Tuesday, September 2, 2014


How was your Labor Day weekend? It was nice a LONG. ahhh... 

Here are a few photos from the weekend for me. Really, you could sum it up like ... food, dog, more food, sitting out side, more food. The end. Anyway, it was nice.

 photo A8C68F84-F04A-4EC4-B459-68BA6EDB2E12_zpswtkzjq2l.jpg

Saturday, I went to the lake to visit my friend Sarah and her daughters. It was a good time! Pretty views.

Sunday morning, Max thought this was appropriate:

 photo 1FDBCD63-471A-4114-84E2-2DF8441596A1_zpswbadhjfv.jpg


Sunday evening, we had some friends over for a cookout. Max finally met his match in energy - our friend's son.

 photo 176A4282-15D7-4C00-B0A1-148926FDD818_zpsan35rkra.jpg

it was really cute. he loved being chased!

Monday morning, we sat with some coffee and enjoyed the giant trees in our backyard. 

 photo D2C6DA10-FC92-4E7C-A0A7-C61229EB3E6A_zps8mauqm5q.jpg

I actually replaced all my springtime plants yesterday. Everything was really overgrown and ridiculous looking. I don't have a pic of that, but I do have this one I took last night.. I rearranged the back deck, and I like this little set up better. I don't think it's as aesthetically pleasing, but it's much better for sitting out there, especially if you are hanging out with people. 
 photo 70CEA7AD-A875-4470-963F-8CE18CCB5405_zpsxogq7vvq.jpg

now i'm back to work at the studio. i finished this painting last week...

 photo 0241DD07-2300-4739-B02B-9FEB532D6305_zps1csty32o.jpg

and this sample:

 photo A52D2570-800B-437F-BC38-DAE5B913173D_zpsahblv6nn.jpg

I was trying to mimic the look of foxed mirrors. I think it turned out well! I started off with silver leafing it,but that didn't really work very well. I'm happy with what I ended up with. hopefully the sample is approved and I can do the full painting, which will be huge!


  1. Boy have your chairs faded. The weekend went too fast, we did take the boat out on the river sat, and a motorcycle ride on Sunday, Monday was getting the camper ready for a trip and car washing. Both your paintings look great. I really like the birds. Have a great work week. Alison

    1. haha...i don't think they've faded?!

    2. I guess I remembered wrong, I thought they were red and there they look orange. I love the color what ever it is. Alison

    3. they were orange all along! you're probably thinking of the red adirondacks on the front porch :)

  2. Replies
    1. thank you! I was really happy with how it turned out, though it took quite a bit of experimenting.

  3. Love lake time and I have to say I love Max on the table. My little scruffy doggy growing up used to do the same thing.

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