Friday, September 19, 2014

Checking In!


I'm going to (hopefully) finish up a fun kids room ceiling today. Ive been working on another star stenciled ceiling for a really cute kids room design. Here's the pattern I'm mimicking:

 photo 34B766FB-A560-45D3-B48A-1694749490C9_zpsdqn2jown.jpg

It's Sister Parish. The designer wanted silver stars and blue dots, so I am doing a custom stencil with custom colors for her. Let's just say my neck isn't too happy this morning.


I'm really happy with the results so far. (and yes, that green piece of furniture belongs in the room. The bed and the dresser were sprayed that fun kelly green - I loved seeing it when I walked in there.)

Check it out:

Here is me figuring out the scale for my stencil. The designer wanted the scale a little larger than the actual wallpaper is.

 photo CA29A847-E8F8-4060-BB39-E344092125EA_zps97wyj3na.jpg

I made my stencil (This time, I cut out five stars, instead of one. Duh. It has made my life much easier and the project go by faster.)

 photo 58F5ACAD-422C-407B-BB48-3ADCB272741F_zps1lasdlya.jpg

 photo F1553F50-4109-41CB-8DB6-399A4D1DE94E_zpsvqy9jkn0.jpg

wee! (ignore the crooked ones in the back, they will be fixed. Learning curve, people.)

as you might remember the last time I did a star ceiling, this was what my stencil looked like:

 photo 2DAC59A2-C463-4EDE-8223-AAD5489BB317-7129-0000067544E1CD7D_zpseae0ad11.jpg

so - I'm learning to work smarter not harder. ;) 

 photo ED90061F-4F8E-4518-9FF5-492CB04075E1_zpsnkqh6m5d.jpg

this was the photo I posted on my instagram account:

 photo ED90061F-4F8E-4518-9FF5-492CB04075E1_zpsnkqh6m5d.jpg
(@kristenfdavisdesigns if you want to follow me. I post really regularly, and do little peeps into my projects as i'm doing them)

 photo 4BB3F9B4-B2A9-4D22-A786-C66738618314_zpsznr9ppxf.jpg

so now, I will go back and add the dots, like the wallpaper. I cut them out for my stencil yesterday. I think it's going to be awesome! Say a prayer for my neck. ;)

Don't forget to follow along on instagram if you care to see some photos throughout the day of this project...


  1. My neck hurts too, just looking at it. Your poor neck. Glad you figured out a quicker way, that always helps. Looks great so far. Happy Weekend to you. Alison

    1. haha, thanks for the sympathy! it definitely is hurting this morning. :(

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