Friday, February 27, 2015

Week In Review

Hi! It's been another crazy busy week. I feel like I look up and think its Thursday but it's only Tuesday. Ha! Having fun, though. How was your week?

Last night, we got to go to Janke Glass Studios last night, with Mark, who is the glass and metal artist that is working on the show this season. It was so cool! Glass blowing is such a delicate art. It's like a dance. You have to feel the weight of the glass and balance it out with what you are manipulating it to do at that moment. We got one almost perfect, but we pushed too hard for it to be a certain size and it plopped down on the ground and broke. Bummer! It was craziness. But after that, Mark made another one, and it turned out even more beautiful than the last one. I guess that's part of the beauty of handmade pieces ... it makes them more special. Lately I have had more of an appreciation for time honored crafts over machine made things. I know its always an important discussion, but for some reason I have been thinking about it a lot lately. It's just so important to appreciate craft versus reproduction and machine made crap. OK I'll get off my soap box. 

here are some pics of me in the studio. It makes me look cool, so I had to share ;)

 photo D23EB9FE-86B9-4958-8B67-EADA581A990B_zpsjhqlsctp.jpg

practically a glass artist. ha. kidding!!

Mark let us make little flowers. You dip the rod into the glory hole and get out your blob of glass. then you take it out and roll it a little to let it cool off. then, back into the glory hole for more glass. then, apply your color (That is what I'm doing above)

letting the glass cool a little bit before getting some more. 

Then you move it into the other glory hole (I'm not sure what the difference is, except one we used for heat, and one we used for getting glass out of)

then you are able to manipulate it with the tools. It was awesome.

In other news, I finished a cool, big piece of artwork for the show...

 photo 563983DC-E574-4642-BA7F-21CE77AA4910_zpsmrfo1tz8.jpg

this is gonna be neat!

in other news, I was admiring my striped rug I got at Urban Outfitters for my little guest bathroom, when I noticed something dumb...

 photo 7096505F-3E98-4511-A012-7E7E6B7CFCC7_zpsmzgx9ono.jpg

the house cleaners threw away part of our toilet paper holder. hah! 

 photo 9ED155FA-0DA3-4122-9D12-88C19EF88F66_zpssrbwcnjg.jpg

Do you see it in the trashcan. What the heck? They are kind of known for not being very thorough, but this was an all time low. Hahah. At least they didn't throw it in the trash outside?

PS Did I ever show you my "brass" trashcan? I spray painted a fun little metal trashcan from Target with gold spray paint last summer. I think it's cute! (How lame is it that I spray painted a trashcan and I love it. Ahhh, the life of an artist/DIY Blogger)

last but not least.... this is going to be a fun mural:

 photo 61A9BEE2-D0EC-4B05-B4E3-5670F077C392_zpszbtinft2.jpg

WOO! Seriously though, it's a good one. I can't wait for y'all to see! It's killing me not to be able to post "after" shots... Hopefully you guys will bare with me. At least I can do little sneak peeks. 

oh, and I wanted to show you the finished products from the art I was telling you about last week, for my client in San Diego:

 photo 0642D1CE-57F1-4945-9C6A-705931A97480_zpshg6izwb6.jpg

I can't wait to see them framed and hung on the wall. Thanks again, Kathy! 

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! 

Friday, February 20, 2015


...even though I will be working this weekend :)

How was your week? I can't believe another one has flown by! I have finished so many projects this week, and made so many things. Really fun, but feeling like I'm in a whirlwind of Hobby Lobby, Lowe's and paintbrushes. I really can't wait to be able to share with you guys the fun DIY and art projects I have been doing. 

As usual, though, I have been moving things around the house. I think this time of year has a certain amount of discontent for everyone. People are ready for a change of seasons. That makes me want to buy different house things, and new clothes. What about you?

I haven't had time to do much of anything (I cleaned out my closet but the donation pile is still sitting in my car from last weekend), but I did move things around the house. 

 photo F0BD01BD-B84A-410F-B9ED-248117A73A2C_zpsiun9ikuc.jpg

I put my Kari Fisher Designs  pillows on the sofa in my bedroom. I took off the back pillows that go with the sofa, and just put the two large pillows she made for me there. Kind of a fun change. Max likes to sit up there, though, so they will probably not stay there too long. 

