Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Studio Improvements Part 2

I finally was able to make some improvements at the studio, and get some photos taken. Have a look!

If you remember, this is what it looked like before:

 photo 8C6C8FAF-5FBF-470F-B410-098DC3AF0E7F_zpsizpb1k2u.jpg

I'd painted the floors three years ago when I moved in, but hadn't redone it since. I have used the like permanent drop cloths, so they've been ready for a new paint job for a while. I love the fresh new white! Feels so clean.

 photo IMG_2053_zps7e4f2ade.jpg


Repainted floors. I also bought a long desk from IKEA (like I mentioned before) and put it in front of the windows. While I was at IKEA, I picked up that cute gray storage cart for all my junk that I tend to keep sprayed all across the desk. Try and wrangle in my mess a little. We'll see if it works ;)

I also bought a fiddle leaf fig at IKEA for the studio, because doesn't every space need a little green? I think it'll like living in the light-filled studio. 

 photo IMG_2067_zps7b508f0b.jpg
I got some new storage containers at Ross, admittedly because they were just cute. You can see the two white containers on the table to the right, in the photo above, and then the two blue jugs here. The white containers are supposed to be utensil holders for cooking, but I'm using them for brushes and tools. You need something heavy to keep them from getting too top heavy, so they're perfect. Plus, they were around $6 each. 

The blue jug things were just cute.  Not sure how practical they will be. 

 photo IMG_2058_zpsd6d2cdc6.jpg

 photo IMG_2066_zpsfb1b8ecf.jpg

this photo, taken with my wide-angle lens, shows you a little more of the room. To the left, you can see that I painted the cool Morrocan armoire, and also hung a bulletin board. I bought a large bulletin board from Staples, and painted it white. I did this because A) I always have papers all over the place that I need to keep track of, whether they're receipts, notes from clients, notes I make to myself, etc.; and B) I wanted to cover the "window" that looks into the room behind it. 


 photo IMG_2055_zpse40b0ecc.jpg

 photo F188BD83-DA45-4129-B585-E616EBAF9986_zpsmyxrkvsa.jpg
That's before I hung it. I simply painted it white with white paint I had on hand. Worked like a charm.

 photo IMG_2060_zpsb8aa9f19.jpg

 photo IMG_2056_zps86004c57.jpg

I bought a cute(r) Oscar the grouch trashcan for all the trash. My old trashcan was tiny and filled up so quickly... this one holds a lot more. Plus I think the galvanized metal is cute. 

Here's an upclose shot of the cabinet. 

 photo IMG_2059_zpsc29707d6.jpg

I painted it mint green (It's not a certain color. I mixed a medium green and some white that I already had at the studio!) and put it in the corner, next to my desk. It holds a ton of stuff! Why was I not using it for storage before? Duh!

The pink and black basket on top is also from Ross. And you might remember my giant plastic ice cream cone from the thrift store a while back?! :)

The gold basket was another thrifting find, but I think it is originally from Target.

one of my favorite ideas for sprucing up the studio, was my tray storage/display solution. 

 photo IMG_2061_zps451f3667.jpg
I still plan to do another row above these two (hence the extra pole you see here), but haven't yet. 

I wanted to display them, because they often turn out so cute! I use them as my palettes when I'm doing canvas work, and as regular roller trays. So, I figured they should be seen! :)

I put hooks into the wall, and then used dowel rods into the hooks. Easy. I also bought a cement drill bit for my drill - something I should've done three years ago. This whole time I've been thinking that I can't hang anything on the pretty white walls, and I could. 

 photo IMG_2065_zps2ea29e13.jpg

I hung a ton of canvases that I have at the studio onto this big wall. 

 photo IMG_2062_zps424de225.jpg

geez, can you tell I like color?

 photo IMG_2057_zps84e6d3c8.jpg

I hope you enjoyed the new look at the studio! I definitely feel more inspired when I'm there now. 


Good news on my sofa problem. west elm seems to really be stepping forward to resolve the issue, so I'm SO happy that you all encouraged me to contact them! I will provide a full update when the issue is completely resolved, but let's just say they are scheduling a pick up of our current sofa as we speak. YAY.


  1. Really amazing, Kristen!


    1. thank you! i'm not sure why some of the photos are still so huge... but they should adjust soon, so you can see the entire room.

  2. Looks so crisp and light. A beautiful studio for you to create your masterpieces!
    So happy you made the trip to West Elm. You work hard for your money and I'm glad to see they're standing behind their brand and products.
    Have a great Wednesday.

    1. thanks so much! i love the new studio look.

      super excited for the couch. even inspired me to get a new rug and coffee table soon - will be sharing! :)

  3. All that white makes me happy because every color in the room just shines. Looks amazing my friend. A perfect place to create!

    1. i agree! even with my color love, i had to make myself paint everything white. i knew it would be a great palette for all the color that comes and goes in there!

  4. So cute! I love those blue jugs ~ so cute!

  5. Looks great, love that you hung your pictures! And I really like that you put a sign on your windows. You should feel inspired now. I like the mint on the cupboard. You never said what the photo shoot is for. Is it a secret? Alison

    1. thanks! forgot to post a pic of the signage - will try and remember to do that soon.

      the photo shoot is a possible feature in a magazine/blog. i will let you guys know about it when/if it happens.

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