Tuesday, April 28, 2015

KFD Designs Nursery Painting Install

I did these paintings recently for a long-time client of mine, Holly. Her designer, Lisa Britt, of Lisa Britt Designs, commissioned Mike Moreland Photography to take these beautiful shots of the nursery that the paintings I did were going into. 

I love how they turned out, and the nursery is so pretty! I wanted to share them with you all. 

 photo MMP_7336202_zpswlih7xm0.jpg

Pink, turquoise and baby blue were the colors used. Here are my paintings, (in the studio) for a reference:

 photo F65138C9-91AB-40A7-8873-751C1E0439D1_zpso6mqrox9.jpg

You can see them hanging in the photo above, all the way to the left in the room.

 photo 6e704359-9257-4f10-be7e-446ce3680c67_zpsfkykvynt.jpg

here is the connecting bathroom... so cute!

 photo MMP_7373_zpsdnlyajxl.jpg

I love the bookshelf!

 photo MMP_7367_zpsqvuzmdjm.jpg

reminds me of this one in my bedroom:

 photo IMG_1861_zpsca364039.jpg

Great work Holly and Lisa! I love the nursery. 

Friday, April 17, 2015


It's Friday! 

It's been a whirlwind of a week. I feel like a crazy person right now... doing design work, painting work, and everything in between. 

But some great stuff happened this week, so I thought I'd share with you guys.

Yesterday, I went out to do a bit of shopping for a client at Homegoods, and accidentally came home with a few pieces for my own home. 

 photo F12D4600-53ED-44B5-A393-A6639CCB9507_zpsoj2ecuad.jpg

Max models, naturally.

I got that cute terra cotta candle for around $7 (it's a citronella outdoor candle. If it ever stops raining, it will look great on our back porch), and the throw for around $16. I love them both! I put the throw in our bedroom. The lumbar pillow is actually from Urban Outfitters. I can't find it on their website right now to link up, but I love it on our bed. 

I also found this cute cake stand at Homegoods:

 photo 65D32FEC-7704-45ED-93E4-E8F8AFB99124_zpspdyggoqq.jpg

Looks like Jadeite. It kind of seems small here, but it's actually large, and was only around $17! I was really excited to find it. 

I also went by ADAC yesterday, and fell in love with some beautiful patterned tile. I have a new design client that will be renovating a cute bungalow in Old Fourth Ward, and we are going to source some unique stuff! He has great taste, and I'm excited to help him out. Anyway, we discussed doing a cool tile in the kitchen (and maybe bathrooms), and so I had fun checking out Ann Sacks showroom and the beautiful tiles there. 

Here are a couple pics I snapped there:

 photo 1F931C52-A9CF-4730-B268-34822C3DD429_zpsdjmwn7uh.jpg
an awesome herringbone look

and these blue guys are insane! I LOVE

 photo 9A4DD0D0-5850-4825-A394-038231B9270D_zpslpwoaqs9.jpg

so freakin cool, huh!? 

I also had an install on Wednesday for a client's new pipe and wood bookshelves.

 photo 05F306F8-55BA-4615-A613-918F105800C3_zpskze3sgzc.jpg

I will get a better picture of them once the room is more finished, but don't they look great?! Mike and Collin at Woodology are amazing. Every little wood project my crazy brain thinks up, they magically turn into reality. Everything always looks exactly like what I pictured!

They even made the wood look old, when it was just regular wood. Genius! I love their work, can you tell? 

This project is in a client's loft space, that we are de-bachelor-ing ;) It's coming along nicely! Can't wait to share more pics once we get to the decorative part. 

I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but I helped Chip with his space at the ASO Showhouse this year. The rooms in the house are gorgeous! It was a treat to get to work onsite and meet some very talented folks. If you are in Atlanta, I definitely suggest visiting the house, if you love design. Sweet Sherry (at Design Indulgence. Such a talent!) gave Chip a nice review this morning, and she even posted some great pics. Here is one of one of the outdoor spaces we worked on:

(pic stolen from Sherry)

And last but not least, I of course spent a lot of time in the studio this week. 

 photo 18E0E94D-3785-4C33-83A1-33497E81AEE7_zps9bmy4nk3.jpg

Here are a few "for-fun" paintings that have I have been cranking out. Letting go, and just painting for fun is always soooo nice. I love to go to the studio with a Starbucks and listen to good music really loudly, and just paint. It's amazing! Especially with this rainy weather we have been having. 

