Monday, June 23, 2014

Drawing On My Walls

hi! I had full intentions to blog while I was on vacation, but I was just relaxing and never even opened my computer. Probably better that way, anyway. It was a great trip, we relaxed and soaked up the sun. 

Onto more exciting things...I started my bathroom re-decoration! Lighting hit (when I actually am patient and don't do things on a quick whim, I realize that the best solution usually turns up that way), and I decided to just freehand-draw a fun pattern onto my accent wall, instead of paper it. The thing I wanted to avoid was stenciling, which can get monotonous and boring. Drawing, however, is fun and easy and fast. No measuring, just fun. So, yesterday, I got a can of black paint and a can of minty turquoise paint, and painted the walls. Woo!

I painted all of the walls flat black, except for the toilet wall, which is the green color. 

 photo F8D7AA5D-C8FA-48AC-B78C-43A36112B6A3_zpsf7e1fzgw.jpg

 photo 17E4CE79-5398-4463-824C-F368E0827BAB_zpsramy3sau.jpg

Starting to get excited here.

I wish I had've thought to paint the black in high-gloss --it would've been so cool! I thought about it when the black was wet, and I could see the light reflecting on it. Would've been neat with my sconces. Oh well. I could always repaint it, but I probably won't.

 photo 5BE3A5F3-EFE9-448B-BBC8-082AF4D7AA68_zps1saqaa6v.jpg

It's really hard to get photos of this tiny bathroom!

so after I painted the green and the black, I started sketching out my "wallpaper" look onto cardboard. 

 photo C17DD520-F2DC-4C9C-BB9E-67068F4666D1_zps4wrm2wcw.jpg

I want to use gold, cream, black and peach as my accent colors on the wall. I haven't included any black yet, but intend to. The great thing about paint is that you can always go back and cover up anything that you don't like.

It was about 9 at night when I was doing this and took this photo, so it's dark! I actually had to bring a lamp into the bathroom to draw.

 photo EED3D66E-F4A6-4E3A-8C62-64DB97F760F6_zpst7oe9hq2.jpg

Weeeeee! So excited.

That's my only preview for now, but I finished the whole wall! I still have to go back and add color, though -- right now, it' just the gold parts. I will follow up with pics! Also, the round beveled mirror came in, so I'm going to hang that today as well. I think the gold parts of the mural/accent wall are going to look awesome with my sconces that will come in soon!

oh! the coolest thing happened - when I sent a message to the owner, Jessie, of the company that makes the sconces, she told me that she is a longtime reader of my blog. Hi Jessie! So excited for my sconces. 

have a great week, everybody. 


  1. Simply amazing! Can't wait for the big reveal!

  2. Ha your toilet looks pink!!

    1. my mother in law thought i had painted the trim in my bathroom pink, too.. haha. just the way the camera made it look at night!

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