Friday, October 31, 2014

Stove Hood Painted To Look Like Copper


Yesterday, I painted a kitchen stove hood to look like copper. It was just made of wood, and originally looked like this (it was primed before I started.):

The cabinet builder added the real metal strips (The parts that are black looking in the photo) and I painted the body of it to look like copper.

 photo 309DFDED-1D1B-4918-BDFB-6203145AE101_zpsfhr1ka7o.jpg
in the works... first coat of copper going on!

 photo 708ED36B-CCB9-4C98-9F61-744DB8F1DB90_zpssgqcpduv.jpg
after one or two coats...

 photo 18DCDC6B-5AF3-4866-9BC0-39ABADEB1322_zps0zh95ozo.jpg

I did several processes to get this to look like real copper. A coat of copper, a coat of brown, then three more copper coats - with one more light than the others. I think since metallic paint is transparent by nature, it helps to do layers of different colors to achieve the overall metal look.

Then I did some black/brown shading at the end to give the burnished look.

 photo 215B6D56-738E-4633-A1E1-66151D03691C_zpszjaqfeef.jpg
pretty realistic!

 photo 9D507A47-D3AF-47C4-8664-7C820E171CA0_zps1toqghod.jpg

 photo 639FA161-44AB-405E-9907-BE966485BC2A_zpscz1jhe0h.jpg

 photo B9169F1D-F244-48E7-8538-A73C3E28FBE7_zpswpw5almd.jpg

 photo 31BD3495-F4D6-43E3-AFB8-D46EB7D917A8_zps1s9vfvrq.jpg

what do you think?!

I actually tried to write this post yesterday, but was having some computer issues! Oh well.

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a fun night and weekend. I am excited for ours! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? Mine was really great. It was one of those calm, get-a-lot-done weekends -- I loved it. The weather was perfection, too. I got to exercise both Saturday and Sunday outside, and spend lots of time with Max and Mika. 

This time of year, I just want to cook, do little projects around the house and enjoy the weather. This coming weekend will be the Chomp n Stomp here in Cabbagetown, as well as Halloween, so there will be a lot going on. It was nice to be able to hang out around the house a lot this weekend, since next weekend will be busy. Last Friday, we were able to pick up our new sofa from west elm! Full post on that whole process coming soon. I will have a little sneak peek for you guys today, though. We love the new sofa. It's so nice to have a comfy sofa to hang out on in the living room. Before, we found ourselves always hanging out upstairs in our room, since the couch was so uncomfortable downstairs. 

 photo 794F2DB3-5C1E-40D4-9A7F-390E342C80AD_zpsv8ijcgnd.jpg
I picked up this big jar at Pottery Barn on sale over the weekend. I had to go to the mall to get some wallflower plug ins (I love them around fall and Christmastime), and stopped in randomly. I got that fake candle (it looks realer in real life than it does in this photo) at World Market this weekend, too. It has a timer on it, where it will stay on for 5 hours then automatically turn off. If you put it on the timer setting, it comes on at the same time every day. I have it set for about 5:30 and then it goes off at 10:30. So nice! I like it.

I also picked up the baby white pumpkins at Trader Joe's... I always get a few this time of year. They were a little too yellowish, but that's ok.

 photo B17FCF70-0465-4FA4-8487-1A8E81D081D9_zpsvsfu4qs4.jpg
here's a peek at the couch! I have since removed that green pillow. (I just had to say that since I don't like it there, haha) Loving it! Of course Max sat on it before we even had it assembled. He's a fan, too.

I made this kale Caesar salad last night, along with some alfredo pasta. The krispy baked chickpeas are to replace the croutons in a traditional Caesar salad (I LOVE caesar salad - I eat it a few times  a week, actually) and make it a little healthier. You have to take the 'skin' off of each chickpea (one can). It took about ten minutes, but they are delicious! A great alternative. I'm looking forward to eating the leftover ones in my salads this week. I made a homemade caesar dressing too (the one in the recipe) and it was really great. Might have to start doing that more often. 

 photo 0EA8BC1E-7347-4C0A-90FB-F75E54E43DA6_zpsrpxgwjgr.jpg

Here is what it looks like (I never snapped a pic of mine, but this is from Designer Handbags and Dirty Diapers. She makes the best meals and dishes. I have used her recipes several times!)