I have loved those IKEA pillows for a few years now, but I am growing tired of them. A little sick of seeing the "global-influence" stuff everywhere. I hate to say it, but true. Overkill! Not good, though, because I have that stuff all over my house. Haha. I think it's just a few pieces, though, because I still love my kilim pillows and rugs. I think moving things around helps! And like I said - probably just the time of year.

I also was so happy to see that west elm (you would think they sponsor my blog, but no) got more of their Jacquard Leaf items back in stock. I have found that they stop selling things ,then start selling them again, regularly. Anyway, I wanted 3 euros for my bed, and had only bought two when they stopped making them. I had them on the guest bed, but when I went in last weekend, they had more, so I bought one more and now they are living on our master bedroom bed.

 photo FB03B080-9E65-4C23-85D9-E88F5F66DB1C_zpsgerzocnz.jpg

I also put the anthropologie bedskirt back on a while back. I'm glad I never sold it! It looks cute in there. Of course now I'm craving more color. Always back and forth with me.

You can't  really see them well in this photo, but I found those linen color and silver geometric pillows at Ross recently. Two for $17 or something. I think they're really cute.

In other news, a few mysterious pics of some of my projects:

 photo FCBF8F4E-D0D6-4BA7-9F23-60FAFCDE5CF0_zpslejzqzw8.jpg

This turned out preeeetty cute, people. Now I just want to make 5000 more.

 photo 52FD51E8-8D34-43CA-AF1B-5640947E2753_zpsjanz466r.jpg

I made three of these, all in different colors, for a customer (who reads my blog. Hi, Kathy!). They will ship out this weekend!

I have been doing my projects mostly at home, because it is COLD at the studio (I don't have heat there). Both of our pets like to involve themselves.

 photo 3829BB02-2AD2-4CAD-ABC2-B1346A81E8E9_zpsus4dgzwf.jpg

I think he's mid-meow.

While I was shopping for the wood in the photo above, I took this picture.

 photo 8FFBF89E-60F3-4DC8-8BD5-A78CBE4B0B81_zpsivzm6xzf.jpg

Posts, all stacked up. Kind of fun!

I also did some marbling experimentation, that you will hear more about later. 

This was a "mixture" (not mixing at all, because it's oil on water) that I found in my water bath that I thought was pretty.

 photo 444FC220-C10B-48DC-B3AC-B549589CCF47_zpsp16tseqj.jpg

Reminds me of those margarita glasses with speckles on them.

lastly, a photo right before I swirled the paints to make the marbling. this was such a cool and fun experiment!

 photo 0E604A6B-9693-45E5-93FC-02B9881B9330_zpscehx4mrp.jpg

I can't wait to show y'all what I made with the marbling! It was hard, but it was worth it, and I think it's going to be such a cute addition to the room it's going in! 

Alright, I'm off to paint outside today. and it's COLD! Wish me luck. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Design Work

Hi! How's it join? We've got some very cold temps here in Atlanta, and everyone is avoiding being outside as much as possible. It's coooooold! I, however, have quite a few projects to do at home today, so that will keep me busy while being warm. (However I will be painting outside later this week, so wish me luck!)

Anyway, I wanted to show you a couple of design updates. As you may remember, I am working with a client to do some design work in her kitchen, office, living room and bedroom. We are slowly moving along, but having so much fun in the process. She is NOT afraid of color, which is so much fun for me, because I also love color. We are currently focusing on mainly the living area and kitchen. We have commissioned a farmhouse table that is being built by local woodworker Michael Sink at Woodology. Mike built these shelves for us at Amy's house:

Which are clearly awesome. :) She has a million books, and these shelves go in her office (ignore the wet orange paint in the background of these photos - they had just been painted). Anyway, Mike is building us a farmhouse table that will be similar to this: 

but lighter wood, and a different top. It has been such a fun collaboration with him, and I am really excited to see it finished. 

Imagine this light fixture hanging over: 

And some lucite chairs and a wooden bench. Gonna be cute.

We also just bought these stools for in front of the kitchen island:

 photo DDE25538-CA2C-48FB-9696-6F3527A03CA0_zpsyt7uz77b.jpg

YEH! Told ya she wasn't afraid of color. 

 photo 6BB56468-A22C-4E53-BFD2-C781CC0B43DF_zpsz0qtbf4d.jpg

If you remember, I helped her pick out her cabinet color, floor stain and countertops back about one year ago. It's really fun seeing it all together. 

 photo 314C84C0-8907-4E53-940A-BDD831B3342E_zps7smxj0bo.jpg

Lots more to come on this project. We are having fun (obviously). 

