Thursday, November 20, 2014



These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. All good things, but just so much work going on, and painting so many things. Ha.

I just thought I'd do a quick little "check in " post, since I don't have time for much more...

As I've mentioned a few times, I'm helping a client/neighbor out with some decorating. We are in the beginning stages, but it's been fun to see a few design ideas executed over the past few weeks. We got some cool roman shades made:

  photo 33F85C9C-4F58-4B9B-BF2C-FF455399A1EE_zpswriy9aqx.jpg

 photo EEB5BE13-B11C-43AE-A2F9-0C4A41C421C0_zps44pjsx28.jpg

I love this fabric.

and also for the master bathroom: 

 photo AB2C60B3-6C32-4B0D-A371-C64C23B05746_zps2ravytik.jpg

 photo 998DF554-2D94-4147-80EF-6A44286A0503_zpsvee5jjud.jpg

I love that the orange in these shades brings in the wood tone from the hand made countertop we did in there.

And we had some awesome shelves installed and made by Woodology:

(before they were installed, but I was super excited to see how awesome they looked in the truck)

 photo 5ACAE6DE-37C5-47D9-8FB3-7F87E5348B43_zps8xifcbhk.jpg

They're rough oak (I think) and stained a medium/dark stain. They are Parsons style and there are 6 of them, stretching up to a ten foot wall. Pretty amazing. I have to get over there during the day to snap some proper photos of them, but they're in my client's office (She has a million books):

 photo 9CE39017-6EFB-4D44-B3E0-9BCB35BE140A.png_zps9arbrezg.jpeg

They're on an orange wall which is a little alcove, perfect for built in bookshelves. I am beyond happy with how they turned out.

I am also working on a wallpaper pattern style hand painted bedroom this week. It's in a beautiful old house (thats being restored) and it's been fun to be there. Here is the sample I made

 photo F229773B-792A-4EF1-8C71-636D23DCDFC4_zpsy9awwyph.jpg
we will be tweaking it a bit, but here is what it looks like in there so far:

 photo 271CCB91-F5EC-409D-8AB0-8CE212F7B394_zps7zkl1eux.jpg

Circles circles circles. woo!

I also painted this table a high gloss white this week:

 photo 31CA694E-78EC-477F-952B-60144CB64A53_zpsd0teqzgd.jpg

It's going to be really pretty. It's just a French provincial 70's piece, but this new white lacquer coat is going to give it new life.

OK that's it for now! Now I am running late.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. I love both sets of blinds. Can you tell
    Me where they are from- or the name of the fabric? Thanks!

    1. thanks! We had them custom made. The fabric can be found at Lewis and Sheron, and if you aren't in Atlanta, they have a website!

  2. I really like the blinds too :) they look soo good. She is lucky to have you for a neighbor. Did you make the blinds yourself? I can't remember if you make those or have them made. You are a worker bee. It will be interesting to see the circle wall finished. You sure do a large variety of work. You have a good Thursday also. Alison

    1. I didn't make them, we had them custom made. Thanks, hope you had a nice day, too.

  3. Would love the fabric source for the Bathroom shades! LOVE!

    1. it was from Lewis and Sheron. Here's the website:


    2. Thanks so much! Just made the purchase! I've been looking for the perfect fabric for my kitchen windows for THREE years. The second I saw this photo I knew it was the one!

    3. wow!! so glad i could help. i actually have that same fabric (the orange one) in a different color way in my kitchen as well. i love those fabrics!!

  4. OK, my turn for a question....when you lacquer a piece, do you spray it on? I don't recall you ever mentioning that you spray furniture pieces. I guess I just assumed you painted furniture with a brush or roller.

    1. I do! Well, it depends, sometimes I spray and sometimes I don't, but usually I do. If the piece is small, then I usually hand paint, if it's large, I spray. Larger planes, in general, need to be sprayed.

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