Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mini Paintings For Sale

I have spent a little time the last few days doing some little baby paintings that are now for sale...  

I love each of them. One of my favorite things in life is making new color combinations, so that's basically what's happening here. Im not sure why I'm so preoccupied with pink.

I did these  because about a year ago I spent some time painting some small paintings that I have kept around my house. They are fun because you can prop them up on a shelf without having to hang them... or you can hang them on the wall by themselves or with a grouping. I have loved moving mine all around. I thought it would be nice to mix things up around here and offer you guys something new. And, since they're small, they have small prices. If you are interested in a painting, email me at, and you can purchase it. First come, first served. Shipping will be calculated by where you live, but around $5. Please put the title of the painting in the subject line. 

 photo E05453A6-C353-4807-8DD2-3AA0C7B3FE42_zpst3jj86pg.jpg
"speckle" -- 8x8"

 photo 3D6BC2C4-2480-40B7-B381-775BE6B68781_zpsbq313f5x.jpg
all of them have painted sides (they are gallery style and about 1.5" deep which is nice)

 photo D564F98D-DC68-4BBD-9CD3-98FF525763FA_zps3ahlyjvz.jpg

+       +       + 

 photo 377AFF8B-0A4E-4299-B535-09023D964E90_zps8k3poydy.jpg
"egg" 6x6"


 photo A34D7C49-4A38-4242-9264-DCD1DE775AA2_zpsa8lzgyez.jpg

 photo 4D5D9F4E-CDE0-4E36-9F4E-E096E0F77CC2_zpsgvfx80dy.jpg

+    +    +

 photo FF974577-5B98-4E55-993A-125C9F327B65_zps2wsgsdfm.jpg
"wink" 6x6

 photo 84FAFE80-A11C-438A-AAD2-5DC700C01CC4_zpso64yfc0i.jpg

+    +    +

 photo 47BE3A6B-E139-4D75-90E6-29B621264BE2_zps7dc6gpzm.jpg
"pink water" 6x6"

 photo 2402C69B-308A-4C41-9660-97ED8F4D8A11_zpsgfdwvxoz.jpg

+    +    +

 photo F48BBA1A-CA81-4086-AF88-0861C6C69B79_zpselos8chv.jpg
"blue bunny" $55

 photo C72450BC-B464-4520-86EE-745E8F8E1EFB_zpswuhuw4zp.jpg

 photo 803B223A-CB1D-4C04-92C4-3E063523E4A0_zpsxzgvlgah.jpg

like I said, please email me at to purchase!


  1. Wow that is fast sales. I don't see any paw prints ha. Alison

    1. thanks alison! haha. there are no paw prints but there is a little speckle solely from mika splashing my water :)

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