today.