Friday, June 27, 2014


Happy Friday, y'all. 

This week, I made a faux Roman shade for the powder bathroom.

 photo 65DA1386-1E29-4609-ABCC-7586A102DCC9_zpsjryssqn3.jpg

I think I mentioned that I found some oatmeal colored linen fabric at Hancock fabrics. It was in the scraps section, and it was only $5 a yard. A steal! I was happy. I got 1.75" yards but really probably only needed a yard. It is good quality fabric, so -- Score!

 I made the curtains and bought 3 different trims from Hancock to try. I love the pale peachy pink velvet trim, because it corresponds with my pineapple  wall. But, once I had them up, the black one made the most impact and obviously had the most contrast, so it won. I will take pictures soon and post!

Back at the studio, Im working on a bunch of canvases for different clients (I know -- I keep talking about this). I'm doing to fun, wild pieces for a designer, and here is one that I just finished:

 photo 375496B3-5FD5-4508-A2AB-CB21CFDBB394_zpso5voqyue.jpg

it's a Mondrion-esque piece (Sort of) that is really large - I think it's 60x32 or something? 

I also picked up something I had upholstered yesterday - exciting! I am partnering with Leather Hide Store ( for a DIY project. For me, it's half DIY, half professional. I am building  a bench for the end of our bed! Super fun.

I think this will be a piece that will be with me forever. Classic and contemporary at the same time. 

here's a peek:
 photo E755D838-332D-403B-B805-1FDCE400008E_zpsss3zi9ny.jpg

I had the top upholstered onto a piece of particle board. I asked them to tuft it. I really love it! I still have to build the base, though. You can see here that it almost looks finished, but it is not. I just propped it on top of the two tables I am going to use the legs from. I have those tables from Target last summer, and I am going to disassemble it and use the legs. Still working on the logistics. I hope to finish it this weekend. In the meantime, I need to figure out how to keep Max from chewing on it. :/

 photo FA36ABD4-649B-4A0F-A048-FACC20C11966_zpsenvos9uy.jpg

it's funny, because initially I was like, oh I'll only use two legs and spray them gold. Actually, initially I was looking for ANOTHER bench all together (vintage) to reupholster and never found them.  Then I realized I had these little tables I don't use with the perfect legs and that's when I came up with this plan. But anyway, I was going to spray them gold and only use two. Then I realized I liked the idea of the white legs with the carmel leather (unique and unexpected, plus I already have a ton of gold accents in my bedroom). Then, I was thinking that it needed some sort of brace in the middle, so maybe I'd use three legs. Then, yesterday, when I placed it on top of the two tables, I loved the look of four legs. And that's enough to give support for it. So -- it worked out! So excited to be working with the Leather Hide Store on this one.

 photo FA36ABD4-649B-4A0F-A048-FACC20C11966_zpsenvos9uy.jpg

Lastly, here is a canvas I did for my sister in laws new salon that's just opened. 

 photo 5239D4D6-493A-4C17-A51E-0CE735C22D3D_zps0lgkxstg.jpg

It's really big, and impactful. I'm into these drip/water paintings right now! I thought it would be fun to do one with girly colors and hopefully all the colors will work with whatever color schemes she ends up using.

OK, that's it for now. Off to finish a stencil project! have a great weekend. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pineapple Bathroom

I finally was able to download the program that goes with my camera, so that I can edit and post "Real" photos of my work on here again. YAY. For some reason this makes me happy - I feel like my blog has not been "itself" for a little while, because of the lack of being able to edit my photos from my SLR camera. Anyway - I'm back baby! (George Costanza style)

I took some photos of my little in-progress bathroom this morning. I love it so much! I am going to make a curtain today at some point. I found a great oatmeal colored linen in the $5/yard section at Joann Fabrics, along with some cute trim. I'm just going to do another faux roman shade, I think. We won't be actually utilizing the up-down feature of a Roman shade, so there's not much of a point in having a real one made. All that to say - no curtain up yet, so the photos are a little blown out, but that's okay!

 photo IMG_1917_zps53b38ce5.jpg

Pineapple accent wall! I am so happy with how this turned out! It was so much more cost effective to draw a design on the wall than to buy wallpaper (was going to have to get two rolls at $175/roll just for this one wall. Plus the cost of having it hung wasn't cheap. I considered it, but ultimately I'm happy with my decision, plus I think it represents me and my work better.)

 photo IMG_1918_zps5181b3d3.jpg

 photo IMG_1935_zps42f53658.jpg

 photo IMG_1934_zps1f1a76d6.jpg
details of my pineapple design. it's not a pattern -- I was trying to stay away from a pattern, because I didn't want to have to measure :) I do enough of that with my work! I just loosely based it on a general pattern, and went to down with my Sharpie Paint pen.