Like I said before, next weekend is the Chomp n Stomp here in Cabbagetown. It's an annual chili cook off and road race. In reverse order than that ;)

It's always a blast - very crowded. My friend is entering his chili into the cook off and I made him this sign for his booth over the weekend:

 photo B46A038F-0C1E-4558-97A6-E264AFAA2AC8_zpsgayojhwa.jpg


I rolled up my window shades this weekend too - still loving the Roman shades I had made for our bathroom.

 photo a5ca4444-8dbf-4ba5-b351-91957d7b4f5d_zpsa5c36885.jpg

and I found a fiddle leaf fig at Home Depot that is about 6' tall! Yesssss...
 photo 16628713-C73E-4239-A3A0-D2F6E689B02E_zpszpqeh6ig.jpg

the full grown ones are so pretty. I made a new pot for it over the weekend, don't worry. I'll share that soon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Holly's Renos

I pretty much never post about other things I see around the internet... I guess I figure there is enough of that going around. However, I had to share about Holly's renos over at In The Fun Lane. Do you guys read her blog? I started reading it years ago, just to see what creative projects she was up to (she's fiercely creative), but more recently she and her dad have been taking on "house flipping" projects up in Canada. She has an amazing eye, and a similar aesthetic to what I love - traditional, with a hint of modern and a touch of crazy ;) (however my crazy is more intense than her's - she mostly sticks to whites and grays!) I believe I already mentioned this, but I am now assisting Christopher (Who built our house and a few others in our neighborhood, which is Reynoldstown incase and of you ATL folks were wondering) with finish selections for his new HUGE project that is in the works. I am basically creating a package of fixtures for clients to select. So, seeing other inspirational projects similar to what I was doing is fun. I'm enjoying expanding my horizons a bit... a little design work here and there is a nice change of pace. 

Anyway, onto Holly's current project, which I love.

The house used to look like this: 

Then they painted it:

 already looking 100 times better! 

And check out the inside...

Dark wood paneling always makes the best "before" picture, doesn't it? Fluorescent lights really seal the deal ;)

they gutted the kitchen and removed some walls.

and also tore out this wood panel wall (though the old wood pass thru details are kind of cool!)

and this is the living room now!

I adore this fireplace.. midcentury modern white painted brick. Exactly what I wish we had. If there is one thing that we both would've added to this house, it's a fireplace. and i LOVE the long bright in the MCM houses.

And, for the kitchen:

freakin love the gray textured subway tile

also love these doors and the trim detail:

This house isn't done, but it's going to be amazing. Holly stages the houses with furniture too, and they seem to sell in record time. Pretty awesome. You can go HERE to check out more of her flips. 

now who wants to go into the flipping business with me?!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Back From Vacation

It seems like I've taken a lot of vacations this summer... but the last one happened last week. I went to the beach four times this year... wow. Fun times, though.

My mom and my stepdad go to Panama City Beach (my family always went there too, since I was a little girl) every October for the entire month. My stepbrother, his wife, his two children and myself always go for a week or so to visit (none of the other family members can ever seem to get off work this time of year). We had a great trip! I am happy to be home and back to work, though. 

I thought I'd share some photos from the trip, before I head out the door to go paint for the day.

 photo 92F89E86-916D-4C59-B4B6-C6867A8ACC8B_zpsek3chnk6.jpg
They stay on the 19th floor of the condo... hiiiiiiiigh up! We had two stormy days, and I took this photo on one of them. Reminds me of a Gray Malin photo... in fact, I wish I could get it blown up! It's just an iPhone photo, though. The ocean turned the craziest shades of emerald green and dark blue... really pretty. My sister in law and I sat out on the porch and watched the storm come in -- gorgeous. 

in fact, here's a cool photo of the storm coming in:
 photo 4ADF19C4-A838-4570-A79C-957D4E657703_zpsr9vmk7j3.jpg

 photo ABEB7B09-145F-471B-B9A5-74E21585E95C_zpsnds5ullq.jpg

After the big storms left, we went out when it was not raining and did some beach drawing. :) I drew sea creatures and Brailey joined me.

And here's a photo of the pretty ocean on a sunny day...

 photo F8FBA1E4-EF85-40C2-B72B-88B2937BE94E_zpsp8hx6u8b.jpg

insanely gorgeous water - looked like we were in the bahamas. 

After 8 days at the beach (a long time!!), it was nice to get back home on Friday, into the swing of things. I love home. 

Yesterday morning, i took a photo of my new favorite sugar spoons I got off of etsy...

 photo ECA4C555-8849-4DAC-BA6E-670AFD60B1FA_zpsrjey9wi7.jpg

I love them. 

(it's the little things)

and you know I was happy to see Jordan, Mika and this guy:

 photo D6F5E776-97AB-4139-AA3A-AFD7559F35AB_zpsqfzq5cfu.jpg
hilarious photo. He was sitting like that yesterday.

west elm picked up our couch a week ago Friday, so we are waiting for the store credit to come in. This has been a crazy long process! :/

Hopefully it comes in soon, so we can order the new couch. We had some friends over Friday evening and it's kind of funny to have no couch.... just lots of chairs. I'm not sure why a couch feels necessary, but it seems weird not to have one. On the upside, Max is really enjoying the new rug, and using it as his large personal bed. ha.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Art In Progress...