In other news, I did a lot of experimentation with marbling this past week. Have you guys ever marbled anything? It's no joke. I was trying to go the easy route with shaving cream marble method, but it was a little elementary looking (it was really easy, but super messy).

 photo CEB0AFEB-D28D-4F77-9FD2-2A6F6447FC4B_zps04hydhlj.jpg

The vat on the right is my shaving cream canvas (hah), and the piece on the left was my marbled paper. It worked fine, but the shaving cream doesn't give you that pretty swirly effect that real marbling makes, so today I am doing the real deal. Wish me luck.

 photo 7507FF1B-4156-4436-9262-D89E6C80BC58_zpsbnegmuxg.jpg

It's funny using these old techniques I experimented with back in school, in college. Fabric dyeing is pretty intense... there are so many processes. I guess it's like anything... once you have it down, it's second nature. But getting back into it, there are so many different things you need to know, and tools and supplies you need to set everything up! Our entire countertop was covered in my supplies.

I did kind of make a little process in prettying up (ha) my design. 

 photo 42FA6E57-90CF-4AE2-9BFC-4DD963B30D3D_zpsksyesu91.jpg

this looks  a little more like real-deal marbling, huh? 

Lastly, I wanted to show you guys my new fun vase from west elm:

 photo 0548EFAF-8BE3-4C87-B995-CAA9F28BB4FC_zpsgdlcpfe2.jpg

how cute is he? I had a ton of credit card points built up from west elm, and they were about to expire, so I went in on Saturday and used them. It was really fun. I got all kinds of knick knacks I otherwise wouldn't buy. He is in our powder bathroom, and I love him against the black walls. Plus his little succulent hair is so cute. 

 photo 95EC7E65-42F6-4829-90FF-6664BBA515A0_zpsqiqfgepp.jpg

 This bathroom is one of my favorite things. I bought a cute rug for in there that I need to show you guys soon. I have bought and returned probably five (or more, yikes) rugs for this bathroom, but I finally landed on one. Suffice to say, this bathroom is crazy and I love it so much. 

Incase you just stumbled on my blog, this is the back wall that I drew pineapples on:

 photo IMG_1918_zps5181b3d3.jpg

 photo IMG_1934_zps1f1a76d6.jpg

WOO! let me know if you want me to come draw on your walls too. ;)

have a great day everybody.

Friday, February 13, 2015


Hey guys,

I'm sorry for the slow posting "schedule" (not really a schedule at all)! I guess I shouldn't feel guilty, but I do! Things are very busy now with Elbow Room, and it leaves me with not a whole lot I can blog about... gotta save it for TV ;) However, I am having fun, and still doing a little design/paint work on the side, at nights. 

One of the cool parts of this ten week gig, is that I am getting learn about and use some tools that I have never used before. 

This is a secret project, but these little creations are laser cut from a sketch that I did.

 photo AA05846D-DC72-4E48-83D3-D28EF458B642_zpsq0j76ktk.jpg

It will make more sense later! However, I sketched them out, and one of my coworkers, Susie, made the graphic file and laser cut these out. So neat, right?! All these tools open up possibilities for such fun art. 

Another neat thing I got to do yesterday was weld (for like 30 seconds, but that still counts, right?). 

 photo D60F57F9-F7DE-4368-B3A5-FC845FF76AFC_zps0xmyzop3.jpg

Just joining some ends together. 

and in less bad to the bone activities, I have been doing a little painting for the show, too. 

 photo 487C5820-DAE0-4A76-9495-3A32311FC44F_zpsrm2j2qen.jpg

This is a large painting I finished this week. It's not completely done in this photo, but close. Soft, feminine and abstract is what I was going for. I am really hard on myself about paintings, but I like this one!  It reminds me of this bedroom that I painted a long time ago:

 photo IMG_8646.jpg

Another project that I am working on today is marbling. Have you guys ever marbled with shaving cream? Apparently it's an easy way to do marbling on paper or fabric. I haven't done it, but am experimenting today. I think it'll be fun!

 photo 94A769FC-7D54-4202-8FCD-F465ABDA7E8E_zpsk8gjaoyf.jpg
(a picture I took of my computer screen, haha. I do this a lot to remember things)

in other news, it was my birthday last weekend, and we went to Cockentrice here in Atlanta for drinks before dinner. Have you guys been there?

 photo A3958F26-D45F-455B-9484-517C37DF9CEF_zps74icafai.jpg
The faucets and soap dispenser were really cute. I love the gold! I wish I had some gold faucets in my house...