I think the gold will correspond really well with my Triple7Recycled sconces that shipped yesterday (WOO) and hopefully will be installed next week or so.

across from the toilet-accent wall is the sink. 

 photo IMG_1919_zpsa98896d9.jpg

I love the wooden countertop with the matte black walls. They look so pretty together, along with the concrete sink! I also really like my new circular mirror. It was from Wayfair. (But I found it on Amazon. I don't understand how these things work.)

 photo bathroom1_zpscabf2cbb.jpg

 photo IMG_1921_zps25ec9543.jpg

I got that little basket at a thrift store recently, and found the cool neon pink candle at Ross. It smells like watermelon Bubbleyum gum. Mmmm.

 photo IMG_1922_zps7a30d807.jpg

And, I hung a towel holder that I actually bought last year on a trip to DC at The Brass Knob. It's a vintage piece and I loved it so much, but wasn't sure where I wanted to hang it. It is PERFECT with the green wall and I love a little distressed aspect, mixed in with the modern and girly elements of the room.

 photo IMG_1927_zps6d718511.jpg
It was hard to get a picture of it against the black wall, but you can see the rustiness here)

I found that white and black towel at Ross for $6. Better than the $18 Pottery Barn one that I almost got!

I can't wait to get the sconces up, and make/hang the new Roman shade. Oh! And I ordered a rug from Urban Outfitters. (I think I have a rug buying problem. Jordan would agree)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

At The Studio

I am not sure if I mentioned it before, but I am in the middle of working on 12 canvases for a high-rise condominium project. My clients (studio M interiors) are furnishing and decorating the entire building, and have commissioned quite a lot of work from me. It's so much fun! Recently, I have tried to revamp my commissions a bit, tailoring my work to things that I find more interesting, challenging and artistic (fewer kitchen cabinet and solid color jobs, though it doesn't mean that I will phase them all out completely). The projects for this group are all perfect for me, and I am so happy to be doing them!

Anyway, I have spent the past couple of weeks in the studio, plugging away on canvases. Yesterday, I worked on a really big piece that will hang above the living room sofa in the model home unit in the condo complex. 

They were specific about the colors, but not exactly specific about the style. I think it's always best when people let the artist do what they do, and don't give too much "advice". Things just go at a more organic pace, and the artist is free to do what he or she is best at. Anyway!

Here are some peeks:

 photo D03B20E2-DF2D-43E8-8C60-FD8DC09A11E8_zpsnlx4ssny.jpg

I think it's 36 by 60 or something? BIG. She wanted lots of blues and greens with pop of orange. I love how the paint works with itself with a little human intervention. ;) I would love to cover this piece in a hard resin when I'm done. Not sure if I will, but it would be cool...

after a little more tweaking:
 photo D4637787-E71B-4A80-9F91-A7AF5421E86A_zpsbgmzekx2.jpg

The white streak came back again after this, I just didn't take a picture of it. It's probably gonna take a few days for this baby to dry.

 photo B0BC56D9-068B-4263-88DB-CC3BF7362302_zps7654hxiq.jpg

here are two more that will be in the entryway in the model condo:
 photo 0087BC3A-8376-490E-8238-E7FA555FDF78_zps1m6nbr8k.jpg

You can see another part of another painting at the top left. It's actually part of a series of three paintings.

and... last but not least, I couldn't leave you without a peek at my new and improved powder bathroom at my house...

 photo 306DB7EF-F409-436D-B142-9A9D62374FAA_zpsdcgmmsos.jpg]

I love it! Is it weird to hang out in a bathroom? because I find myself doing that.

I also hung the beveled mirror I bought from Wayfair. I love it, too. It's way classier now. I can't WAIT to get the sconces in. I wish that I could just install them as soon as they arrive, but, alas, I have to have an electrician come in and wire the spot for them. Patience is a virtue.

 photo 7BC57A40-4C62-4B25-81C4-D3A659F4CD58_zpsiqzsfyv8.jpg

Now I need to make some new curtains. I haven't decided what color I should do them - probably just a simple oatmeal linen? We'll see. And I'm still on the hunt for a rug! I have scoured ebay and etsy trying to find a weird oriental or kilim but no such luck yet. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Drawing On My Walls

hi! I had full intentions to blog while I was on vacation, but I was just relaxing and never even opened my computer. Probably better that way, anyway. It was a great trip, we relaxed and soaked up the sun. 