I thought I would check in this morning, and show you guys some art that I am working for for a client down in FL. 

First, is this watercolor painting...

 photo 0758BB04-F7C3-4842-96F7-206BAD5D36F7_zpsnsfbcomw.jpg
Shades of purple and plum. It's actually wet here - so a little wrinkled. I'll iron it out when I get home, before shipping. It's really large scale, around 50" by 35"--it'll make an impact in the room!  It'll be professionally framed - I can't wait to see it installed. I'll make sure to share the photos here.

The other painting I've been working on for the same client, is this one:

 photo 1209DECF-D21F-4D5A-8966-A301ED09291C_zpss0lplhe2.jpg

But, it's been through a few transformations and actually doesn't look like this now! Ha. It's similar, but not exact. I still have to lighten it up a little bit, but I think it's close to being done. It's really big too - 45 by 45". 

You can actually see the first rendition of the purple watercolor color painting in the background here... I did a practice round, and decided I needed to make the circles larger and less tangly. Maybe I'll list that first one on etsy!

Monday, October 13, 2014

West Elm Rug and Coffee Table

I'm down to the beach with family this week, but thought I would check in and show you guys my new coffee table and rug that came in last week, before I left. 

It was a crazy day - after ordering this rug Sept 10, I thought it wasn't going to come in until the end of November. Last Wednesday, it surprisingly came in early. I also ordered the coffee table on Tuesday, from the store. I got a phone call Wednesday that it was in already. So Wednesday was a busy and exciting day. 

 photo CD249104-0B25-4CC7-92F3-3DAF3293C417_zps373xfdq2.jpg
It's the Reeve Midcentury table. I ordered it in-store, because there was a $30 delivery surcharge, plus shipping, so it saved me about $100 to pick up from the store. The only glitch, was that there was a wooden shipping crate around the marble top, which made it really difficult to open the package. I literally was sweating after 45 minutes of trying to pry open the shipping crate. Kind of crazy! I wonder if anyone else has had to deal with this. The employees at the store were surprised to see the crate around it, but said that west elm probably did this as a new way to prevent the marble from being cracked (which was apparently an issue in the past). They should, however (in my opinion), remove the crates before customers pick up the pieces. I was afraid I was going to crack the marble myself, just trying to use a hammer to pry open the shipping crate. And, yes, the hammer was recommended to me by a store employee. Anyway, I finally got it off, assembled the table, and I love it. It's taller than the CB2 acrylic waterfall table we did have (I sold it on Craigslist), so that makes it more comfortable for life.

I really love the rug, too!

 photo A144C37F-5962-4921-B954-2FA172B6E816_zpsjmd46zq2.jpg

Please ignore the design and pieces in the living room now. Its not terrible, but I am certainly in a transition time with this room! Too many arrows and triangles right now -- I'll remove some of that stuff when I get home from the beach.

It's the Kasbah shag rug in 8x10.  It was apparently backordered, but came in earlier. I noticed that the price jumped up too, since I ordered it. Must be popular! I love how it feels underfoot, and the abstract design on it. I also was choosing carefully, since Max tends to like to chew on rugs. This one doesn't have any nubby characteristics (a max-fav for chewing), or tassels or loose pieces. So far, all he does it lay around on it, like it's one giant bed. It's a little creamier in person, than it seems to be online, but I am ok with it, since we have white-white walls.

 photo 3DFBF56E-A5E8-4A30-9272-BFF799404348_zpsioovkyx4.jpg

 photo E46BE41B-AE27-439C-B03E-3EEF878FA389_zpsn9aynl7l.jpg
(I love the marble top!)

AND! also exciting: west elm picked up our sofa last Friday, so that we can be refunded and buy a new one. I believe we are going to order this one:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules
hopefully the sectional part will be extra cozy, and the pillows on this one are nice and firm. 

Yes, our living room is like a west elm showroom right now - I'll fix that with the accessories that I will change out when I get everything in order! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bamboo Dresser Details

Yesterday, I added some French gray detail to this bamboo dresser. Unfortunately, I don't know the color. I only bought it in August, but somehow I can't remember where I used it, haha. 

Here is the dresser before I added detail:

 photo 276C2290-D2C2-487E-9083-C60873FAEE0E_zpsarjgak1t.jpg

The designer (Helen) decided that she wanted to enhance the details a little, so she brought me in for just that. 

