Monday, May 5, 2014

Chalk Wall Lettering Work

Last week, I did some chalk wall lettering for the Alternative Apparel offices here in Atlanta. It was a blast! 

Here are some photos...

 photo 245CC9F7-7841-4D22-9501-1860F7111E81_zpsngiiaqqc.jpg

they had a bunch of quotes that I was to letter onto the wall...

 photo 866FED19-C8E3-424B-96A4-071785EA43B6_zpso0odwbd9.jpg

 photo BC17D3D0-738A-4792-A49A-4E4E19A779C6_zpsqont3smv.jpg

somehow I don't have a picture of the entire wall? oops.

 photo CF2D039B-F6D2-41E2-AD9E-A006EA398AEF_zps7m5b1amh.jpg

 photo A46C475A-9CAB-4C99-9733-33FD3B602F20_zpsauqvpa9y.jpg

It was really fun! Thanks, Alternative Apparel, for having me!