Friday, June 27, 2014


Happy Friday, y'all. 

This week, I made a faux Roman shade for the powder bathroom.

 photo 65DA1386-1E29-4609-ABCC-7586A102DCC9_zpsjryssqn3.jpg

I think I mentioned that I found some oatmeal colored linen fabric at Hancock fabrics. It was in the scraps section, and it was only $5 a yard. A steal! I was happy. I got 1.75" yards but really probably only needed a yard. It is good quality fabric, so -- Score!

 I made the curtains and bought 3 different trims from Hancock to try. I love the pale peachy pink velvet trim, because it corresponds with my pineapple  wall. But, once I had them up, the black one made the most impact and obviously had the most contrast, so it won. I will take pictures soon and post!

Back at the studio, Im working on a bunch of canvases for different clients (I know -- I keep talking about this). I'm doing to fun, wild pieces for a designer, and here is one that I just finished:

 photo 375496B3-5FD5-4508-A2AB-CB21CFDBB394_zpso5voqyue.jpg

it's a Mondrion-esque piece (Sort of) that is really large - I think it's 60x32 or something? 

I also picked up something I had upholstered yesterday - exciting! I am partnering with Leather Hide Store ( for a DIY project. For me, it's half DIY, half professional. I am building  a bench for the end of our bed! Super fun.

I think this will be a piece that will be with me forever. Classic and contemporary at the same time. 

here's a peek:
 photo E755D838-332D-403B-B805-1FDCE400008E_zpsss3zi9ny.jpg

I had the top upholstered onto a piece of particle board. I asked them to tuft it. I really love it! I still have to build the base, though. You can see here that it almost looks finished, but it is not. I just propped it on top of the two tables I am going to use the legs from. I have those tables from Target last summer, and I am going to disassemble it and use the legs. Still working on the logistics. I hope to finish it this weekend. In the meantime, I need to figure out how to keep Max from chewing on it. :/

 photo FA36ABD4-649B-4A0F-A048-FACC20C11966_zpsenvos9uy.jpg

it's funny, because initially I was like, oh I'll only use two legs and spray them gold. Actually, initially I was looking for ANOTHER bench all together (vintage) to reupholster and never found them.  Then I realized I had these little tables I don't use with the perfect legs and that's when I came up with this plan. But anyway, I was going to spray them gold and only use two. Then I realized I liked the idea of the white legs with the carmel leather (unique and unexpected, plus I already have a ton of gold accents in my bedroom). Then, I was thinking that it needed some sort of brace in the middle, so maybe I'd use three legs. Then, yesterday, when I placed it on top of the two tables, I loved the look of four legs. And that's enough to give support for it. So -- it worked out! So excited to be working with the Leather Hide Store on this one.

 photo FA36ABD4-649B-4A0F-A048-FACC20C11966_zpsenvos9uy.jpg

Lastly, here is a canvas I did for my sister in laws new salon that's just opened. 

 photo 5239D4D6-493A-4C17-A51E-0CE735C22D3D_zps0lgkxstg.jpg

It's really big, and impactful. I'm into these drip/water paintings right now! I thought it would be fun to do one with girly colors and hopefully all the colors will work with whatever color schemes she ends up using.

OK, that's it for now. Off to finish a stencil project! have a great weekend. 


  1. The black trim was the best choice. You sound excited to be working on all your house projects! Happy Friday to you, have a great weekend house fluffing! ha Alison

  2. Oh, and from the photos that bench looks really low, is it? Alison

    1. it's not low - it's average height. just not the best quality photos since it's not the real "after" pic.

  3. Lindsey is excited about the original for her salon. I can't wait to see it in place :)

    1. good! she needs to come get it so she can hang it!

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