Onto more exciting things...I started my bathroom re-decoration! Lighting hit (when I actually am patient and don't do things on a quick whim, I realize that the best solution usually turns up that way), and I decided to just freehand-draw a fun pattern onto my accent wall, instead of paper it. The thing I wanted to avoid was stenciling, which can get monotonous and boring. Drawing, however, is fun and easy and fast. No measuring, just fun. So, yesterday, I got a can of black paint and a can of minty turquoise paint, and painted the walls. Woo!

I painted all of the walls flat black, except for the toilet wall, which is the green color. 

 photo F8D7AA5D-C8FA-48AC-B78C-43A36112B6A3_zpsf7e1fzgw.jpg

 photo 17E4CE79-5398-4463-824C-F368E0827BAB_zpsramy3sau.jpg

Starting to get excited here.

I wish I had've thought to paint the black in high-gloss --it would've been so cool! I thought about it when the black was wet, and I could see the light reflecting on it. Would've been neat with my sconces. Oh well. I could always repaint it, but I probably won't.

 photo 5BE3A5F3-EFE9-448B-BBC8-082AF4D7AA68_zps1saqaa6v.jpg

It's really hard to get photos of this tiny bathroom!

so after I painted the green and the black, I started sketching out my "wallpaper" look onto cardboard. 

 photo C17DD520-F2DC-4C9C-BB9E-67068F4666D1_zps4wrm2wcw.jpg

I want to use gold, cream, black and peach as my accent colors on the wall. I haven't included any black yet, but intend to. The great thing about paint is that you can always go back and cover up anything that you don't like.

It was about 9 at night when I was doing this and took this photo, so it's dark! I actually had to bring a lamp into the bathroom to draw.

 photo EED3D66E-F4A6-4E3A-8C62-64DB97F760F6_zpst7oe9hq2.jpg

Weeeeee! So excited.

That's my only preview for now, but I finished the whole wall! I still have to go back and add color, though -- right now, it' just the gold parts. I will follow up with pics! Also, the round beveled mirror came in, so I'm going to hang that today as well. I think the gold parts of the mural/accent wall are going to look awesome with my sconces that will come in soon!

oh! the coolest thing happened - when I sent a message to the owner, Jessie, of the company that makes the sconces, she told me that she is a longtime reader of my blog. Hi Jessie! So excited for my sconces. 

have a great week, everybody. 

Monday, June 16, 2014


it's vacation week for jordan and i!

I am really excited. We haven't taken a "real" vacation in a while, and this was sort of a spur of the moment thing, that we planned a couple of weeks ago. We're going down to Seaside (don't worry - we have house sitters and a bad to the bone guard dog) to soak up the sun and prettiness. I'm really excited to explore the surrounding beaches that are so interesting and unique - Alys beach and Rosemary beach, to be specific. You can follow me on instagram for photos (@kristenfdavisdesigns)

where we're headed:
Seaside is an unincorporated master-planned community on the Florida panhandle in Walton County, betweenPanama City Beach and Destin.[1] Being one of the first cities in America designed on the principles of New Urbanism, the town has become the topic of slide lectures in architectural schools and in housing-industry magazines, and is visited by design professionals from all over the United States.[2] The town rose to global fame as being the main filming location of the movie The Truman Show. On April 18, 2012, the American Institute of Architects's Florida Chapter placed the community on its list of Florida Architecture: 100 Years. 100 Places as theSeaside - New Urbanism Township.[3]

i love vacations and surrounding myself with pretty views, so it'll be nice.

Friday, June 13, 2014

paintings in progress

I have 12 canvas commissions happening right now, along with a few other paintings that are just for fun. Basically, it's been the best week ever, fidgeting and painting in the studio. I could get used to this!

playtime fun:

 photo 5EA8887D-D29B-478B-9C35-6036C7BFE27F_zpsusb0iln4.jpg
this was when i was first starting them off. i could paint blank canvases forever and ever.

at the studio, in the works!

 photo 0A472386-4E32-430B-8820-73F9506930CE_zpsrpe2m0lr.jpg

that one all the way to the right is almost done. the other two are barely started here...

 photo 5043ECA7-FE4D-4E21-ABC9-D8626F3401CF_zpsl93wrmyk.jpg
been experimenting with blobbing paint. as seen on the right. it's fun, but lemme tell ya - takes a while to dry.haha.

 photo 85799498-B2AD-4E5E-BE7F-5FAB539A5CF4_zpskgnmljbc.jpg
i kind of love the one on bottom left here...

 photo 42091986-6260-4A5E-BC28-DDCDBD846DEE_zpsupmwg1qp.jpg

I made this little baby for fun:
 photo B2C522CE-AD87-45AB-97A3-3CA9FAD87C47_zps5zj8hek6.jpg

kind of accidentally looks like a peach.

fun stuff! I am headed to the studio now to finish them up! 

have a great weekend.

