Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Painting I Like

I have been plugging away at the studio the past few days, painting about ten different canvases. Feels great! I have no air conditioning at the studio, but I have a big box fan and my music pumping and it's nice vibes in there for work. While I was there working on client pieces, I also squeezed in some time to re-visit a canvas that has given me trouble the past year or so. This canvas has no less than three other paintings underneath it. I was never happy with it, and so I kept painting over it and over it. 

 photo CBA29AA3-A4F9-4186-8485-20852ED92A5D_zpsbqmzcibj.jpg
(a clip of the painting that was hanging there for a little while, that inspired me)

I hung this other painting that I did for a client in my dining room (photo above), where this canvas used to be (I took it down a few months ago, and just enjoyed the blank wall for a while. Sometimes it's nice to just leave things empty until something tells you it needs to be there.), and I really liked the colors there. It's the same colors as this painting:

 photo 32EFC887-3DD1-44C1-A28E-1A0E671194A1_zpsn8eh1fnu.jpg

Funny enough, the color combo was inspired by leftover paints on my palette, from doing other paint jobs. The colors were leftover from separate projects, but when I looked down at my palette (AKA a roller tray), the colors were so beautiful together. Teal, fuchsia, light fuchsia, white, orange, pink and peach with a dash of camel. Perfection. I Instagrammed a photo of the palette and said that it would inspire a future canvas piece... little did I know, it inspired about 4 canvas pieces. Funny how things work out. 

I still have that canvas at my studio. It looks like this:

 photo 757ff013-024b-48fc-b197-1f2cf85a05f5_zps4bf4c249.png

So! All that to say - I finally did a painting for the dining area that I really like. Here it is:

 photo IMG_1966_zps951c4c69.jpg


 photo IMG_1973_zpsc87dbea2.jpg

 photo IMG_1972_zpsa98cc5fa.jpg

 photo IMG_1970_zps09784dca.jpg

 photo IMG_1976_zpsfbdcba3e.jpg


  1. That is soooo pretty! The colors are amazing. You're so talented!

  2. Probably one of my favorites

  3. Ooh, I really love the colors! It looks so great in your dining room Kristen.
    You make me want to try my hand at painting one day. So inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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