Thursday, April 9, 2015

Whitewashed Brick

It's funny, I am painting brick today, and I painted brick yesterday. Whitewashing it, to be more specific. Whitewashing isn't necessarily hard, but it is messy, and it can be a little challenging to get your water to paint ratio correct. I usually do about 50/50. After it sits for about 30 minutes, it gets to be the perfect consistency, but then you have to refill it. Ha! Anyway, it is always a dramatic transformation. Check out the one I did yesterday:

 photo 073DDE67-791F-4E6F-A34D-6F135191AEF8_zpsmamb6wic.jpg

and, AFTER:

 photo 22438E67-0D40-4157-9864-F55A8FFD3E08_zpsulb2vi4t.jpg

Here are a couple of other whitewashing brick projects I've done:


 photo photo-7.jpg


 photo IMG_9741.jpg

This was a really dramatic transformation I did on two brick walls. My old phone was stolen over Christmas, so I don't have the before photos, so you have to use your imagination! 

Anyway, here is my after:

 photo 4341EF01-949A-4149-9C4E-A6F0D15FD281_zpsodsy4o5h.jpg

Such a lift from heavy, dark wood!


  1. Do you mind telling what the base paint is that you mix with water?

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