Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mural + More

Last week, I did a logo mural for an office here in Atlanta. You wouldn't think painting 8 dots would be very difficult, but figuring out the sizing and spacing wasn't the easiest thing to do.

 photo FF4CFC10-38CE-44E5-B5BA-98CDEB36D864_zps4dlxxbpw.jpg

I had to move them around a few times to get the scale and proportions right, but we were happy in the end!

 photo 95EB00F9-9705-46BE-A8F4-C22F224C91B5_zpshafbfctc.jpg

This was in an office building in downtown Atlanta, and it was funny carrying my ladder and supplies around in the city.

This weekend, I got around to a little gardening in the front yard. I really like working in the yard. Picking out shrubs and annuals isn't easy, though! I planted some things last year, but obviously the small flowers have died, and it's time to replant. I never planted any bushes in the front of the porch, so I decided it was time to do that.

I bought a ton of stuff at Lowe's (but still have a lot of work to do)

 photo 59A543B0-9998-4A44-AA91-502F31DE30E8_zpsvuf1bqp9.jpg

I like these bright greenish yellow ones that I selected:

 photo 1E13808F-D2BE-4A61-A5F8-9876C8DF8865_zpsyx8c9qnj.jpg

After I placed them. I removed these mint green pouf ball things that are cute (and were here when we moved in) and planted them on the side yard.

and after I planted them:

 photo 70FEFABB-C451-44F8-ADEC-0C84B309F6D8_zpsf1uefoyb.jpg

I also did the planters on the sides of the front doors:

 photo 693706C6-0016-4C83-ABDA-625C79660FE1_zpscbhuqxfm.jpg

and I bought this weird succulent/cactus thing that I ended up placing between the two adirondack chairs on our front porch on my mid-century modern rusty planter (found at Scott's Antique Market last spring for like $5)

 photo 5FD4DEB4-90F3-47AC-A805-55A895ED23D4_zpsgddbku3z.jpg

I might move it to the back porch where it can be in a bigger planter and get more full time sun.

 photo 7ACE13A1-8C43-4BCB-8E05-6A6CBAF58263_zpsdjxup6bh.jpg
yes, our furniture is chained down. Haha. We live in the city! I should probably take that off at this point.

still need some pine straw, too!

Max and I sat in the sun in the backyard for a few minutes on Saturday, and I took this picture. So nice!

 photo DD1A39AD-60FF-4187-AEC9-79418A4A5A6A_zps0pdhtwwc.jpg

I also worked on a painting for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra show house, where I'm helping Chip Wade with the design in his outdoor space. I did this painting for the space:

 photo 358816B4-6BED-4538-85D7-EF263D356526_zpsaw11bhsb.jpg

it's 6 feet tall! Gigantic. We actually got together last week and worked on it, doing the beginning stages of prep work, then I came back and finished it. It was a fun project, and I think it's going to finish the space off nicely. I was over at the ASO Showhouse yesterday, and there are some gorgeous spaces... everyone should visit!

Alright, off to send some emails and then do some painting. Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I love the pencil cactus. I am going to see if one of our Augusta Lowes has one !!

  2. You are a busy one, you make me tired just reading ha! The yard work looks great, especially the planters. Boy does your house look tall next to the short one next door. Happy Wednesday to you too. Alison

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