Sunday a bunch of friends came over, and we sat around the campfire. Look how happy Max was with my brother:

 photo 51A54909-7E51-4170-9704-FAB5E67D0C99_zpsyljfsupx.jpg
I had to share that photo.

Alright, have a great weekend everyone! Wish me luck with my marbling... I'm sure that I will be posting pics to Instagram if you care to follow along. My handle is @kristenfdavisdesigns.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Inspired By: Serapes

For a few months now, I've been loving serapes. I like the calmer versions (I have quite a few I've collected at thrift/antique spots) like this, but lately I have been wanting something made of the brighter version. I'm thinking of buying one and having a bolster made like Jenny from Little Green Notebook did here:

really cute, and I could see moving it all around the house. It would look particularly cute on this bench in my living room:

 photo IMG_2010_zpse464ae7b.jpg


I found a couple of other cute uses for serapes. Check out this upholstered bench from ABC home:

Or if you're not in that kind of market and want the look for less, these upholstered cuties from Etsy, for only $99:

I love them, with their little brass feet and black legs. (cute room, too)

Urban Outfitters sells Serapes (overpriced, of course), or you can find them on Ebay for a steal

Even young Max was inspired by Serapes for his Halloween costume this year:

 photo 9386C288-2557-454E-87D5-67FA80FE1FB2_zpsy5vefxta.jpg

heh!  have a great Thursday.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was nice and chill, with no big plans. It was cold and rainy in ATL this weekend, so I just kind of wanted to stay in. 

I just wanted to check in and show you guys what my life has been like lately. I received this photo from Lauren Gelston, a designer down in Tampa that I work with really regularly. We have never met in real life, but she is always commissioning paintings from me for her clients - and I love her taste. Here is a watercolor I did back in the fall... it's all framed now and installed. She said she and her clients love it, and I love the room it's in. Beautiful design work, huh?!

 photo CE56C94D-C9E5-4A88-BFA2-EE82D6BC3DE5_zps0zljnal5.jpg

Here is a post I made about it when it was in the works. They are actually commissioning another one that will be similar but in different colors. 

We've been hard at work for Elbow Room, designing away. It's mainly the preplanning stages now, and I wanted to show you some colors/fabrics we are probably using for an episode. I will be doing some painting work based off of these colors -- fun!

 photo A1FF6F54-6B35-4E29-A54E-D41F5234E994_zpsoqv3jzdd.jpg

I'm having a great time working with the team/show; everything has been great so far. 

In other news, I am also doing a little interior decorating work. It happened organically - just people recommending me. I am having a great time with it. In one client's house, we are having some pipe shelves built (well, probably. Not official yet, but I hope so!)

here is the plan I sketched out for the builder. 

 photo D32FF882-65D8-4E31-80F4-BE7222C77E14_zpshjnb6vmb.jpg

They will be pipe shelves like mine: 

 photo AD60240B-6994-41D4-A3C3-237E6AD17526_zpshlzki5g1.jpg

His TV was just hung though, so I think we are going to do a right-side orientation for the TV. He travels a lot, and has lots of cool knick knacks from his travels that currently don't have a home. They need to be more prioritized (and get out of the sun in his windowsill!!!), so hopefully these shelves will do the trick.  I'm excited!

when we weren't working this weekend, we relaxed:

 photo B9D3BEBA-087D-43FD-A142-BE3972F31525_zpsw6p8gsrd.jpg


King Max and his pillows (actually this just really speaks to my pillow buying obsession).

My birthday is next week, so we went to my mom's saturday night to celebrate. She found this old baby bunny of mine:

 photo E556A53D-2E60-4AD3-AE06-5640A3E18531_zpsahpmhq3p.jpg


alright, that's it for now. About to head out the door to work. Have a great week. Hopefully I'll be back to check in again before the week is over!