Friday, June 13, 2014

paintings in progress

I have 12 canvas commissions happening right now, along with a few other paintings that are just for fun. Basically, it's been the best week ever, fidgeting and painting in the studio. I could get used to this!

playtime fun:

 photo 5EA8887D-D29B-478B-9C35-6036C7BFE27F_zpsusb0iln4.jpg
this was when i was first starting them off. i could paint blank canvases forever and ever.

at the studio, in the works!

 photo 0A472386-4E32-430B-8820-73F9506930CE_zpsrpe2m0lr.jpg

that one all the way to the right is almost done. the other two are barely started here...

 photo 5043ECA7-FE4D-4E21-ABC9-D8626F3401CF_zpsl93wrmyk.jpg
been experimenting with blobbing paint. as seen on the right. it's fun, but lemme tell ya - takes a while to dry.haha.

 photo 85799498-B2AD-4E5E-BE7F-5FAB539A5CF4_zpskgnmljbc.jpg
i kind of love the one on bottom left here...

 photo 42091986-6260-4A5E-BC28-DDCDBD846DEE_zpsupmwg1qp.jpg

I made this little baby for fun:
 photo B2C522CE-AD87-45AB-97A3-3CA9FAD87C47_zps5zj8hek6.jpg

kind of accidentally looks like a peach.

fun stuff! I am headed to the studio now to finish them up! 

have a great weekend.

(PS if you are interested in a canvas commission - email me! kristen.fountain(at)gmail(dot)com)


  1. Too much pink for my taste! Have a great weekend...Alison

  2. Love your painting and love your sandals! I have to know where you go them!! Thanks!

    1. thank you! i got them from nordstrom. they're the daffodil sandals from dolce vita!

  3. You should look up Heidi Trepanier, artist in Richmond VA. Your blobby paintings remind me of her work. I worked as her studio assistant for a but in college and I adore her and YOU! Sorry to be posting as anonymous, I can't figure out how not to. ~Jessica from

  4. I obviously figured it out ;)

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