Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pineapple Bathroom

I finally was able to download the program that goes with my camera, so that I can edit and post "Real" photos of my work on here again. YAY. For some reason this makes me happy - I feel like my blog has not been "itself" for a little while, because of the lack of being able to edit my photos from my SLR camera. Anyway - I'm back baby! (George Costanza style)

I took some photos of my little in-progress bathroom this morning. I love it so much! I am going to make a curtain today at some point. I found a great oatmeal colored linen in the $5/yard section at Joann Fabrics, along with some cute trim. I'm just going to do another faux roman shade, I think. We won't be actually utilizing the up-down feature of a Roman shade, so there's not much of a point in having a real one made. All that to say - no curtain up yet, so the photos are a little blown out, but that's okay!

 photo IMG_1917_zps53b38ce5.jpg

Pineapple accent wall! I am so happy with how this turned out! It was so much more cost effective to draw a design on the wall than to buy wallpaper (was going to have to get two rolls at $175/roll just for this one wall. Plus the cost of having it hung wasn't cheap. I considered it, but ultimately I'm happy with my decision, plus I think it represents me and my work better.)

 photo IMG_1918_zps5181b3d3.jpg

 photo IMG_1935_zps42f53658.jpg

 photo IMG_1934_zps1f1a76d6.jpg
details of my pineapple design. it's not a pattern -- I was trying to stay away from a pattern, because I didn't want to have to measure :) I do enough of that with my work! I just loosely based it on a general pattern, and went to down with my Sharpie Paint pen.

I think the gold will correspond really well with my Triple7Recycled sconces that shipped yesterday (WOO) and hopefully will be installed next week or so.

across from the toilet-accent wall is the sink. 

 photo IMG_1919_zpsa98896d9.jpg

I love the wooden countertop with the matte black walls. They look so pretty together, along with the concrete sink! I also really like my new circular mirror. It was from Wayfair. (But I found it on Amazon. I don't understand how these things work.)

 photo bathroom1_zpscabf2cbb.jpg

 photo IMG_1921_zps25ec9543.jpg

I got that little basket at a thrift store recently, and found the cool neon pink candle at Ross. It smells like watermelon Bubbleyum gum. Mmmm.

 photo IMG_1922_zps7a30d807.jpg

And, I hung a towel holder that I actually bought last year on a trip to DC at The Brass Knob. It's a vintage piece and I loved it so much, but wasn't sure where I wanted to hang it. It is PERFECT with the green wall and I love a little distressed aspect, mixed in with the modern and girly elements of the room.

 photo IMG_1927_zps6d718511.jpg
It was hard to get a picture of it against the black wall, but you can see the rustiness here)

I found that white and black towel at Ross for $6. Better than the $18 Pottery Barn one that I almost got!

I can't wait to get the sconces up, and make/hang the new Roman shade. Oh! And I ordered a rug from Urban Outfitters. (I think I have a rug buying problem. Jordan would agree)


  1. it's all coming together so nicely! great job! what size is your mirror?

  2. It looks great!! That is the size of my main bath in my house!! I said it was small. Love all that you do!!
    Stunning Design of Luxurious Bathroom

    1. whatever works, right? our's in our last condo was that size, too! :) thank you!

  3. Aaahhhh…the pineapple wall!!! I love it like crazy. I'm tempted to try to copy you, but I'll only be comparing it to yours and might be disappointed. :) Awesome vision!

  4. I am glad you did something yourself with that wall. It does fit better with what you do, and more cost effective and easier to change when the mood strikes. Alison

    1. thanks, alison. i knew you'd be glad ;)

  5. Well this has been worth the wait. It looks like you. Good job!

    1. aw, thanks! I know - it was a long time coming. haha! i came home from vacation and got right to it. :)

  6. So beautiful! So you! Love those gold pineapples and the turquoise together!!!


    1. thanks so much! i love them too :)

  7. That wall is totally you, Im glad you painted it instead of wallpapered. Looks like a lot of time and effort but so worth it for the effect it looks great.
    I love your sink too, so stylish. Ive just gutted my laundry/toilet and converting my toilet into a powder room with a sink and vanity. Im thinking of a feature wall for behind the toilet, although I was going to go with the option of wallpaper as I found some cheap $30 rolls with the wood panel pattern and my handy other half can hang them so not too much of an expensive DIY :)

    1. yes $30/roll with someone else to hang for free it is definitely worth it!!! mine would've been around $600+ for just that one wall :/ yikes! thanks so much!! I'm glad i did too. :)

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  9. Can you give me some details on your floor tile. Where it was purchased, if it's ceramic? Your blog is BEAUTIFUL. Who needs an art gallery when your house is such a work of art. Gorgeous.

  10. I love this bathroom!! Will you pretty please share your paint color of the pineapple wall! I'm thinking of doing something similar in my powder room!

  11. You did a great job. 6$ are way better than 18$. I am renovating my bathroom , too. I am so glad that I have found your article. Best regards!

  12. This bathroom is the coolest! So unique, I love it!

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