Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Painting I Like

I have been plugging away at the studio the past few days, painting about ten different canvases. Feels great! I have no air conditioning at the studio, but I have a big box fan and my music pumping and it's nice vibes in there for work. While I was there working on client pieces, I also squeezed in some time to re-visit a canvas that has given me trouble the past year or so. This canvas has no less than three other paintings underneath it. I was never happy with it, and so I kept painting over it and over it. 

 photo CBA29AA3-A4F9-4186-8485-20852ED92A5D_zpsbqmzcibj.jpg
(a clip of the painting that was hanging there for a little while, that inspired me)

I hung this other painting that I did for a client in my dining room (photo above), where this canvas used to be (I took it down a few months ago, and just enjoyed the blank wall for a while. Sometimes it's nice to just leave things empty until something tells you it needs to be there.), and I really liked the colors there. It's the same colors as this painting:

 photo 32EFC887-3DD1-44C1-A28E-1A0E671194A1_zpsn8eh1fnu.jpg

Funny enough, the color combo was inspired by leftover paints on my palette, from doing other paint jobs. The colors were leftover from separate projects, but when I looked down at my palette (AKA a roller tray), the colors were so beautiful together. Teal, fuchsia, light fuchsia, white, orange, pink and peach with a dash of camel. Perfection. I Instagrammed a photo of the palette and said that it would inspire a future canvas piece... little did I know, it inspired about 4 canvas pieces. Funny how things work out. 

I still have that canvas at my studio. It looks like this:

 photo 757ff013-024b-48fc-b197-1f2cf85a05f5_zps4bf4c249.png

So! All that to say - I finally did a painting for the dining area that I really like. Here it is:

 photo IMG_1966_zps951c4c69.jpg


 photo IMG_1973_zpsc87dbea2.jpg

 photo IMG_1972_zpsa98cc5fa.jpg

 photo IMG_1970_zps09784dca.jpg

 photo IMG_1976_zpsfbdcba3e.jpg