Here's our outcome:

 photo AF0629C5-FBDB-428E-B8A4-4D600E25D0CD_zpsxzy2qcke.jpg

 photo 74FA2CAD-16ED-4FB8-94E1-6E287BAAD7CD_zpsf6fdculg.jpg

just for fun, here are a couple of other shots from the nursery (Which is going to be gorgeous. So sophisticated!)

 photo 76D4B09E-161A-4F55-B1A1-7F155A43FA5A_zpslxhc5ypd.jpg
(I actually painted the knobs on this dresser that same gray, too, but forgot to take a pic)

 photo CA3F2D72-9A56-481B-92B0-14EC6D114AED_zpscmde7wr9.jpg

What do you think? I love that dresser!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I haven't been feeling as compelled to write about and photograph my house. I'm not sure why? There has been a big shift in blogging the past few months (not to be dramatic. I have been meaning to write about this, even before all of this happened.). Did you guys read this New York Times article? I guess I just feel like so many design blogs are getting over-saturated with ads and sponsored posts. I miss the days of "I bought this dresser at the thrift store and painted it!" Those were fun times. It seems like everything was exciting and new, and now you have to have a freaking production of a blog post to get hits and reads and comments. Each post has to be magazine cover-worthy and everyone is in competition. I feel like I can't keep up! What I can do, is photograph my work, and talk about it, so that's what I have been doing. I don't want to shy away from blogging about my house, decorating, projects I take on and crafts I do, but it is what it is. I intend to continue writing about my house, just because it's fun for me to decorate, and writing about it here is an interior design creative outlet (since I don't do that on a daily basis for work). I just thought I'd put it out there, and see what you guys thought about the article and the "shift in blogging" that everyone is talking about. Are you guys tired  of blogs turning into commercials, too? On the one hand - I get it (I have been known to do a sponsored post! I am not against them, if they are done sporadically), but on the other hand, it just makes things seem not as organic. Anyway. What do you think?

And now, I will move onto a lighthearted "what I have been up to" post. Or, the iPhone photo dump, if you will.

 photo CEA88114-CCBE-48B9-8E45-44573AE34C59_zpsbmoeomgy.jpg

I bought the gray metal stools from Target, to replace the orange ones in our kitchen. I am keeping the orange ones, too, I just wanted a change! I tend to be all about color one day, then crave neutral the next. I think it's a change in seasons thing. Anyway, I love the gray ones. What do you guys think!?

In other news, I am doing a really large scale watercolor painting for a client down in Florida. I had fun yesterday at the studio, playing around with the paints I bought and getting the feel for what I wanted to paint. I think I like where this is going:

 photo 697154B2-C72E-4B79-9C28-478970D63C57_zpsc1gujxdg.jpg

That's just a little clip of the painting I did. It's funny, because I still don't consider myself a painter (because I barely took painting classes in college. I was more a drawing major and took lots of drawing classes). I never realize how well I do actually know how to manipulate paint. It's when you introduce a medium that you aren't as familiar with, that you realize that! The one type of painting I did do in college was watercolors, so it was easy to jump back into the saddle. Watercolors are so fun and entertaining. The way they are headstrong and do what they want to do, and it can either go so wrong or so right - that's the great thing about them. This project is making me want to explore them some more. It's just so fun to play around with them. 

 photo DCA00F20-4E22-4DFF-A4FB-FFEE76770F24_zpspemb7mg4.jpg

This is the settee in my living room. I bought that lumbar pillow on Etsy. It just came in the mail the other day, and I love it. Like I said - neutrals, neutrals. 

 photo 5335EC35-0E1E-40EA-9921-6BA844BB6194_zpskmutlf2z.jpg
These eye pillows are from Kari Fisher! She makes the stamps, hand blocks the fabric, then makes both the pillows and the pom poms herself. Amazing. I feel really lucky to have some of her work in my house. She and I did an artist trade (I did a painting for her). She did the pom poms to match the rug in my bedroom. Amazing. 

 photo 7C1EB45F-53B8-41BE-8C50-952100DE9742_zpsqk6qi3rx.jpg

 photo 74C06005-BFA7-4215-B1A1-0C4C8898E33B_zps427jph6n.jpg
A little fall sampling  on my countertop. I posted this photo to my Instagram account (@kristenfdavisdesigns). We always have Halloween candy in the house during this time of year. Speaking of this time of year, have y'all decorated for Fall yet? I don't know if I'm going to get a pumpkin this year, but I do like to get those Bath and Body Works plug-in things. I love the "Leaves" scent and the "Cranberry Woods" one. I have both in my house now, and it smells like Fall to me.