Monday, February 2, 2015


Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was nice and chill, with no big plans. It was cold and rainy in ATL this weekend, so I just kind of wanted to stay in. 

I just wanted to check in and show you guys what my life has been like lately. I received this photo from Lauren Gelston, a designer down in Tampa that I work with really regularly. We have never met in real life, but she is always commissioning paintings from me for her clients - and I love her taste. Here is a watercolor I did back in the fall... it's all framed now and installed. She said she and her clients love it, and I love the room it's in. Beautiful design work, huh?!

 photo CE56C94D-C9E5-4A88-BFA2-EE82D6BC3DE5_zps0zljnal5.jpg

Here is a post I made about it when it was in the works. They are actually commissioning another one that will be similar but in different colors. 

We've been hard at work for Elbow Room, designing away. It's mainly the preplanning stages now, and I wanted to show you some colors/fabrics we are probably using for an episode. I will be doing some painting work based off of these colors -- fun!

 photo A1FF6F54-6B35-4E29-A54E-D41F5234E994_zpsoqv3jzdd.jpg

I'm having a great time working with the team/show; everything has been great so far. 

In other news, I am also doing a little interior decorating work. It happened organically - just people recommending me. I am having a great time with it. In one client's house, we are having some pipe shelves built (well, probably. Not official yet, but I hope so!)

here is the plan I sketched out for the builder. 

 photo D32FF882-65D8-4E31-80F4-BE7222C77E14_zpshjnb6vmb.jpg

They will be pipe shelves like mine: 

 photo AD60240B-6994-41D4-A3C3-237E6AD17526_zpshlzki5g1.jpg

His TV was just hung though, so I think we are going to do a right-side orientation for the TV. He travels a lot, and has lots of cool knick knacks from his travels that currently don't have a home. They need to be more prioritized (and get out of the sun in his windowsill!!!), so hopefully these shelves will do the trick.  I'm excited!

when we weren't working this weekend, we relaxed:

 photo B9D3BEBA-087D-43FD-A142-BE3972F31525_zpsw6p8gsrd.jpg


King Max and his pillows (actually this just really speaks to my pillow buying obsession).

My birthday is next week, so we went to my mom's saturday night to celebrate. She found this old baby bunny of mine:

 photo E556A53D-2E60-4AD3-AE06-5640A3E18531_zpsahpmhq3p.jpg


alright, that's it for now. About to head out the door to work. Have a great week. Hopefully I'll be back to check in again before the week is over!


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