Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Star + Dot Stenciled Ceiling


I finished my star and dot stenciled ceiling, and I thought I would share some photos of it with you guys. 

 photo IMG_2088_zps8f8b1d3f.jpg

ahhh! It was a fairly large room, and a very detailed stencil. 

Like I mentioned before, I was mimicking a Sister Parish wallpaper. 

 photo 34B766FB-A560-45D3-B48A-1694749490C9_zpsdqn2jown.jpg

But, we did it in silver stars with blue dots. 

 photo 58F5ACAD-422C-407B-BB48-3ADCB272741F_zps1lasdlya.jpg

and in a larger scale. (I cut the star stencil and the dots stencils by hand)

 photo IMG_2093_zps1e88063d.jpg

 photo IMG_2092_zps42aeab87.jpg

 photo IMG_2091_zps7059c089.jpg

 photo IMG_2089_zpsa692f6a5.jpg

Then, last night, she sent me this sweet text, which made my whole week (until I literally got another very similar text from yesterday's client and I was just over the moon.):

 photo c1abd0bb-a6b1-4223-baec-57d185a125e3_zps90b8cc42.png

I can't wait to see how this room turns out. It's being designed by the amazing Jane Goetz, and I love her vision! 


  1. I agree with your clients, you do great work. Hope your neck is improving. Have a great week. Alison

    1. Thank you alison! It feels better. :)

  2. Great job. I've done faux painting in my past and I can truly appreciate the hard work you put into it. I am sure you need a massage right about now. :)

    1. thank you! yes, my neck isn't too happy with me, but better than last week!!

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