(PS if you are interested in a canvas commission - email me! kristen.fountain(at)gmail(dot)com)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Powder Bath Plans

I have plans!

I "decorated" the powder bathroom downstairs when we first moved in. Basically, I just went out and bought some accessories to feel like one space in the house was done. It was when we have moved in, but didn't own the house yet (it took longer than we expected to close so we had to move in before purchasing) and I was feeling overwhelmed with decorating but not fully owning the house yet. Anyway, now that we have been here for a year (crazy!), I am feeling a little more accomplished and ready to make some bigger decor decisions. I still feel like I have so much to do in this house, but I guess I really don't. It's come so far, but I will always have projects and things changing, because that's who I am.

Anyway, I wanted to spruce up the powder room downstairs and make it a little funkier. 

Right now, the walls are still gray from when we first moved in, and there's a jar pendant from west elm. I have told this story a hundred times ad nauseum, but the sink was created by a craftsman from concrete and pieces of glass found in the yard before the house was built. I think it's a cool, unique addition, and I don't want to replace it. The sink rests on a wooden shelf/countertop, which I think balances the cool concrete really nicely. BUT- I do want to girly it up a little and make a little crazy in there, per my usual. :)

I had mentioned last week that I bought the Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper sample from Hygge and West.  I still love and adore it, and I think I've come up with a better solution for using it. As you may know if you read my blog a lot, I like to CHANGE things up quite often. Paint colors, furniture, accessories -- nothing is safe. So, the idea of using wallpaper might be a little nuts for me, but I think I am going to paint all the walls in there black, then only use the wallpaper on the back wall that the toilet is on. Toilet accent wall. Hah. the ceilings are really tall, so it will be impactful, then the pattern will reflect in the mirror to bounce off of. And since this paper is pricey, I'll only have to get one roll, and only one wall will have to be papered, so it will be much more cost effective for my mind-changing self.

Here's the paper:

I think it's so cute! It's got gold, peach and other neutrals, which are super fresh feeling to me (my bedroom is lots of peaches and golds so maybe there's a trend...), plus the playful, hand painted feel of the paper is just killer. And the pineapples are weird, and I like weird things.

I also love this version:

I just think it's fun to go dark and dramatic in powder rooms, because you don't have to be in there much so you might as well kick it up a few notches. 

Anyway! For the sink-wall, I ordered two of these sconces from Etsy (from triple7recycled):

to flank either side of the mirror. Going to have to get them hardwired in, and am planning to use these gold dipped bulbs:

For the mirror, I have not made a decision.

I want to use something round, but it has to be fairly small to have enough room for the lights. I found this one from Pottery Barn Kids that I like:

Something about the leather belt strap balances out some of the femininity of the wallpaper with the concrete sink and wood to me?! This is the one I like best, I think. 

I also found just a plan beveled glass mirror on overstock that I like:

thoughts? Which one should I get? The more I stare at them, the more I'm thinking just the simple beveled one from overstock.

I want to do a neutral-y rug in there. I found this pretty one on Pinterest:

its so cool! and weird! I love it.

The black/peach parts will coincide nicely with the wallpaper, if only I could find this rug to buy (and it not be $500). 

lastly, I'll top it all off with some of my favorite soap:

I'm a sucker for a good label.

Yes! Now I just have to order the wallpaper and mirror...and find a rug! Wish me luck...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Quatrefoil Border Stencil

 Remember wallpaper borders? Back in the day? My brother had a pretty sweet sports-themed border in his room, and my other brother had a nice teddy bear border in his nursery. Awesome. 

I did an updated border, of sorts, recently, in a nursery. This one was a lot more stylish than the borders of yore. The designer I was working with, Jennifer Powers of Simply Staged, told me exactly what she wanted, and I created her vision! 

Here are some photos as I was getting started:

 photo D828F4CC-D86A-4F61-8F0A-00EF84E7EA13_zpsxot64p4w.jpg
Making the stencil. My hands are disgusting. Non stop painting is not kind to them.

I make my patterns by folding paper into 4's, then drawing the pattern on and cutting it out, then tracing it onto mylar. It takes a little while!

 photo 13BCD818-EB07-4628-9259-E16126F16AA7_zpsltocfwmk.jpg

and, the finished product (I also did the darker gray lines on the tops and bottoms of the border)

 photo 6E149BB3-FDB8-4441-A216-88BD812564C3_zpsjwo1wior.jpg

 photo 97836567-7582-480E-9570-9F3E7FD67C98_zpszlk10fwj.jpg

 photo AB6177D9-1774-49E1-8148-3AB9CA758BE5_zpsz9iaulev.jpg

 photo B9CA7543-044F-48E6-A3E3-07BCFC878C72_zpsjx4qu1ai.jpg