Friday, July 11, 2014

Paintings For Sale

I have two paintings for sale!

 photo E97548B0-1F77-44BA-9B6D-EC554D3B36DA_zpsxmj7qqm4.jpg
"blue fishbowl"
20x20" gallery canvases, and the sides are painted, too. 

colors are teal, corals, pinks, whites, a touch of gold, and some camel

 photo 44936275-4712-4D81-A8DE-398D70C05238_zpsg1mtxjeq.jpg

 photo 6E2460FB-E895-42B3-97E2-34CEE849E15A_zpshgro4peu.jpg

$350 (plus shipping, which depends on where you live)

next is this one:

 photo 51E6C5A7-7F6A-47B4-B8E9-A7268F05E6BF_zpseifx0uao.jpg

also 20x20"  and $350 plus shipping (shipping cost depends on where you live)

colors are tomatoey/orange red, mint, purples, lilacs, teal, white

 photo A6F373C5-281A-4237-A7C4-C03427E22299_zpsd5p4sw7g.jpg

 photo 671136CA-B8EF-4DD8-B023-FC3003D297F8_zpsokp8jojz.jpg

both are very vibrant and fun. 

email me at if you are interested in purchasing! 

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