Have a great weekend everyone! I am going to try and work in the yard and work a little less than I have been the last few weekends! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Painting

Yesterday, I worked in the studio for a bit, fishing up this painting triptych. 

 photo F65138C9-91AB-40A7-8873-751C1E0439D1_zpso6mqrox9.jpg

They're for a baby girl's nursery, and I am loving how they're turning out. I will add a little bit of turquoise to them today (to coordinate with the fabric/wallpaper that my client is using). 

 photo D55455CD-486B-4A1E-80F0-9E8E0ABEEB4F_zpswtoi6crw.jpg

 photo E8C9E49D-4B5C-442B-B674-01C94D7005A5_zpsohe3pjci.jpg

 photo B30A7851-7EB4-41B2-B41B-ED74858CA324_zpspsiagi4w.jpg

what do you think?! 

If you are interested in commissioning a painting, please email me at kristen.fountain@gmail.com

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Spring is here! It's been pretty rainy in ATL, with a few sunshiny days scattered in here in there.

Yesterday, I walked into the living room and saw this happy moment in front of me...

 photo 1B95B7B5-473E-48D4-AD72-B18CD0A4148B_zpsvvtrauca.jpg

The door to the powder bathroom was peeking open, and everything was colorful and happy and very "me" :)

So I took a picture! Lately I have been trying to analyze what, exactly, my style is (because, like many of you, it's really just a mish-mash of styles), and I think when it comes down to it, it can be summed up in a few words: fun, colorful, vintage and eclectic. 

I love a white backdrop, and color to layer in on top of it. My collection of found objects and weird things from thrift stores always makes me (and others!) smile, and then my art all over the house is usually pretty funny and/or eye-catching. 

In that photo above, the pineapple wall is peeking in (see my hand-drawn pine apple "wallpaper" bathroom wall post here).

 photo IMG_1918_zps5181b3d3.jpg

as is one of my abstract canvas paintings, over the chair. 

Now that I think about it, I also painted that starburst mirror and upholstered the chair myself. Nothing is safe from me! haha. 

I found it in DC on a trip to visit my brother, and it used to be gold. At the time, I thought it would be better silver, so I painted it (of course).


 photo IMG_9125.jpg


 photo IMG_9131.jpg

And, I found that trashcan at Target (it was white and I sprayed it gold for the pineapple bathroom!) and painted it too. What is wrong with me? Stand still long enough, and I might paint you, too.

Anyway, this "moment" at my house makes me really happy because it really encapsulates my style. Ever evolving and changing, but remaining playful, colorful and vintage. 

...and speaking of colorful and eclectic, I stopped by Anthropolgie recently, and loved this candleabra:

 photo 90A6F689-9B12-4C55-8D65-6EC29C848CBC_zpsllc4yvfo.jpg

So cool, right?! It was about a foot and a half tall. I took the photo, because I always see brass pieces at Sam Flax and wonder what I can make with them. This candelabra inspired me! Although, it was around $100, so thats probably a great price for so much work. But it would be fun to try my hand at making one ;)

I spent a good amount of time over at client's yesterday, hanging art and photos. We are getting verrrrry close to finishing her house.

 photo C430757F-4290-4537-A53C-908F8A1DA6AE_zpscaiewvht.jpg

I love these chairs that finally came in from Room and Board, paired with the rug from Pottery Barn. Her living room is looking so cute!

Alright, I'm off to attack my day. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Whitewashed Brick

It's funny, I am painting brick today, and I painted brick yesterday. Whitewashing it, to be more specific. Whitewashing isn't necessarily hard, but it is messy, and it can be a little challenging to get your water to paint ratio correct. I usually do about 50/50. After it sits for about 30 minutes, it gets to be the perfect consistency, but then you have to refill it. Ha! Anyway, it is always a dramatic transformation. Check out the one I did yesterday:

 photo 073DDE67-791F-4E6F-A34D-6F135191AEF8_zpsmamb6wic.jpg

and, AFTER:

 photo 22438E67-0D40-4157-9864-F55A8FFD3E08_zpsulb2vi4t.jpg

Here are a couple of other whitewashing brick projects I've done:


 photo photo-7.jpg


 photo IMG_9741.jpg

This was a really dramatic transformation I did on two brick walls. My old phone was stolen over Christmas, so I don't have the before photos, so you have to use your imagination! 

Anyway, here is my after:

 photo 4341EF01-949A-4149-9C4E-A6F0D15FD281_zpsodsy4o5h.jpg

Such a lift from heavy, dark wood!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mural + More

Last week, I did a logo mural for an office here in Atlanta. You wouldn't think painting 8 dots would be very difficult, but figuring out the sizing and spacing wasn't the easiest thing to do.

 photo FF4CFC10-38CE-44E5-B5BA-98CDEB36D864_zps4dlxxbpw.jpg

I had to move them around a few times to get the scale and proportions right, but we were happy in the end!

 photo 95EB00F9-9705-46BE-A8F4-C22F224C91B5_zpshafbfctc.jpg

This was in an office building in downtown Atlanta, and it was funny carrying my ladder and supplies around in the city.

This weekend, I got around to a little gardening in the front yard. I really like working in the yard. Picking out shrubs and annuals isn't easy, though! I planted some things last year, but obviously the small flowers have died, and it's time to replant. I never planted any bushes in the front of the porch, so I decided it was time to do that.

I bought a ton of stuff at Lowe's (but still have a lot of work to do)

 photo 59A543B0-9998-4A44-AA91-502F31DE30E8_zpsvuf1bqp9.jpg

I like these bright greenish yellow ones that I selected:

 photo 1E13808F-D2BE-4A61-A5F8-9876C8DF8865_zpsyx8c9qnj.jpg

After I placed them. I removed these mint green pouf ball things that are cute (and were here when we moved in) and planted them on the side yard.

and after I planted them:

 photo 70FEFABB-C451-44F8-ADEC-0C84B309F6D8_zpsf1uefoyb.jpg

I also did the planters on the sides of the front doors:

 photo 693706C6-0016-4C83-ABDA-625C79660FE1_zpscbhuqxfm.jpg

and I bought this weird succulent/cactus thing that I ended up placing between the two adirondack chairs on our front porch on my mid-century modern rusty planter (found at Scott's Antique Market last spring for like $5)

 photo 5FD4DEB4-90F3-47AC-A805-55A895ED23D4_zpsgddbku3z.jpg

I might move it to the back porch where it can be in a bigger planter and get more full time sun.

 photo 7ACE13A1-8C43-4BCB-8E05-6A6CBAF58263_zpsdjxup6bh.jpg
yes, our furniture is chained down. Haha. We live in the city! I should probably take that off at this point.

still need some pine straw, too!

Max and I sat in the sun in the backyard for a few minutes on Saturday, and I took this picture. So nice!

 photo DD1A39AD-60FF-4187-AEC9-79418A4A5A6A_zps0pdhtwwc.jpg

I also worked on a painting for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra show house, where I'm helping Chip Wade with the design in his outdoor space. I did this painting for the space:

 photo 358816B4-6BED-4538-85D7-EF263D356526_zpsaw11bhsb.jpg

it's 6 feet tall! Gigantic. We actually got together last week and worked on it, doing the beginning stages of prep work, then I came back and finished it. It was a fun project, and I think it's going to finish the space off nicely. I was over at the ASO Showhouse yesterday, and there are some gorgeous spaces... everyone should visit!

Alright, off to send some emails and then do some painting. Have a great Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DIY Terrarium

The terrarium trend has been pretty popular for a few years now. I have had a couple, but when I saw this big one at TJ Maxx, I knew I had to get it. It was only $20, and HUGE! It is probably 15" round? Pretty big bang for my buck. I bought a few succulents at Home Depot and some soil. I was at west elm the other day, and they sold these rocks that were so pretty on top of their plants. I can't find them online, but they were tiny white rocks and they were $16 for a container. Not too bad, but I realized they kind of looked like fish aquarium rocks. So, I held out, and went to Petco instead. Haha. 

I bought these:

... and they were $5 instead of $16. Much better!

Anyway, here's  a little about how I made my terrarium, though it is pretty straight forward. 

 photo C8C178A2-789F-4F3A-B4C6-1878B5DA17E2_zpstbzyyeys.jpg

I dumped the soil in first. I made it about 4" deep or so.

 photo F482A3F6-F985-4A06-9847-2EAF407982C9_zpsqrqvxsun.jpg

Then just plopped my plants down in the soil. I tried to put the larger plants in the back/middle, and fill in with smaller ones surrounding those. 

They're pretty easy to reposition once you get them in there. 

 photo C366F6BA-2A61-4CBD-A2E8-63B989B1CC38_zpskixnp15m.jpg

After positioning my plants, I just took handfuls of the aquarium rocks and placed them on top of the soil. The only hard part was trying not to let the tiny rocks fall into the crevices of the succulents. They're hard to get out! I would put the handfuls along the side of the glass, then smooth them down with my fingers so that they didn't fall into the plants. You don't want to sprinkle them on top or you'll never get them out.

I was happy with the outcome! I'm glad I added the white rocks. It makes it look a lot more finished, and the rocks help with water distribution (even though succulents don't really need much watering).

 photo 40277E23-D766-4B1E-9A31-A9064B66987D_zpso6uneq0y.jpg

And, here is where I placed it on my kitchen counter!

 photo 4F6650EA-1D59-4011-8D5F-A69F5E43043D_zpspwhqkbu5.jpg

 photo 6593F79E-9190-446E-9894-003A6D30A4F5_zpsamag2byy.jpg

 photo 8A812CB9-7C4B-4384-B080-B4D931A82EF0_zpsxom0t4rg.jpg

What do you think?